Corporate intelligence services

This service is necessary for the development of your business. It is at least about security, and at most about choosing the right strategic partners. Molfar's experts have been conducting business due diligence and other corporate intelligence services since 2019: we have helped hundreds of businesses consolidate and develop their market positions.

What corporate intelligence services do we offer?

Here are few simple examples of when you may need to use the corporate intelligence services by the difficulty levels of tasks.

Basic corporate security & intelligence services
This service is conducted when selecting a minority contractor from a large list. Screening is carried out to get basic information about the company's activities, the reputation of the company and its owners. You will receive all the necessary information to understand whether you will be able to work with the company or not. You can find out everything you need to make decisions about the counterparty: Molfar OSINT analysts collect and provide information on pre-agreed points.

Corporate business intelligence
This service is needed when it's time to strengthen the partnership or decide to end the cooperation. When doing corporate business intelligence, Molfar researchers analyze legal information about the company, investigate the reputation and lifestyle of top management, check successful and unsuccessful projects, and look for insights in the personal social networks of key people. We can guarantee you that a corporate intelligence report is much cheaper than the possible costs of unreasonable, emotional business decisions.

Due diligence services
It's not just about the risk management. Screening for data collection has proven to be effective in researching startups, investment projects, and businesses with a complex structure before buying them. It is a detailed report of a company or legal entity check. We offer the most relevant solution to your case. Molfar OSINT analysts take a unique information search algorithm to each research request.

We are confident that there are other methods to check a company or a business partner for stability to large-scale changes. But other methods are less effective, so we cannot recommend them. Properly collected information reveals potential risks and reduces their impact on your decisions. You can't be too careful when it comes to due diligence.

Why choose Molfar corporate intelligence services?

We have experience in corporate business intelligence since 2019. Molfar's researchers use access to administrative databases, automatic collection of large data sets, security social networks’ and other open sources of information for research. Molfar's services are confidential: it is impossible to establish the fact of conducting an investigation, as well as to identify the customer and the contractor.

With the anonymous assistance of Molfar, dozens of large-scale purchase and sell acts have taken place in the US, EU, Nordic countries, and Ukraine. We have conducted hundreds of screenings and are ready to provide examples of OSINT reports that are as close as possible to your request. For more information, please contact us.


What's in our corporate intelligence report?

  • Historical information about the company with details of managers’, top managers and decision-makers private lives.
  • Current activities of the company, launched projects, estimating of their efficiency, completed projects, calculation of changes in the company's assets.
  • Legal information about the company that discloses ownership/management schemes in the company's assets.
  • Fraud, money laundering or tax evasion schemes.
  • Financial performance indicators, property at the company's disposal, estimation of available assets and their validity.
  • Negative: search for ties with the Russian Federation, connections with other sanctioned countries or persons, representatives of the criminal world, court proceedings, public scandals, the lifestyle of company leaders, etc.

Why is corporate intelligence important?

We like to compare due diligence services with reviewing applicants' CV when employing on the position. The only difference is that the intelligence report provides information without embellishment: you get facts and figures that say much more than nice words.

The main advantage you get after deciding to check your business partner is accuracy. With a ready-made report in hand, you will have maximum data to make important decisions.

What is corporate intelligence in business ethics?

Check the partner before starting cooperation is a rule of thumb for many companies: managers want to know as much as possible about their future partner before the first contact. In a market environment, businesses gain competitive advantages through the information they have. This is completely ethical: you are spending money to develop your business.

Most likely, your business partner has already used corporate business intelligence methods to check your company. But no one will know about it because it is one of the conditions for providing these services. 

Is corporate intelligence legal?

Yes, it is completely legal. We fulfill your desire to conduct corporate business intelligence exclusively by analyzing open sources of information and paid registers. We also use professional software to establish connections between individuals in the company and aggregate mentions of the company and its key persons on media pages and other websites. All methods used by Molfar OSINT-analysts comply with the requirements of the current legislation in the field of private information protection.

We strictly adhere to the requirements of the customer's country's legislation. We are familiar with the details of the corporate intelligence services’ legal regulation in 39 countries where we have already had customers. Let Molfar take care of the legality, security and anonymity so that you can use the information obtained to benefit your business.

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