43 employees of "Shahed" production in Alabuga: Molfar publishing the deanon

On August 23, 2023, two "Shahed-136" UAVs were shot down over the Sumy region. On August 22, a "Shahed" hit the city council in the Chernihiv region. On the night of August 16, Ukrainian air defenses destroyed 13 "Shaheds". According to analysis, these drones cost approximately $20k – $50k. These are mere pennies for Russia, making it easy for them to bulk purchase from Iran. However, even this seemed insufficient for the Russians.


At the "special economic zone" in Tatarstan, a factory was established to manufacture Shaheds. The Russians hope to also produce all the components themselves. This enterprise was set up to circumvent sanctions with the assistance of "friends" from Iran.


OSINT analysts from the Molfar agency have identified individuals involved in producing kamikaze drones in Russia. In this article, we reveal the names of some of these employees.



Alabuga/Yelabuga. What is it, and where is it located?


Alabuga is a special economic zone* in Tatarstan, Russia, 10 kilometers from Yelabuga. It was established back in 2006. According to a publication from March 2022, there were 33 enterprises operating there, and about 20 were in the planning or construction phase. Some of these productions also had affiliated institutions where future workers were trained.


*SEZ (special economic zone) refers to a portion of a country's territory where goods are considered outside the customs territory. They are not subject to regular customs control and taxation. It introduces preferential customs, currency-financial, tax, and other economic activity conditions within its boundaries.


The "Alabuga" SEZ is located in Tatarstan, near the Yelabuga city, near the Kama river 

The location of the enterprise is advantageous — nearby, there's a railway, an airport, and the federal highway M7. Previously, Alabuga produced cat food, automotive glass, and cultivated mushrooms for sale. Everything changed after the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions imposed on the aggressor country. The Russian government announced plans to produce 6,000 drones by 2025. "Alabuga" plays a pivotal role in these plans.


So far, as reported by The Washington Post, production needs to catch up at least a month behind schedule. Alabuga's workers have managed to assemble only 300 drones. But these are merely "bodies" that can't yet fly. The word "yet" is the most terrifying part of this story because if sanctions are relaxed, or if Russia somehow finds a way to acquire the intricate electronic components necessary for large-scale drone production, a nightly nightmare may become a reality for every resident of Ukraine.


Employees of the "Shahed" factory in Alabuga: Who's behind the drone creation?

Linked to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)

Yevgeniy Vladimirovich Semenenko

Date of Birth: 16.12.1980

Passport: 6713360276, Tax Number: 861901954205

ContactsVKVK2OK, [email protected], +79825651512, +79825663799

Specialization: Development of UAV bodies, collaborates with the Russian FSB


General information:

He studied at the Training and Methodological Center "Status" in Nefteyugansk, where he became an electrician. According to insider information, as of 2022, he worked at the LLC "PT-SERVICE" in Chelyabinsk, which provides services for repairing and retrofitting electrical equipment, automation tools, and drives. Also, in 2022, he posted (12) his CV, stating that he is an electrician of grades 5-6 and has 19 years of work experience. According to insider sources, as of 2018, he worked at the LLC "MPP Energy" in Nefteyugansk, which is involved in electrical installation work. He is likely fond of hunting, as he posted a photo in his VK profile wearing camouflage (hunting pattern) and holding a shotgun.


Connection to the FSB:

He is subscribed to the VK community "Army - Special Forces | Heroes of the FSB, GRU, Airborne Forces, SOBR." Also, his only friend on VK, Nikolai Migalatiev (VK), indicates in his VK profile that he lives in Tiraspol, which is located in the Russia-occupied part of Moldova, called as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, and likely supports Russia. He might have ties to the FSB.


Yaroslav Konstantinovich Batin

Date of Birth: 28.11.2005,

Passport: IRU763303


Specialization: Manufacturing UAV bodies, has connections with the FSB of Russia.


General Information:

Friends with Murat Abdullin on VK. Known registered residence: Novoguselsky settlement, Saratov region, Yantarnaya street, 34.


Connections with the FSB:

Yaroslav's father, Konstantin Eduardovich Batin, was the director of the Saratov branch of the insurance company JSC "Military Insurance Company" (VSK), which provides (12) insurance services for the FSB (Federal Security Service), FSO (Federal Protective Service), Federal Border Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, and the Ministry of Defense of Russia (12). From 1992 to 2002, VSK specialized in compulsory state insurance for service members, and from 2003 to 2010, it continued (12) to provide military insurance services for the Ministry of Defence. As of 2023, VSK won open tenders for medical insurance from the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation and regional Centres for Economic and Service Support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.



Linked with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Pavel Vladimirovich Kositsyn

Date of Birth: 23.10.1980

Specialization: Software development for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Passport: 4611695796

ContactsVK, [email protected], +79263834549


General Information:

His VK page indicates that he lives in Moscow. According to an insider, in 2021, he worked as a programmer at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, which develops UAVs for the Russian army and is under sanctions from the EU, USA, UK, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, and Ukraine.

Fortunatov Anton Aleksandrovich

Date of Birth: 26.08.1986

Specialization: Software development, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Passport: 4607444089

Tax Number: 504708528945

ContactsVK, [email protected], [email protected], +79265513069


General Information:

According to the website, he holds a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. He works in the Special Purpose Digital Systems Laboratory, which develops UAVs for the Russian army and is under sanctions from the EU, USA, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, and Ukraine. In 2021, he worked at the MIPT Research Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence Systems with the National Technological Initiative for Artificial Intelligence.

Feoktistov Kirill Anatolievich

Date of Birth: 08.03.1993

Specialization: Development of UAV fuselages, Senior Technologist, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Passport: 4513013559

Contacts: VKInst, [email protected], [email protected], +79104820288, TG id: 441483547


General Information:

In 2021, he worked for a Russian state-owned company that produced engines for military and civil aviation and space exploration programs, JSC "ODK." It is a part of the Russian state corporation "Rostec". It collaborates with the Ministry of Defenсe of the Russian Federation. Moreover, in 2021, he worked at the design bureau "Russian Helicopters" of the holding company LLC "VR Technologies".

Konstantin Igorevich Tikhonov

Date of Birth: 15.12.1989

Specialization: Development of UAV fuselages, Senior Technologist, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Passport: 9209762980

Tax ID: 164506394686

ContactsVKOKInst, [email protected], +79046780312 (TG id: 934450469)


General Information:

In his VK profile, he indicated that he studied at the Baltic State Technical University "Voennyi Mekh", and in 2021 worked in the production of composite parts for the aviation industry at JSC “KAPO-Composite", which also develops the UAV "Altius-M" for the Russian Ministry of Defense. In 2019, he held the position of Senior Specialist. And in 2018, he was a Process Engineer.

Shamilov Nurlan Hamid-Ogly

Date of Birth: 07.08.1991

Passport: 9811357251, Tax ID: 143531565500

Contacts: VKVK2OK, +79684371679

Specialization: Works in the engine creation department, collaborates with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.


General Information:

According to his VK profile, he graduated in 2015 from the "Machine Building Technology" faculty of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a major in "Metal Cutting Machines". Based on insider information, as of 2021, he worked at JSC "Krasnogorsky Zavod, named after S.A. Zverev," which manufactures optomechanical and optoelectronic devices and systems and collaborates with the Ministry of Defense of Russia. As of 2019, he worked at JSC NPO Orion, which produces microelectronics for equipping optoelectronic systems and complexes. He also collaborates with the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Since April 2018, he has been listed as the director and co-founder of LLC "Ciansi Machines," which produces bearings, gears, mechanical transmission elements, and drives.


Snitko Artyom Aleksandrovich

Date of Birth: 21.02.1982

Specialization: Project Manager, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Passport: 5704048066, Tax ID: 590419206931

ContactsVKInstOK, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], +79127826377, +79125896665


General Information:

As of 2023, he worked as the Deputy Director for Production and Restructuring in a Russian state-owned company responsible for producing engines for military, civil aviation, and space programs, JSC "ODK-Perm Motors", which is part of the Russian state corporation "Rostec" and collaborates with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Additionally, his OK profile indicates that he works in the design bureau to develop gas turbine engines for civil aviation, JSC Aviadvigatel, which cooperates with the Ministry of Defence of Russia.

Serpukhovitov Sergei Sergeevich

Date of Birth: 14.09.1993

Specialization: Heavy machinery, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

Passport: 3613809748

Tax ID: 637208700585


General Information:

According to insider information from 2021, he worked (12)  at the Samara State Aerospace University. He also worked in the production of aviation radio equipment, electronic and optoelectronic protective systems for aviation, as well as anti-aircraft missile systems at the enterprise JSC "NII "Ekran". Additionally, his Instagram profile, as of October 2022, indicates that he offers aerial photography services in Samara.

Yurii Vladimirovich Tereshkin

Date of Birth: 23.02.1997

Passport: 2217677079, Tax ID: 526219939818

ContactsVKInst, [email protected], [email protected], +79308152386, TG id: 356980817

Specialization: Deputy Project Manager, collaborates with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


General Information:

According to his LinkedIn profile, from 2015 to 2021, he studied at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, earning a degree in "Engineering, Nuclear Technologies/Nuclear Power/Technician." In his Li profile, he indicates that from July to August 2019, he worked as a Project Manager at LLC "Acoustic Materials Factory "Avtotechnika," a manufacturer of noise and vibration insulation materials, where he participated in the initiation, correction, and modification of the second production line of workshop No. 1. Insider information from 2021 states he worked at JSC "Giproniigaz," a research and design institute for gas distribution and use. As of 2021, he also worked at the N. A. Dollezhal Research and Design Institute for Power Engineering, a nuclear research centre specializing in reactor technologies, which is under sanctions from the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and Ukraine for supporting Russian energy and military sectors.


Nizamiev Dinar Aydarovich

Date of Birth: 21.09.1988

Works at: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Senior Designer

ContactsVK, [email protected], [email protected], +79518928321, +78432215062


General Information:

Dinar was born in the city of Bolshoy Bitaman, Republic of Tatarstan. According to insider information, as of 2021, he worked in producing composite parts for the aviation industry at the enterprise JSC "KAPO-Composite." Which is developing the UAV "Altius" for the Russian Ministry of Defence. Also, according to an insider in 2007, he was suspected of robbery.

Platon Aleksandrovich Kochetov

Date of Birth: 30.08.1990

Specialization: Assembly, Senior Specialist

Passport: 9210000124

ContactsVK, [email protected], [email protected], +79270350782, +78432215062


General Information:

He was born in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan. According to insider information, in 2021 he worked in the production of composite parts for the aviation industry at JSC "KAPO-Composite", which developed the UAV Altius-M for the Russian military.


Artyom Genadievich Novikov

Date of Birth: 07.05.1987

Specialization: Senior Specialist, Russian Ministry of Defense

Passport: 9203127908

Tax ID: 165713670713

ContactsVKOK, [email protected], +79274082307


General Information:
According to his VK profile, he lives in Kazan city, Tatarstan. From 2002 to 2006, he studied at an aviation college in Kazan. In 2011, he graduated from the Kazan National Research Technical University, named after AN Tupolev. There, he learned "Design and Production of Electronic Computing Devices". In 2013, he completed his studies at the Vladimir State University, named after AG and N.G. Stoletovs. As of 2018, he worked at the "KAPO named after S.P. Gorbunov" factory, which produces civilian and military aircraft and helicopters. This factory is owned by the Russian defence complex enterprise and missile carrier developer JSC "Tupolev".

Oleg Valerievich Zimin

Date of Birth: 08.10.1978

Specialization: Senior specialist at the Russian Ministry of Defense

Passport: 1704240835

Tax ID: 330513966125

Insurance number: 07418265671

Contact detailsVK, +79101832066, +79209034770, [email protected], [email protected]



  • Registered address: Vladimir Region, Kovrov District, Kovrov, Muromskaya Street, building 13, apartment 13
  • Kovrov, Parkovaya Street, building 2, unit 2, apartment 19

General Information:

He worked as a manager at a factory specializing in the production of motorcycle equipment. Also, he served as a military employee at the "Plant named after V.A. Degtyarev." When working for a sole proprietor, he was a brigade leader at a construction site


Known password: zimin1978. 


Also, Zimin suffers from alcoholism (123) and has a criminal past, registered as an "unreliable borrower" (12).

Zagidullin Marat Zinnurovich

Date of Birth: 11.11.1990

Specialization: Software engineering

Passport: 9210042392

Tax ID: 166109868005

Contact detailsLInkedinVKOK, [email protected], +79046777258


General Information:

According to his profiles on Linkedin and VK (12), he studied at the Kazan National Research Technical University, named after AN Tupolev. Based on insider information, as of 2021, he was working on developing and producing radar systems, radio navigation equipment, test equipment, and remote control equipment at JSC "Stella-K," which manufactures radar defense tools for Russia's armed forces.

Yefremov Konstantin Vitalievich

Date of Birth: 30.7.1997

Specialization: Senior software engineer, software developer for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Passport: 9717304595

Tax ID: 211402059657

Contact detailsVK, [email protected], [email protected], +79063874052, +79613450105, +79397361390


General Information:

His VK profile indicates that he graduated from the Kazan National Research Technical University, named after AN Tupolev. In August 2019, he posted (12) his photos of standing in military uniform beside a plane. According to insider information, as of 2021, he worked at the Scientific Production Association "Radioelectronics" named after V.I. Shimko (web archive), which produces military radar systems.

Darky Said

Date of Birth: 16.05.1989

Specialization: Translator, collaborates with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Passport: 0H96826688, 0W37252916,

Tax ID: 667020591567

Contact detailsOKInst[email protected], +79120438657


General Information:

Holds Iranian citizenship. As of 2022, he lived in Yekaterinburg. Worked at the University of the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education, "Ural Federal University, named after the first president of Russia, B.N. Yeltsin," which hasmilitary training centre.

Vladislav Eduardovich Buzdin

Date of Birth: 13.06.1996

Specialization: Software developer

Tax ID: 234607743471

Contact detailsVKlinkedin +79857728023 (TG id 76875994), [email protected], [email protected], LinkedIn


General Information:

According to an insider, his number is stored under "Vlad Soft, a friend of Yuri." He also follows Telegram groups about drones: @uavpro and @copterhackqual. He is also looking for a job as an R&D Engineer/Software Developer, Embedded Systems Engineer, and Technical Director. From 2014 to 2018, he studied (12) at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Since 2018, he has worked as a CEO for a drone developer, AI Hardware. In November 2022, at the Sberbank conference "AI Journey," Putin recognized Vladislav Buzdin and other young scientists as reliable partners. Buzdin was a programmer at the laboratory of unique digital systems of the Competence Center for NTI "Artificial Intelligence" based at MIPT, which developed UAVs for the Russian Armed Forces and is under sanctions from the EU, USA, UK, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, and Ukraine.

Alekseev Sergey Sergeevich

Date of Birth: 05.01.1967

Specialization: Management, Russian Ministry of Defense

Passport: 6602668119

Tax ID: 402811988883, 671701908964

Insurance Number: 14438997709

Contact details: +79043601796, [email protected], also has a number in Kazan +77963601796



  • Smolensk region, Ugransky district, Ugra village, Lenin street, building 83,
  • Republic of Komi, Ugra settlement, Novosyolov street, Building 8, Apt 1,
  • Kaluga, Moscow street, Building 193, Block 1, Apartment 212

General Information:


Inspector of transport systems, inspector of aircraft. In 1998, he graduated from the Perm Military Aviation Technical School. His specialization is aircraft and their management. From 1985 to 1992, he served as an aeronautics technician in the Russian army. Between 1992 and 2006, he served in the criminal police. Worked as the head of the criminal police department. From 2010 to December 2016, he worked as part of the civil staff at the military commission in the Smolensk region. His phone number is stored in contacts as "military commissioner".

Nikolai Vladimirovich Bachev

Date of Birth: 23.10.1983

Specialization: Senior Chief Mechanic, Russian Ministry of Defense

Passport: 6505033165

Tax ID: 660703636242

Contact details: VKOK, [email protected], [email protected], +79194668853 (Telegram: 487788923), +73422412686


General Information:

As of 2021, he worked in a design bureau and in the development of gas turbines for aviation at "JSC 'ODK-Aviadvigatel.'" In 2019, he also worked in aircraft production — making helicopter gearboxes and transmissions at "JSC 'Aviation Gearboxes and Transmissions - Perm Engines'". This enterprise is part of the "Russian Helicopters" holding, collaborates with the Russian Ministry of Defense, and is part of "Rostec". According to insider information — his phone number is saved in contacts as "JSC ODK-Aviadvigatel".



The other workers

Makar Vasilievich Kuzmin

Date of Birth: 02.11.2000

Specialization: Production of UAV bodies.

Passport: 9212498229

Tax ID: 162701709953

ContactsOK +79178902730, +78555753150


General Information:

Resides in Mendeleevsk, Republic of Tatarstan. Also, in 2021, he provided his contact phone number +78555753150, which is associated with the special economic zone "Alabuga". Also, in 2021, he worked for the wood-based board manufacturer LLC "Kastamonu Integrated Wood Industry". In 2019, he worked at the Chemical Plant named after L. Y. Karpov.

Vakhriev Elvir Rafisovich

Date of Birth: 08.12.1984

Passport: 9205518140, Tax ID: 162700425388, Insurance Number: 12689946826

ContactsІnstВК, [email protected], [email protected],

+79179113031, +78555753165 (local number for the Special Economic Zone "Alabuga")

Specialization: UAV body development


General Information:

Elvir works at the LLC "Hayat Kimya" / ООО "Хаят Кимья" - a company located in Yelabuga within the Special Economic Zone "Alabuga" (SEZ "Alabuga").


Registered residence: Mendeleevsk, Khimikiv street, bld. 6, apt. 5


According to insider information, in contacts, his phone number is saved as “Elvir the Assembler”.


He studied at the middle school №1 in the Svetly village of the Orenburg region.

Personal car: Lada Kalina 1119 B554BE116.

Pavlov Akim Vladimirovich 

Date of Birth: 04.04.1975

Passport: 1202389335, Tax ID: 301706575794

ContactsVK, [email protected], +79673349401

Specialization: Works in the engine creation department


General Information:

His VK profile indicates that he lived in Astrakhan and studied at the Astrakhan State Technical University. According to his Li profile, since 2019, he has been working as the Technical Director and Chief Designer at the UAV developer LLC "NTK "Marine Robotic Systems" (MarineRS). On VK, he follows groups "Alabuga Development" and "SEZ "Alabuga" (Special Economic Zone "Alabuga").


Balobanov Oleg Anatolyevich

Date of Birth: 25.05.1991

Passport: 9211267327, Tax ID: 162701202401

ContactsVKInstTG, [email protected], +79874192214, TG id: 1364649555

Specialization: Manufacturing UAV bodies


General Information:

In his VK profile, he mentions that he resides in Mendeleevsk, Republic of Tatarstan. Oleg studied at the Kazan National Research Technical University, named after AN Tupolev. According to insider information, as of 2021, he worked at LLC "Hydro-Star" in Naberezhnye Chelny, which is engaged in the development of hydraulic equipment, hydro-pneumatic suspensions, hydro-suspensions, body position sensors, and hydro accumulators. In 2021, also worked at LLC VKF "Polyplast"producing PVC compositions, and at the Chemical Plant named after L.Y. Karpov. As of 2019, he worked for the wood board manufacturer Kastamonu Integrated Wood Industry LLC. Moreover, he follows the VK community of the Special Economic Zone "Alabuga." In 2011 and 2012, he posted (1, 2) photos on VK where he was dressed in military uniform, holding a pistol and machine gun. Likely, the images were taken during his military service.

Gumerov Rais Rakhimullovich

Date of Birth: 09.08.1974

Passport: 9219632491, Tax ID: 164605946320

ContactsVK, [email protected], +79172357727, TG id: 456863753

Specialization: Manufacturing UAV bodies, speaks Persian (Farsi)


General Information:

As of 2022, he resides in Yelabuga city, Republic of Tatarstan. According to insider information, as of 2021, he worked at LLC "Danaflex Alabuga," which produces product packaging materials. In 2019, Rais worked at JSC "Special Economic Zone IPT 'Alabuga'." From 2007 to 2009, he was a sole proprietor selling office supplies. According to insider information, other people have saved his phone number in their contact lists as "Rais Cement," suggesting he might have also been involved in selling cement. On VKontakte (VK), he follows local Yelabuga communities.

Abdullin Murat

Year of Birth2006


Specialization: Manufacturing drone bodies


General Information:

He follows the VK community of SEZ "Alabuga" / Special Economic Zone "Alabuga". In November 2022, he wore a hoodie with the "Alabuga" logo.

Taishev Marat Anvarovych

Date of Birth: 14.09.1986

Passport: 9205919416, Tax ID: 164608444022

ContactsVKInstInst2[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], +79172924458

Specialization: Manufacturing drone bodies


General Information:

According to his VK profile, he lives in Yelabuga. Since May 2021, he has been the founder of the spice and seasoning manufacturer LLC "MONE", which, as of July 2023, is in the process of liquidation. Insider information indicates that in 2021 he worked at "Huhtamäki Foodservice Alabuga" LLC, a food packaging and container manufacturer, which has a factory in the SEZ "Alabuga" territory. As of 2016, he worked as a specialist at "Essen Production AG", a manufacturer of sauces and confectionery products, one of whose factories is located in Yelabuga. Insider information reveals that in 2008 he was fined for appearing in public places in a state of intoxication.

Ishakov Damir Amirovich

Date of Birth: 16.03.2005

Passport: 1-KB812529


Specialization: Manufacturing drone bodies


General Information:

He follows the VK community SEZ "Alabuga" / Special Economic Zone "Alabuga".

His registered place of residence was Kazan, Karim Tinchurina Street, 1A-35.

Malyutina Anastasia Alekseevna

Date of Birth: 08.05.1996

Passport: 4611099356, Tax ID: 504018799378

ContactsVKInstTG, [email protected], +79153933494, TG id: 690118

Specialization: Senior Technologist


General Information:

According to insider information, other people have saved her phone number in their contact lists as "Anastasia Alabuga Malyutina" and "Malyutina Anastasia Assembler." Her VK profile indicates that she graduated from the Institute of Modern Energy Materials and Nanotechnologies of the Russian Chemical-Technological University, named after D.I. Mendeleev. From January to November 2022, she was self-employed in online retail. According to insider information, as of 2021, she worked at the Russian Chemical-Technological University named after D.I. Mendeleev. As of 2019, she worked (1, 2) at the marketing agency BBOSW LLC and also on the OZON marketplace, operated by "Internet Solutions" LLC.

Gadiev Radmir

Date of Birth03.07 / 19.01.2006

Contacts: VK

Specialization: Drone body manufacturing, student

General Information:

Follows the VK community "Alabuga-polytech".

Anton Aleksandrovich Oreshkin

Date of birth: 21.06.1982
Specialization: Deputy project manager for the technical part
Passport: 6514777866
Tax ID: 665907354206

General Information:
In April 2021, he posted an offer for the services of a design engineer on Avito, but the advertisement was later removed. He worked for the measuring system manufacturer LLC "Diesel-test-Set". From July 2021 to August 2022, he was an entrepreneur, primarily producing hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. According to unconfirmed information, one of his locations is indicated as the Yelabuga city.

Victoria Nikolaevna Kosykh

Date of birth: 17.10.1991

Specialization: UAV fuselage development, senior designer

Passport: 3611533841

Tax ID: 638206776686,

Insurance Number: 16126686166

ContactsVKОК, +79179712600, [email protected], TG Id: 1242523368 (Victori_kos)



  • Registered residence - Samara Region, Stavropol District, Uzyukovo village, building 171. 
  • Born in Kryakivka village, Slovianoserbsk district, Luhansk region.


General Information:

She worked at the full-cycle small amphibious aircraft manufacturing enterprise "NPO Aerovolga" LLC. Her number are stored in phonebooks as “Vika Kb” (design bureau) / “Vika Designer”, “Victoria Designer”, “Victoria Kosykh Engineer”.

Ibrahimov Iskandar Chamshedovich

Date of birth: 01.11.2000

Specialization: UAV fuselage development, speaks Persian

Passport: 401541101

Contact information: +79046710404

Addresshis place of residence — Yelabuga city, Proletarskaya street 2, apt. 72

Agabalov Grigoriy Armenovich

Date of birth: 27.01.1997

Specialization: Supervisor

Insurance number: 17519780001

Contact detailsFBVKInst,  +79885672136, Telegram: 422563496, Skype: live:.cid.39d0f644fde1cfb4, Email: [email protected], [email protected]


Registration address: Georgievsk, Kalinina street, building 12/4 apt. 106


General information:

In 2019, he graduated from Rostov State Railway Transport University. His specialization is "Ground transport and technological equipment." On VKontakte, he follows the OEZ "Alabuga" / Special Economic Zone "Alabuga" community. According to insider information, other people have saved his phone number as "Agabalov UAV," "Grigory Agabalov Proj. Office", "Grigory Agabalov Robotechnics," "Grigory Block C." He is also subscribed to groups on Telegram (12):

  • Fpga systems FPGA-Systems.ru (programming);
  • uavdevchat UAVChat (drones);
  • Front CBO (support for the Russian army)

Semibratov Ivan Timofeevich

Date of birth: 03.04.1989

Specialization: UAV body manufacturing, quality control

Passport: 8009804878

Tax number: 027363040588

ContactsVK, [email protected], +79196029288


General information:

According to his VK page, he resides in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan. In 2021, he worked for the Tatarstan airline “UVT Aero”.

Artyom Aleksandrovich Popov

Date of birth: 09.06.1983

Specialization: Senior specialist, works in assembly

Tax number: 220416573458

Insurance number: 05536134649

ContactsFBVK,  +79635002086, [email protected]

Address: Biysk, Prirechnaya Street, building 29


General information:

Graduate of "Biysk State College". Worked as a driver-assistant at AO "Biyskenergo" (it closed in 2021).

Usmanov Radik

Date of birth: 03.04.1985

Specialization: UAV body development

ContactsVK (del)


General information:

According to an insider tip in his VK, among his locations, he marked Naberezhnye Chelny, a city in Russia.

Akhmetov Arsen Maratovich

Date of birth: 11.12.1982

Passport: 8002527305, tax ID: 027712191720

ContactsVK, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], +79272334594, TG id: 523324364

Specialization: UAV body manufacturing, technologist


General information:

His VK profile indicates that he lives in Ufa, Bashkortostan. In 2005, he graduated from the Ufa State Aviation Technical University. According to insider information, as of 2021, he worked at LLC "KSK," a developer and manufacturer of equipment and components for transport engineering. As of 2019, he worked as the deputy head of the department at JSC NIIT, a developer of aviation technology, which is part of the Russian state corporation "Rostec." He also follows local Naberezhnye Chelny communities on VK near the "Alabuga" Special Economic Zone.

Spiridonov Konstantin Georgiyovych

Date of birth: 26.01.1978

Passport: 9703936767, tax ID: 212702445172

ContactsVK, +79061304062, +79196541070, TG id: 1683079018

Specialization: UAV body manufacturing


General information:

In his VK profile, he states that in 2010, he graduated from the Russian State Social University. According to insider information, as of 2021, he worked at the municipal enterprise "Cheboksary Trolleybus Management" / МУП "Чебоксарское троллейбусное управление". As of 2016, he worked at JSC "Promtractor," a bulldozing and pipeclaying equipment manufacturer.

Mirzoev Nasimjon Sharafovich

Date of birth: 21.01.1983

Specialization: Translator

Passport: 8015016492

ContactsOK, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], +79661924472 (TG id 392356406), +79053074233


General information:

He was born in Aral, Bashkortostan. According to insider information, in December 2018, he worked as a translator at the Iranian embassy in Moscow. Also, in May 2021, he worked as an account manager at the LLC "MFC".

Malikhin Ilya Vladimirovich

Date of birth: 23.01.1982

Specialization: Senior Design Engineer

Passport: 3602372429

Tax number: 340961481072

ContactsVK, [email protected], +79270279427


General information:

His VK profile indicates that he lives in Samara. He studied at the Syzran Higher Military Aviation School. As of 2021, he worked on the development of onboard systems, electronic equipment, and fuel systems for aircraft at the company JSC "OKB "Aerospace Systems". In 2019, he also worked on the full-cycle production of small amphibious aircraft at the enterprise LLC "NPO "AeroVolga".

Goibov Bakhtovar Nosirjonovich

Date of birth: 06.04.1993

Contact detailsFBVK, +79047686669, [email protected], [email protected]

Specialization: Quality assurance of UAV fuselages; proficient in Farsi (the primary language spoken in Iran)

Addresses: Registered in the city of Nakhodka, Michman Street, building 12. Resides in Kazan, Kul Gali street, 15/21, apt. 397


General information:

His Facebook profile indicates that he is a "Far Eastern Federal University graduate." There, he likely studied Farsi at the Department of Eastern Studies.

Nika Kirilovna Budakova

Date of birth: 29.02.2000

Specialization: Translator

Passport: 4519623174

Contact detailsVKFBInstInst2, [email protected], 79858409960 (Telegram: 419187392), 79787210583, 79787210584


General information:

Born in Sevastopol. In 2022, she graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University, where she studied to become a translator. She follows Iranian groups on Telegram, including Lydiyana/ cargo air transport.


Employees of "Alabuga" and other specialists working in Russia on creating drones are direct participants in the military conflict against Ukraine. Their contribution to producing lethal equipment for the aggressor makes them direct accomplices in crimes and genocide against the Ukrainian people. The names of these individuals should be known worldwide as those who chose the side of aggression and violence.


We urge the European Union and all democratic countries to immediately impose sanctions on these individuals: freeze their assets, deny them entry, and confiscate their property. This is a matter of justice and moral responsibility to the modern world.


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