Who supports russia's aggression against Ukraine?

War is when there are no halftones. кussia's invasion of Ukraine has turned into a genocide of Ukrainians, there is no excuse for that. Any attempt to justify russia is complicity in propaganda and fascism. Silence about the events in Ukraine is also wordless support for the war.

Since the beginning of the war, we have been registering public statements of people and companies from various spheres – celebrities, bloggers, politicians, companies and more. The war is not over yet, but we already have something to show, and the main thing here – we have proofs.

Now all the registers are available in one place – on the website «Betrayer among us». We have placed every public figure and company in the appropriate category of supporting or condemning the war. There are also two other categories: silence and nuance. We invite you to check these lists.

We receive many messages every day from different people and companies, so if you wish, you can also send us information.

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