Molfar uses access to administrative databases, insider information, company profile databases according to niches, social network data, and other open sources of information.

OSINT (open-source intelligence) is an intelligence discipline that includes searching for and collecting information from open sources, as well as analyzing it.

Open sources of information include:

- public registers, databases;

- Wayback Machine and cached pages;

- social media accounts;

- personal and corporate websites and blogs;

- printed and online publications, and forums.

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) uses methods that comply with laws and ethical standards. Molfar does not conduct video surveillance or carry out hacking attacks to steal personal data.

Molfar operates comly around the world and has experience in investigations in 60 countries. We also have access to databases and company profiles in CIS countries, the USA, the UK, China, and Israel.

All information stated in Molfar's investigations is accompanied by links to external sources, excerpts from registers, or audio recordings of conversations. We check every source and cross-verify its information with statements from other reliable sources, thus confirming the truth and filtering out lies and unverified facts.

Before signing a contract, we conduct a preliminary assessment of the research based on the client's input data and also send several templates with examples of ready-made reports.

Molfar signs a non-disclosure agreement regarding trade secrets and personal data with each client. The search and collection of information is carried out in incognito mode.

The deadline is from 1 working day to 1 month, depending on the service. There is an ASAP option, with a +50% surcharge for urgency. You can view full information with all the deadlines on the page.

Private detectives conduct surveillance and provide basic information about a person and property records. Molfar's analysts use wide access to paid registers, data from information brokers, company profile databases, and insider market participants. We compile a detailed report, analyzing 800 - 1200 news items, social media pages, archives, and court cases.

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