List of enemies that pose a threat to Ukraine's national security

Molfar OSINT analysts have created a list of Ukrainian traitors and enemies of Ukraine using information from the open sources. In the registers on the website, we collect evidence of crimes committed and provide extended information on the individuals investigated. These people pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine and other countries.

The list of people on this page is unique because most of the individuals presented have not been sanctioned, added to the list of dangerous agents, etc. These people continue to cause damage to Ukraine, which is why they are on the Ukrainian blacklist on our website.

Our task is to use evidence and draw the maximum attention of state authorities to the activities of these persons. By state authorities, we mean Ukrainian and European structures responsible for security and welfare at the state level. At all reasonable opportunities, we promote to the competent authorities the idea of taking particular steps against Ukrainian traitors and enemies of Ukraine from our lists to the competent authorities. Information on individuals from these registers is regularly updated and expanded.

Who are the enemies of Ukraine?

The Ukrainian blacklist is a list of individuals whose actions should be regarded as anti-Ukrainian activities in favor of the Russian Federation's terrorist regime. Our Ukraine's enemies lists contain different categories of people, let's look at some of them.

Military personnel who committed atrocities in the occupied territories     
Their crimes became known worldwide after the de-occupation of Bucha, Hostomel, Borodyanka and other towns in the Kyiv region. The results of the Russian terrorists' atrocities were shockingly cruel: tortured civilians, murdered children, mass graves and looted houses. These soldiers are not combatants, they are war criminals. And for us, they are enemies of Ukraine. We are searching and establishing information about these individuals to bring war criminals to justice.

Employees of law enforcement structures of the Russian Federation     
We are talking about employees of the FSB, GRU, SVR and other Russian special services. They plan, prepare and conduct military operations, spy and build agent networks – everything in order to destroy Ukrainian independence. Usually, the names of special services are carefully concealed, but Molfar OSINT analysts were able to access their personal data. Now their names are on the Ukrainian blacklist.

Ukrainian traitors who became collaborators in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine     
A classic example of such persons is the employees of the Russian Federation's occupation structures, who acted illegally and continue to act in the territories of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. We are documenting information about these enemies of Ukraine to bring them to justice: their actions not only contributed to the aggression, but also caused direct damage to the Ukrainian state. For example: they adjusted the artillery and rocket attacks of Russian military units, introduced rubles instead of hryvnias into circulation, organized illegal passport registration for citizens, strengthened the power control of the occupation authorities.

Foreign propagandists of the Russian Federation's terrorist regime     
These individuals are Russia's weapons in the war against the civilized world. They pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine and other states, especially those that share state borders with Russia. The main task of propagandists is to promote the "Russian world". And this "Russian world" consists of armed aggression against neighboring states with the aim of further separation of territories and their annexation to the Russian Federation in the format of so-called "people's republics". In parallel, the "Russian world" is financing terrorist groups to undermine national security in certain areas of sovereign neighboring states that it wants to annex. Our Ukrainian blacklist primarily includes those propagandists who are engaged in propaganda outside the Russian Federation. There are Russian propagandists in every European country, in every Scandinavian country, in the United States and Canada, in the Middle and Far East. They are enemies of Ukraine, enemies of the civilized world. A characteristic feature of the propagandists' behavior is the repetition of "Russian narratives" about international events that are clearly classified as crimes under international law. We are talking about the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, the annexation of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, violation of international agreements on nuclear deterrence, open terrorism in the form of missile and bomb attacks on civilian targets.

We strive to provide comprehensive information on all persons from our Ukraine’s enemies lists.

The history of Ukraine’s enemies lists creation

Molfar OSINT agency has been working on revealing of Ukrainian traitors, enemies of Ukraine and other persons who pose a threat to Ukraine's national security since 2019. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion and the temporary occupation of new territories, we received many requests for the compilation of the traitors' archive. This is how we came to the decision to create and develop our own Ukraine’s enemies lists.

Basis and timeline for updating the Ukrainian blacklist

The list of persons is formed on a cumulative basis. A number of Molfar's OSINT analysts regularly devote time to creating, updating, and adding information to the Ukrainian blacklist. We check the information sent to us and update the person's cards if we have new data or evidence for this.

We work on Ukraine’s enemies lists systematically: we collect all available information about individuals on our website and take care of the data security. Crimes have no expiration date, and we are well aware of this.

Who can be added to Ukraine’s enemies lists?

The list of persons may include anyone who poses a threat to the national security of Ukraine. We are talking about an active threat, not just support for the terrorist regime of the Russian Federation, but also active steps in support of aggression.

On what grounds are individuals added to the Ukrainian blacklist?

The only grounds for adding a person to the list of enemies of Ukraine is evidence of crimes against Ukrainian statehood. When we have evidence, we add the person to the list. Molfar's OSINT analysts are guided by the principles and norms of international law in their conclusions.

How often is the Ukrainian blacklist updated

The list is updated irregularly. Our main communication channel is social media. When we publish a new list or make major updates to existing lists, we announce it on our social media pages. In the case of small updates or simple additions to the existing lists, we do not announce this. 

For more information on any person from the lists, please contact us at: [email protected]

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