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This page contains all of Molfar's OSINT investigations. Articles are sorted by the date, you can filter them by hashtags or use the built-in search.
Molfar's open-source investigations are an internal product of our agency. If you want to use materials from our OSINT investigations on the media pages or thematic blogs, make sure to leave a link to the Molfar website in your text. We are ready to provide you with additional information on each material, please contact us.

We would also like to remind you that public OSINT investigations are only part of our non-profit work. You can always order our services: background check, corporate intelligence, market analysis, financial intelligence, military intelligence, HUMINT services and others open-source intelligence investigations. These materials are performed on a commercial basis. The information from private orders is never disclosed.

"Kometa": Russian Antenna Grid Bypassing Ukrainian EW and International Sanctions

"Kometa": Molfar's Investigation of the Russian Antenna That Bypasses Ukrainian Electronic Warfare Equipment

Is "Exolaunch" a branch of Roscosmos masquerading as a German space startup?

OSINT analysts from the Molfar agency have examined the activities of the “Exolaunch” company, traced connections to Russia, and prepared a de-anonymization of the company’s leaders.

Maruv "brings peace" to Russia, While Rockets To Ukraine? Singer's Deanon

Singer Maruv continues to earn Russian rubles despite the war. She writes songs in Russian, publishes them on Russian platforms, and does not terminate her contract with a Russian label. Meanwhile, Russians are destroying her native Kharkiv.

From "Moskva" to "Caesar Kunikov," How Many Ships Has Russia Lost in the Black Sea?

Analysts at the Molfar agency are assessing the losses of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. We will provide detailed statistics on the losses and analyze the most notable cases of the sinking of Russian vessels.

UPDATED: Who orchestrated the blockade at the Polish-Ukrainian border?
UPDATED: Who orchestrated the blockade at the Polish-Ukrainian border?

Let's find out who is actually the initiator of of blocking the Polish-Ukrainian border. We will provide evidence that Russia is behind this action.

UPDATED: How to Detect Phone Eavesdropping
UPDATED: How to Detect Phone Eavesdropping

Explore the complexities of phone tapping, including methods, real-life examples, detection tips, and protective measures. Stay informed about digital privacy in our detailed guide.

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