Market research services

Market intelligence service is the most extensive type of analytical research offered by Molfar. Competitive advantage: our market research services can be performed, including using HUMINT methods, which allow us to legally obtain non-public data and unique information from key people.

We collect accurate figures, build graphs of market dynamics, and research other analytical indicators. The report also includes competitor intelligence: we analyze features, competitive advantages, compare prices for services, research traffic sources, etc. At the same time, we can get insights directly from the research industry. Based on the data we find, we make correct, factual conclusions.

What is market analysis by Molfar?

Market research service includes the analysis of a particular business sector in one or several countries.

For example, you need OSINT report on the online education market. Let's imagine that you are going to scale your online school to several new parts of the world, Europe and Asia. You want to know if it is possible, and if yes, how profitable or unprofitable it will be for you.

To solve this problem, we first need a microeconomic market research service, with graphs and figures. We collect data, analyze it, make assessments and explain the real situation in the industry. But this is only part of the technical market analysis. Let's add legal analysis, analysis of economic legislation and tax regulation. We should also mention the secondary report: sales market analysis and such subtleties as target audience analysis. Molfar analysts conduct all types of market research services that may be needed: we perform data collection not by templates, but according to your request, which we can complete with our guidelines.


Market analysis based on general financial indicators: identification of the main players, their market share, performance and influence, investment appeal of the industry.

Distinguishing trends based on market performance, research on the specifics of market legal regulation in a particular country, economic indicators, identification of income sources, and advanced niche analysis of companies in the niche.

Obtaining information to build a marketing plan and programs to improve the company's performance within a particular market.

Comprehensive analysis for integrating new brands, projects, and launching products or services.

Multifactor financial and economic analysis, microeconomic market analysis, tax regulation, and, if necessary, building mathematical models to predict changes in market dynamics.

HUMINT. The origin of market players' assets, verification of connections between the management and top management of companies, search for influential entities, research of non-public information and insights from experts.

Molfar analysts provide services based on complete confidentiality and anonymity. No one will know about our agreement, we care about security.

Our research methods 

Molfar experts use OSINT methods to analyze the market. This means that we act within the legal framework: we work with public data and paid registers, use certified and custom software to collect large amounts of information.  

We also use HUMINT methods when necessary. This way, we get even more information that can be critically important in marketing research of competitors.

Data sources

Molfar OSINT-analysts use data from open sources, statistical data on market industries in the country, and paid resources that provide access to publicly available information in various fields. Each OSINT report conducted by Molfar is unique: you will receive exactly the information you need precisely.

Benefits of conducting market research

Let us compare marketing to hiking. Imagine a detailed map of the area, with all the hiking routes, elevations, the exact location of the rest houses, and detailed drawings of the main locations. Traveling with such a map is easier than without it – it's obvious. Molfar's market intelligence service is the same map, but it reflects the market environment. It is a kind of corporate adventure in which strong players conduct research on their competitors to successfully realize their plans.

Why Molfar?

Because we analyze the market out of the box, our data search algorithms are customized to your request. No unnecessary information, you pay only for the indicators you need. We will be happy to provide examples of market analyzes at your request. Contact us to find more. 

What is included in the market analysis?

Market research services by Molfar are based on a flexible structure that meets your needs. If you don't need a certain type of data, we don't waste time searching for it and analyzing it.
  • Financial indicators of the market, shares of the largest players, volumes of attracted investments, expert assessment of the market investment environment, competitive intelligence: analysis of competitors, their business models, sales channels, prices and other parameters previously agreed for the study.
  • Graphical representation of fundamental business figures, market dynamics, segmentation of market shares according to the criteria discussed, and trending.
  • Information necessary to understand the main events that have shaped the market environment.
  • The actual basis for companies' work in the field of market analysis, legal regulation.
  • Research of agreed products and services, quality of their provision and other criteria, collection of non-public information upon request.
  • Media activity related to the market environment, research on the impact of specific people and events on the market, and modeling of industry development processes.

Timeframe and cost of market research services by Molfar

Molfar OSINT analysts are paid on an hourly basis, you can order services after a preliminary assessment on our part. We need to conduct a quick check, after which we will give you a clear answer: whether we are able to complete your task and how many hours it will take. The cost per hour depends on the scope and complexity of the topic.

As for the timing: we work in groups of 2 to 6 people, and for an additional fee, we work seven days a week. Find out how many hours it will take for your market analysis now. 


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