Torture and murder of a Ukrainian prisoner: Molfar identifies war criminals


Presumably, all members of the Akhmativ volunteer battalion undergo training (1, 2) before being sent to war in Ukraine, at the training center of the Russian Special Forces University "RUS" in Gudermes, including the hatter and other members of the group. One of the participants (White) has a cap with the "RUS" emblem. 

The hatter in the castration video has white and yellow sneakers (1, 2), presumably stolen, because this model was intended only for members of the Ukrainian Olympic team in 2008. For the rest of the video, he has black new balance. In addition, it is known that these sneakers were sold on the Shafa marketplace, and that in video , the unit loots the abandoned positions of the Armed Forces several times.

Refutation of the deanon of the performer:

Points why Aroshanov Vitaliy is not suitable:

  • according to publications (1, 2, 3, 4), the hatter is called Aroshanov Vitaliy (21.02.1983, [email protected], +79169261270, +79779710839, +79688136227, VK (del), (screen), Inst, passport: 8514499211, TIN: 081408919308, SNILS: 12247005916, residence: Russia, Republic of Kalmykia, town of Elista, district 4, d. 48, quarter 16). However, according to the website of the “Myrotvorets”, a person with such a name does not have a similar face: the chin, cheeks, distance between the eyebrows, eyelids, and age are different.
  • according to publications (1, 2, 3), a photo of Aroshanov Arslan Valeriyovych, who is Aroshanov's brother Vitaly, was used as proof of similarity. However, the photos of the Hatter and Arslan from the “Myrotvorets” are also different: there is no scar on the cheek, the distance from the eye to the eyebrows, chin, and bags under the eyes are different.
  • according to publications (1, 2), Arslan Aroshanov has a tattoo on his left hand in the photo, but there is no tattoo in the video.

Additional confirmation:

On the 4chan imageboard indicate the “version” that this video is staged by Ukraine. 
One of the main arguments is the use by the “hatter” of a uniform similar to Ukrainian camouflage, as well as the difference in hats in the torture videos and other videos with the hatter. 


Uniform with similar to Ukrainian camouflage:

  • In a fragment from the video about the unit – the uniform is identical to the one he was wearing in the torture video.
  • The hat on the torture video and other videos hatterIn particular, the line is missing.
  • However, on other fragments are seen in a hat with an identical texture and a missing top line. 
  • A bracelet from the video and bracelet in the story from the Azot chemical plant – it is the same bracelet. 

Other facts confirming that the video was not staged by Ukraine:

The Akhmat unit was officially formed from “volunteers” from all regions of the Russian Federation, trained at the Special Forces University in Gudermes, Chechnya. The official phone number indicated for communication is “89256617777”, according to the publication has the signatures "Gudermes", "PMC", "To Ukraine", "To War", "Mercenary", "Zv", "Terrible PMC", "Set z", "Bekhan", "Ichkeria", "Czechs", "Grozny Russian University of Special Forces", "Akhmat force set against dill!", "Contract to Ukraine through Grozny", "Volunteers to the Akhmat front". These signatures indicate that the Akhmat unit consists of mercenaries from the Russian Federation and, presumably, other CIS countries. It is also known that videos of such torture and reprisals were previously published Russian mercenaries from the Wagner PMC.

Molfar’s version

Aidos Alban / Aidos Adik (16.12.1997)

Points FOR:


  • Aidos' nostrils are directed straight, the hatter's - downward (may be related to the shooting angle);
  • in VK indicates training in the Kazakhstani KazAST. A Kazakh number +77470385798 with the name Aydos Alban was also found, which is also signed as “Kurmanov Aydos Tolenediuli”, but the person in the photo does not look like Aidos from the historical VK photos.

Contacts: VK, VK2.

The family 

  • of Dan Bekbergenov (17.05.1998, VK, VK2) - was on Aydos' avatar. He points to his native village. Narynkol (Kazakhstan), and VK2 - Almaty. On the avatar in VK from 2017 there is a photo guy, probably Aidos. In VK2, in the Family column, the status is "in active search", which may indicate that Dana is no longer dating Aidos.

According to history :

  • id446967151 - Didar Khan (24.01.2005, VK);
  • id5082610 - found Serhii Khomutov (VK) from St. Petersburg, Russia.

According to the publication, one of the commanders of the Chechen special unit "Akhmat" with the call sign "Raf". In video about the unit, it is indicated as a deputy commander (00:39). According post in TG, the units of "Rafa" are directly subordinated to the assistant of the Chairman of the Chechen Republic for the power bloc Apta Alaudinov, who in March 2021 was dismissed from the post of deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chechnya.

Searching by photo found (1, 2) Mykola Chilingaryan / Totov (VK, [email protected]). Similar photos were found (1, 2, 3, 4) in the remote photos of Galina Teplova (VK). 
In addition, "Raf" is seen in the video, where he is next to a mountain of corpses, presumably a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and calls on soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to surrender. This fact may indicate that the torture video was approved by him, and was not the initiative of individual members of the unit.

Mykola Lavrentiyovych Chilingaryan (December 4, 1984)


Born in Sakhalin Oblast, also lived in Arkhangelsk Oblast.
In 2001, he entered and in 2006 graduated from the Penza Artillery Engineering Institute. He worked (1, 2) as a manager of a hotel complex in Rostov. In 2016 sold an apartment in Rostov under the name Maryna Pavlova.

From September 2001 to November 2020, he was the head of the department at the Federal Service of the National Guard in Rostov-on-Don, where he was engaged in the selection and organization of the effective work of the department's staff, the development of the TMC operation plan, and the control of subordinates' performance of their duties. Participated in State Procurement with 44-FZ. Was engaged in reporting to management, compliance with labor protection requirements.
In 2011, according to the insider, he worked as a sales representative at the household chemicals retailer in Tsemos Trade in Penza. There, from 2011 to 2017, he was the founder and head of the legal entity "StroyDis" LLC from KVED for the wholesale trade of timber, building materials and sanitary ware. From 2013 to 2017, he had an IP in the meat trade, also in Penza.
According to an insider (1, 2), in the period from 2018 to 2019, he was the head of the weapons service in the 3686th HV of the Russian Guard in Rostov. 


  • a customer of a cheap liquor store Red and White;
  • repeatedly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was a debtor, including for alimony;
  • in VK4 subscribed to sex groups: MZhM Rostov, Dating, In Rostov Sex HERE, Entries 161 Rostov|Bataisk|Novocherkask|Shakht, MZhM & ZMZ Rostov-on-Don.

Contacts: FB, FB2 (fake), VK, VK2 ("Viktor Artamonov" from Zaliznohirsk), VK3 ("Oleksandra Kholod", 31.12.1982, BA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation), VK4 ("Artem Devyatov "), ICQ ("Andriy Antonov ”, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], +79612732001, [email protected], +79110038548, +7911003554 79996900593, + 79054861562. 

Additional information:

  • documents: passport: 5605556454, TIN: 292501338380, SNILZ: 161-462-827 60;
  • passwords: RIBA8MECH, Pokoloko89, gromozeka84, hjltylh, hjltylhj, hjltylhjy;
  • registration: 440031, Russia, Penza region . Penza, Batayskyi 5-y proezd, 18;
  • also lived: in Arkhangelsk, Gagarina 3, apartment 1; Penza Oblast, Serdobsk, Tsegliana St., D. Vld 39;
  • number +79612732001 signed as "Nach Osbroennia Chilingaryan.

"The Sneaker"

Andreev Maksym Oleksiyovych (02.08.1980)

According to the TG post, the second participant in the video has burgundy sneakers, which were also seen in the photo of another soldier from the Akhmativ welfare state. However, the original photos from Andreev's TG post were not found.was found video where the alleged co-conspirator takes part in cleaning the territories on the outskirts of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, also the hatter's comrades were seen on the video, judging by other videos with him, with callsigns: Raf, White and another bald soldier with an unknown callsign.

Let's compare "Sneaker" with a video and a photo from a TG post

In addition, it was noticed that the "sneakers" in the video and in the post have an identical shape.'s comments stated that he is the second sniper in the unit. In the video about the unit, a sniper was found wearing a balaclava and similar sneakers.

Analysis of the TG version of the channel on the similarity between the sneaker and Andreev:

In photos 1 and 2, Andreev is squinting and has "sad" eyebrows, just like the sneaker. The ears, cheeks, distance between the eyebrows, nose, wrinkles around the mouth, hairline and bangs are also similar. A scar near the nose and a similar ear. A similar squint, hair growth line and bangs, cheeks. Similar bangs, cheeks, bags under the eyes, ears.


  • a customer of a cheap alcohol store “Red and White”;
  • was convicted of causing serious harm to health due to carelessness, robbery (he stoled a jacket for 2k rubles), robbery (he also stole metal from the premises of his shop);
  • in 2017, he owed 130,000 rubles on a loan.



  • Alina Shnitkina (VK) - joint photos with Maxim (1, 2, 3, 4). Presumably, Andreeva's girlfriend in ~2014;
  • Oleg Nazarov (29.05.1980, VK) - joint photos with Maxim (1, 2, 3). Probably a friend;
  • Oksana Shevtsova (VK, [email protected]) - Presumably, current girlfriend or fake Andreeva, because phone number +79215972454 is associated with Oksana's VK account from St. Petersburg. Passwords 110686 and Vfrcbv were also found for mail. The latter in the Russian layout sounds like "Maxyn".

Contacts: VK, +79215972454 (1, 2), Tg id 935872336, [email protected].


  • a scar on the left cheek (closer to the nose);
  • passwords: Vfrcbv;
  • possible addresses: St. Petersburg, st. Novolytovska 10;
  • in 2015 sold Mazda 6, in 2016 – Mitsubishi Galant, in 2017 – two headlights on Hyundai IX35.

Other members of the unit

Yevhen Viktorovych Zibrov (October 6, 1998)

According to deanon, he is a member of the "Ahmat" unit under the command of "Rafa". According to the video about the unit - a machine gunner, call sign "Zeba". In VK in April 2022, he published “Z” on his avatar. Originally from Sevastopol. 
According to the insider, in 2019 he worked at the distributor of water supply and heating equipment "Rational" LLC, and in 2020 he worked at the bread manufacturer "Tsar Hlib" LLC.
In the period from 2020 to 2021, he was (1, 2, 3)entered into the register of debtors


  • Viktor Viktorovych Zibrov (October 20, 1967, VK, [email protected], Skype: viktor-vik7, TIN of the Russian Federation: 018287309907, TIN of Ukraine: 2476409539, +79787004314) - father.
  • Grabareva Natalia (VK) - according to the archive, probably his girl.


VK (archive1, archive2), +79787083878, [email protected], Skype:live:zibrovevgeniy98, +380956842627, passport 0914150740 

Oleksandr Andriyovych Ugolkov (10.10.1989)

According to publication , he is probably a member of the Akhmat unit. Was seen in one video wearing a hat. When searching for a photo from the publication was found account VK(archive), where it indicates the work "Novorossiya | DNR | LPR" and stands in camouflage. Photos (1, 2, 3, 4) from 2016 were also found from the account, presumably, of Oleksandr's "servant" from the so-called "NM LPR" Kirill Bushuev (VK). In the history of the VK profile, an avatar with the emblem of the "Ghost Brigade" - an illegal formation of the so-called "NM LPR".
Originally from the city of Oleksandriv, Volodymyr region. Fan of FC "Lokomotiv", Moscow. Until 2009 he studied at the (MIIT) .
According to the preserved photos from VK on page , in 2013 he worked at the Russian Railways as a defect inspector. 
In 2015, he went to fight on the side of the separatists in Donbas. He fought under Debaltseve.
According to VK, lives in Moscow. In 2019 he worked at "Slov'yani"


  • neo-Nazi, skinhead. A well-known series (1, 2) of a photo where he raises his hand in the Nazi salute, "Ziga", as well as a photo with a typical skinhead haircut. In addition, there is a photo on his left shoulder neo-Nazi Celtic cross tattooIn 2017, a case was opened under article 282 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for "religious extremism, distribution of nationalistic videos on the Internet";
  • In 2013, a case was opened under Article 119 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation under "Threat to kill or cause serious harm to health". It was condemned, but the case was dropped due to the reconciliation of the parties;
  • in 2017 he was fined 10k rubles;
  • in 2019 he was blacklisted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation due to attempts to legalize criminal proceeds;
  • in addition to the "Celtic cross" there is a tattoo of "ACAB" ("All Cops Are Bastards") on the right hand;
  • probably uses marijuana. 


  • Kirill Bushuev (VK) - "served" in the so-called "NM LPR". A series of joint photos with Oleksandr is known (1, 2, 3, 4);
  • Pavel Lukshin (VK, +79106716666) is probably a friend. There are a number of joint photos in Pavel's albums.


  • Myronivska Olena (June 7, 1962, VK, OK) - mother;
  • Mykola Ihorovych Krugovskyi (VK) is a relative;
  • Marchenko / Myronivska Svitlana Oleksandrivna (VK) – relative;


VK, [email protected], +79807530774, Skype:ugolok69, ICQ, Password: 723508, Social Security Number: 330105956802, passport: 1710073493.

Identification required:

Additional information

The boots of one of the participants in the torture are allegedly "trophy". Similar boots were found at "Rafa" in a video about the unit during which the unit was looting the positions left by the Armed Forces.

In addition, "Raf" is seen in the video, where he is next to a mountain of corpses, presumably a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and calls on soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to surrender. The car in the video is an Iran Khodro Samand 2011 model, not found in other videos about the unit.

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