Background check on a person

This is Molfar's fastest and most popular service. Of all the private intelligence services, it is the background check services that people need most often. They say: I need to look up a person's background, meaning to find person’s contacts and personal data for study. Molfar's OSINT analysts call this service a background search using open databases. Since this is public information, and it is collected confidentially, no law violations take place.

Unlike online background check services, Molfar's individual background check provides much more data. In addition to information from social networks, sites with registration, and other "quick sources," it includes property, legal information, information on related parties, including relatives, financial data, negative information, public statements, and other specific data that only an analyst can find, analyze, and provide. In both cases, we are talking about OSINT person search, but Molfar's results are much larger, deeper, and broader than those of an online background verification. Instead, automated tools cost almost nothing and can be useful, for example, for sales managers or recruiters.

Why is it important to conduct a background check?

Let's look at the 3 most common reasons why you might need to check people's background.

  1. Your potential business partner may hide negative information about previous projects, unfinished court cases, non-fulfillment of duties, etc.
  2. A potential job candidate can present themselves beautifully, but he or she can also hide unpleasant facts about previous work experience. You can order a background search to be well advised about all the advantages and disadvantages of the person before hiring. When you look up a person's background, you see the real picture.
  3. Your competitor has weaknesses that can help you gain an advantage over them in business. A background search using open databases will reveal all potential weaknesses of your competitor.

Of course, you may have your own reasons for ordering background check services from Molfar analysts, but we do not need to know about them. We value your privacy. It should be mentioned that anyone may need a background verification, but most often it’s businessmen who order a background search: both individual (search for competitor's identity) and mass (checking many candidates for a position).

Background check services for individuals

This includes checking a specific person, his or her biography, financial indicators, legal obligations, searching for property, companies registered to the person, searching for contacts, checking relatives, closest partners, and so on. We would like to emphasize that Molfar does not perform background search randomly – there is no point in collecting all the information if you are only interested in a specific aspect of his or her biography. Before providing you with the background check service, we will negotiate with you the kind of information you need about a person and build our work based on your request.

Background check services for legal entities

People understand different things by this wording. If we are talking about a linear check, meaning that you need to establish whether any legal entities belong to a specific person – then yes, this is part of a person's background search. But if you need to check the legal entity itself, i.e. study the company, its activities, connections, and counterparties, in this case this is more about a corporate intelligence service

We will fulfill your request in any case, we just need to detail and formulate it clearly before starting work. So that you get exactly the result you need.

Tasks performed by the service

To assess all the risks of a possible partnership, agreement with a person, and negative aspects of cooperation.

To investigate the person's relations with other market participants and affiliates.

To find out about the person's state of affairs, property and creditor assets.

To obtain legal information about a person's business projects, legality of activities, and possible fraud schemes.

To get a professional assessment from analysts on the rationality of entering into an agreement, starting a partnership, or investing in a project or organization.

To investigate property assets and legal forms of business registration through close associates: what is "registered" to whom, in which country they have a house, what they are interested in, where they vacation, what they drink, etc.

Stages of work

Preliminary research 
As we have already found out, there are different types of person background search. Before starting work, we conduct a test check of a person – it will not cost you anything. This is how we determine whether we can really satisfy your request in full. 

Agreeing on the terms 
If we can guarantee the result, there is only one step left. Just before the start, we discuss your request in details one more time, agree on the time of completion, give you an estimated cost, and wait for your permission to start the background verification. As soon as you confirm, we start collecting and analyzing data. 

The result of the work 
We send you a report with information about the person for you to check and give us your assessment. If necessary, we can find more information.

What shows up on a person's background check?

We provide report according to your request. If you do not have a specific request, we will offer you to perform a background search using a "standardized template". In fact, this is not really a template, but rather a standard number of sections in which we research data. 

Most often, a comprehensive background investigation contains: biography, information about current and previous activities, negative aspects of the activity (scandals, lawsuits, fraud), assets (owned property, non-property assets), contacts, connections (business partners, front persons, co-owners in projects, relatives), media mentions, and other information depending on the person under investigation.

Social media screening

We have discussed the most important things, and now we propose to look at the specific sources that Molfar's OSINT analysts study to obtain the correct data according to your request. 

Report on a person naturally involves checking social media. We carefully study all the person's posts, all the information he or she has published, their friends and followers, their comments, and even the posts they like. For example, if a person likes images with swastikas and fascist slogans, but does so secretly, we will find out about it, attach evidence to the report, and mark them as having far-right views. 

Molfar analysts research not only the persons' current social networks, but also archived accounts. Social media screening is an important step in persons' background search.

Criminal records monitoring

And not only criminal records, but also other registered data that is important when checking people's background. Molfar analysts have access to hundreds of registries around the world. After making a request, we receive an extract with specific data related to the person. Let us emphasize once again: we are talking about either open registers or paid registers that legally provide access to state information after paying a fixed cost of the request.

Other types of data in background search

The chain of tools and steps required for checking people's background via open databases is a Molfar trade secret. The OSINT tools page contains some of the publicly available tools used by Molfar analysts. 

What is worth mentioning is that the process is long and involves plenty of atypical steps. We have experience of OSINT people searching in 39 countries. We know the specific ways of gathering information for each of our clients' countries. To find out more details and order the service, please contact us. We are ready to discuss the details until you are ensured that Molfar will solve your problem.


What's included in the report?

Each OSINT person search report from Molfar is unique and contains information that is specific to your request. You can find the most common blocks that are repeated in many reports in one way or another listed below.
  • Biography with details of personal life.
  • Current activities, historical background.
  • Separate information about the person's projects and legal entities.
  • Fraud, money laundering, or tax fraud schemes.
  • Financial indicators of activity, property in ownership, estimation of available assets.
  • Negative: ties to sanctioned countries or individuals, representatives of the criminal world, court proceedings, public scandals, lifestyle, etc.
Questions? Answers!

We use open and paid registries, software for analyzing large data sets and hundreds of specific tools for data collection. Molfar analysts are experienced private intelligence experts who are entrusted by large companies and influential persons from 39 countries.


Molfar OSINT agency provides background check services on the conditions of complete confidentiality. We do not disclose information about customers under any circumstances. We also do not disclose the names of research performers. No one will know that we provide you background check service, Molfar analysts leave no traces.

We only use those that do not violate laws on the protection and non-disclosure of private information. We use open databases and paid registries. If necessary, Molfar analysts can obtain non-public information through HUMINT contact, this service is not included in the standard report and is discussed separately.

It is illegal to disclose. But it is legal to collect for private use. All information from background search on a person or a company report – comes from open sources: we carefully collect it and pass it on to you, exclusively for private use.


Publication of this data on other resources or any other ways of disclosing this data is a violation of the person or company's privacy and may be prosecuted under the laws of countries that are parties to the agreement. At the same time, if you are not going to publish information from the report on websites, resources or social networks, there will be no legal violations on your part.

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