Foreign propagandists of the Russian Federation regime

The Molfar OSINT agency has created its register of Russian Federation terrorist regime foreign propagandists. This page contains the names and private data of the propagandists. For each person, we have evidence of his or her propaganda activities in favor of Russia. The evidence was obtained by researching open sources of information. The commentary to the record contains expert analysis by Molfar researchers. These individuals pose a threat to the national security of countries that do not support the terrorist policy of the Russian Federation.

The main feature of Molfar's foreign propagandists' registry is the uniqueness of the collected personalities. Instead of mentioning famous names of internal Russian propagandists, we focused on the personalities of external agents of Russia. Foreign propagandists of the Russian Federation repeat the theses of the Kremlin leadership, justify Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, call for the lifting of Western sanctions against the Russian Federation, and convince the world that the annexation of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine is legitimate.

The vast majority of Russian foreign propagandists are citizens of the EU, the United States, Canada, or other Western countries. Even though they are actively engaged in propaganda in favor of Russia, the international community has not responded to their activity properly: removal from public positions, the introduction of sanctions, and investigations into personal involvement in crimes. Molfar emphasizes the seriousness of foreign propagandists' actions to undermine the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states, as well as manipulate international law.

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Register of Russian foreign propagandists


Fujita Takanori

Japan Project Lead of Healthcare Data Project at World Economic Forum Centre for the Forth Industrial Revolution Japan and Project Lecturer of Keio University School of Medicine Evidence

Erik C

Japan Anonymous blogger Evidence

Kazuhiro Haraguchi

Japan Member of the House of Representatives Evidence

Fabrice Beaur

Belgium Head of the Caucasian Region Non-Governmental Organization "European Council for Democracy and Elections" (EODE), Secretary of the European Center for the Study of Democracy (CEREED), member of the national-Bolshevik party Le Parti communautaire national-europen (PCN) Evidence

Charlie Kirk

USA Host of The Charlie Kirk Show, founder and director of Turning Point USA (an American non-profit organization that advocates for conservative politics in high schools, colleges and university campuses) Evidence

Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company

Pro-Russian statements

In October 2022, he published a survey in TW about his own "peace plan" for Ukraine. The plan included the neutrality of Ukraine, the inclusion of Crimea in the russian federation, the provision of its water supply, and repeated referendums under the supervision of the UN in the regions of Ukraine annexed by the russian federation. In addition, he called the transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR as "a mistake of Khrushchev". In subsequent posts, he also frightened subscribers with russian mobilization, the death of millions of people, and called Ukraine's victory as "unlikely." According to American political scientist Ian Bremmer, Musk had a personal conversation with putin before the publication of this "peace plan". In February 2023, he reposted an article dated 2014, which claimed that the "illegal overthrow of Ukraine's democratically elected and pro-russian president" was the "last straw" for putin, after which he annexed Crimea. In the comments, Musk wrote: "no question that there was indeed a coup." In 2001-2022, he traveled to Moscow to purchase refurbished intercontinental ballistic missiles for their further use as launch vehicles.

Pro-Russian statements

Since 2014, he spoke out against the sanctions imposed on the russian federation and in favor of their cancellation, justifying this by the conjecture that "EU sanctions increased gas prices and inflation." In February 2022, he declared the failure of the West's strategy to support Ukraine, the impossibility of Ukraine's victory in the war, and the only possibility of ending the war - through direct negotiations between the USA and russia. In November 2022, during a friendly match of the national football team, he wore a scarf with the image of the map of "Greater Hungary", with parts of Ukraine and other neighboring states in it. In January 2023, at a meeting with journalists, he said: "The West must understand that putin cannot afford to lose the war and will not lose it." At the same time, he claimed that "russia's goal is to turn Ukraine into an ungovernable ruin so that the West cannot claim it as a prize", called Ukraine as a "no man's land" and warned that if Ukrainians cross the russian border with Western weapons, "the future will be so bright that the West will have to wear sunglasses." In the same month, during a festive dinner in honor of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, he said that "russians" live to the east of Hungary.

Pro-Russian statements

In January 2022, he planned to visit russia, which he wanted to make his "second home," and meet with putin. In December 2022, he said on the air that he was "very pro-putin, very pro-russian", at the same time he admitted that he liked Hitler and called himself a Nazi. As a child, he lived in China, where his mother worked on an exchange program. As of January 2022, he was negotiating joint projects with the russian developer and state contractor Aras Agalarov.

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