Investigation into the activities of online casino Pin-Up from russia

The Molfar team together with conducted an investigation on the activities of a well-known online casino called Pin-Up. Although gambling is considered a relatively gray area of ​​business, and honest people are trying to stay away from the casino – there are also pitfalls.

In five lines:

  • Pin-Up company is based in russia;
  • High suspicion of fictitious sale of russian assets, led by the son-in-law of russian Prime Minister Mishustin – Alexander Udodov;
  • Ties with Ukrainian politicians, confusing schemes for owning offshore accounts;
  • Non-transparent branching of the company's activity in software creation;
  • Not a word "russia" or "full-scale war" in publications.

👉 Full text of the investigation published by

War is a time of change: things that once seemed monolithic are now easily changed and transformed. Poetically speaking, we now have a real opportunity to create a Ukraine of the future the way we want it for ourselves and future generations.

It is clear that no one wants to see the future of russian companies in Ukraine. Or companies that have hidden ties to the russian federation. Especially when it comes to the russian casino, which earns money from Ukrainians during the war, pays taxes in russia, and takes profits offshore.

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