Military investigation services

Molfar analysts provide military investigation services, performing various types of tasks grouped under the category of military OSINT. We offer services in such fields as war analytics, war crimes investigation, geospatial intelligence, search for dangerous persons, fact-checking of military events, and much more.

Molfar OSINT analysts have extensive experience in open-source military intelligence and various types of military data search tasks. We continue to sharpen our skills in war crimes investigation and geospatial intelligence due to real-life daily tasks.

Molfar's OSINT experts conduct regular training for employees of Ukraine's law enforcement agencies, including the Security Service of Ukraine. The specifics of military OSINT tasks do not allow us to speak publicly about all the competencies and aspects of Molfar's work. However, we can provide more examples of military open-source intelligence and military analytics upon request. For this purpose, please contact us

War crimes investigations

On the territories close to the combat zone, military personnel often violate the laws and customs of war. We are talking about non-compliance with the basic rules of the Geneva Convention: killing civilians, executing wounded and captured soldiers, deliberate destruction of residential buildings, torture and various forms of sexual violence.

Molfar's OSINT analysts provide military investigation services: we establish the facts of the events, identify the persons involved in the case, and draw conclusions based on the collected data about the type of war crime and its direct perpetrators.

Terrorist attacks investigations

As part of military OSINT, using only open sources of information, Molfar analysts conduct fact-checking of missile and bomb attacks, as well as terrorist attacks using explosives or special equipment at the places close to residential areas using only open sources of information.

Our methodology of army open-source intelligence is based exclusively on the analysis of facts for which we have indisputable evidence, which we provide in our analytical reports. Molfar analysts rely on the laws and norms of international law in their statements and conclusions.

Search for war criminals

When we provide military investigation services, it is important not only to establish the fact of the crime, and identify its victims, but also to further investigate the identity of the perpetrators. Military OSINT is not completed with general actions, it is a constant process of collecting data: about criminals, events in their lives, related persons, general movements and even specific locations. This information is needed to bring criminals to justice.

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT)

Molfar's military OSINT contains many examples of the geospatial intelligence tools used. We can professionally analyze archival and newly acquired satellite images, where we can accurately identify troop concentrations, defensive and barrier structures, trenches, military and civilian equipment, burial locations, and other objects. 

Molfar's geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) is also able to identify locations from photos or videos, establish the exact geolocation of military facilities using the data provided, and more. The American TV channel PBS NewsHour filmed a report on one of the Molfar's tasks in the context of military OSINT.

Why Molfar?

We use professional software to collect and analyze large data sets. Our analysts have experience in performing various types of military intelligence tasks in a very short time. In addition, we are constantly improving our own non-public developments of data analysis technologies that have already shown good results on the battlefield. We use hundreds of open and paid registries, custom databases, proven search algorithms, and respond quickly to changes in the processes.

In 2022, we conducted 286 war crimes investigations and created hundreds of publications based on them, which received more than 300 mentions in the international media and twice as many mentions in the Ukrainian media. Traffic on the website in 2022 amounted to more than 600 thousand unique views, with 90% of the website's views coming from the blog with open-source military intelligence.

Every week, we publish military OSINT on our blog on a voluntary basis. We conduct fact-checking of terrorist attacks within 40 hours of the tragedy. Molfar’s army OSINT analysts also identify war criminals involved in the attacks in a short time.

What is included in a military intelligence report?

The information that the OSINT report will contain depends on the type of your request. When providing military investigation services, Molfar experts do not use any templates. We create a report according to your needs, which we can adjust or complete at your request.

Geospatial intelligence, war crimes investigation, military analytics, war criminal identification and other military intelligence services from Molfar – fast, efficient, anonymous.

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