OSINT for HR: How to Verify If You Are Hiring a Reliable Person With Open Source Recruiting?


An advanced open source HR management system is a necessary tool for modern companies to ensure secure hiring. Candidate sourcing is only half the battle for a recruiter or HR. Even if someone seems like the perfect fit during an interview, secrets from the past or lies about the experience can become problematic in the future. Are you afraid of hiring an impostor, a fraudster, or simply an employee whose views don't align with corporate values? Pay attention to our advice on how HR open source data can come in handy when checking the background of a potential employee.

What is OSINT for HR?

It's the process of using OSINT to research information about the current employees with open source HR software or other methods. Based on this data, the HR department can make decisions about further collaboration with current team members. Checking and searching for employees using HR open source methods is a beneficial investment for a company to avoid risks associated with incorrect personnel selection.

What is OSINT in Recruiting?

It's the practice of gathering and analyzing publicly available information to evaluate potential job candidates with the help of open source recruitment software. This data can be collected from various online sources, including social media platforms, professional networks, blogs, forums, and other digital footprints. The goal is to verify the accuracy of a candidate's credentials, assess their professional and personal background, and ensure their alignment with the corporate values and culture.

What is the Function of Open Source HR?

The function of embedding an open source HR management system is diverse and can protect the organization from various risks. Consider the following hazards:


  • Data Security Threats. Candidates who have access to confidential information can pose a potential threat to data security if they have malicious intentions. In such a case, checking employees using HR open source system becomes a company's top priority.
  • Candidate Unprofessionalism. Without verification through open source HR tools for recruiters, it can be difficult to determine if a person is a professional in their field as  they claim to be. Rehiring a truly competent person for the same position afterward will take additional time and money for the company.
  • Legal Risks. Candidates who have not been checked with the open source HR management software may have a history of legal violations unknown to the employer. This, in turn, can cause problems for the company in the future.
  • Violation of Corporate Culture. It is important to ensure that the new employee fits into the company's corporate culture and doesn’t support dangerous fringe groups.
  • Reputational Risks. Hiring a person with a bad reputation or a history of attempts at deception can negatively affect the reputation of the company itself. No business wants to be associated with criminals.

Who Especially Needs an Open Source Recruiting Software?

Secure open source HR should be an important stage of recruitment for businesses in any sector. However, in some fields, such verification is a must-have to meet security requirements. Open source HR recruitment software is a necessary stage of hiring for:


  1. Defense and Security Sector. National security and confidential information are at stake, so the use of the OSINT is essential to ensure candidates do not have ties to national enemies. For example, ensuring a candidate does not have business or connections in russia is a crucial stage in open source recruiting checks. The use of OSINT methods in candidate searches is especially important nowadays due to the international conflicts.
  2. Public Sector. Background checks using OSINT for HR is necessary since employees often have access to confidential information, make decisions that affect greater society, and hold responsible management positions. In the public sector, the results of OSINT checks with open source HR are a guarantee of transparency.
  3. Financial and Banking Services Sector.In this field, it is necessary to ensure that candidates have impeccable reputations and are not associated with financial crimes or fraud. This worry should be not only about reputational risks but also the hazard of endangering the resources of the company, clients, and partners. It is also important to check the candidate's credit history with the open source HR management system.
  4. Media Sector. Since the media is a mouthpiece of public opinion, it is essential to ensure that only individuals with impeccable reputations have access to it. For example, checking backgrounds using open source HR methods should protect media outlets from hiring former propagandists and biased individuals.
  5. Information Security Sector. In this domain, it is important to ensure that candidates have a high level of competence in cybersecurity and are not former cybercriminals. Skipping the verification with the open source recruiting software poses a risk of hacking threats and data theft.

How to Do a Background Check on a Candidate?

The easiest and most reliable way is to order the "Background check on a person" service from Molfar, which can be used as an open source HR report. We will provide a comprehensive report on the individual, which may include:

  • Biography overview
  • Fraud history
  • Previous mentions in the media
  • Connections the person has
  • Research into the candidate's previous activities
  • And much more

What Will You Receive in a Molfar Report for HR Intelligence?

Although each open source HR report is unique and the content depends on the information available online about the person, there are certain common features in most of our open source recruitment software reports:

  • Detailed biography based on available online information.
  • Past and current activities of the person.
  • Data on fraud history, tax evasion, criminal cases, etc.
  • Overview of scandals and other negative elements of the digital footprint.

Do You Have Any Questions?

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