Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Customers turn to Molfar for an independent perspective when problems do not fit within the framework of corporate governance —uncovering fraud schemes, schemes of improper investment/grant attraction, corruption schemes, tracking and return of assets, verification of partner reputations, and assistance with entering foreign markets. Molfar collects information from open sources, then synthesizes insights into ready-made solutions and recommendations. Clients appreciate that Molfar analysts work in accordance with legislation, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. Molfar's goal is to preserve the reputation of clients.

Rules for Molfar employees

  • verification of the client before signing the contract;
  • preliminary assessment of work within a day after receiving the technical assignment;
  • confidentiality of research results.

Quality Assessment

  • double-check - people lie, both in life and on the internet;
  • we say no to an advertisement and evaluative judgments, and yes - to red flags;
  • "no information" result doesn’t exist;
  • the head of the department checks the analyst's research.

Reliability of sources and objectivity of investigation

  • statements in reports are accompanied by links to external sources, extracts from registries, audio recordings, and transcriptions of interviews, data sources are cross-verified with information from two other sources;
  • your team of analysts will include people with different experiences, education, and backgrounds;
  • the background of at least one analyst in the working group matches the client's industry - a doctor of biophysics will work with a pharmaceutical company.

Conflict of Interest

  • we sign a non-disclosure agreement;
  • we preserve the client's right to confidential information provided under the agreement;
  • we do not transfer the investigation files to third parties;
  • we refuse to conduct an investigation of a client on behalf of a third party for three years;
    we verify and identify the customer to avoid a conflict of interest regarding previous clients.

Disinterestedness and Impartiality

  • Molfar employees are prohibited from being guided by personal interests and seeking to gain benefits for themselves, family members, or friends from business opportunities based on their official position;
  • all issues are resolved regardless of the personal preferences or views of the employee. The principles are set out in the non-disclosure agreement, which each employee signs.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

  • Molfar strives to create a work environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Our team embraces the differences and unique talents each employee brings to the job;
  • Molfar operates in accordance with the International Declaration of Human Rights. Gender, age, social status, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual identity, religious and political beliefs, marital status, and health condition cannot be a cause for discrimination and restrict professional activity.

Equal Opportunities and Diverse Experience

  • we listen to employees, treat everyone carefully and respectfully, and stand against prejudices and hatred;
  • experts have a diverse professional and academic education, combining industry expertise with online research techniques. The Molfar team includes analysts with experience in investment, legal activities, biochemistry, cryptography, defense industry, etc.
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