Russian cattle from Kurgan that attacked a Ukrainian journalist in Germany

During a walk through the city, the journalist's son shouted "Glory to Ukraine!" Unfortunately, instead of the loud answer of "Glory to Heroes!" – an aggressive russian pounced on her, and started using obscenities and shouting, as if he did not want to hear such things. 

A resident of Germany literally started shouting at the woman: "What the hell? There is no need to speak such Nazi words here."


Orc's name is "Andrey Ebers | Andreas Ebers" – 25.08.1984 – lives in Schwanevede

The original video was published on the Instagram of journalist Anna Olytska. For those who do not use Instagram, you can watch the video on the TSN page. 

The journalist asked not to shout at her, at least as a woman. To which the orc asked: “What kind of woman are you? You are Ukrainian Nazi!". Then he almost attacked her with his fists, saying something with the word "w**re". 

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