Alternative account in social networks is an element of digital security

Today, fake social media accounts are primarily about digital security, not stalking. In the context of numerous publications about security, we will tell you how to create your alternative profile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And yes, it can be a bit like working undercover.

In the work of an investigator, especially when solving war crimes, it is critical to be able to work with various sources of information. These are primarily social networks today. When you need to receive data safely, without leaking sensitive information, "alternative" or "fake" pages in social networks come to the rescue. To put it mildly, by registering under a different name, creating a convincing user, you can work on collecting and analyzing data obtained from social networks. And plus, you can view the story of the new passion of the former partner almost in "incognito" mode.

Creating a fake Facebook account, Instagram page or Twitter profile is not a difficult task and is not much different from the usual registration in these social networks. The only thing is that you need to be a little creative and think through the concept. In order for the fake "you" to be convincing: you will have to post something from time to time in an alternative account, think of “a-tone of voice” for commenting under the posts of other users, and the like. Sounds like an undercover job.

We advise you to additionally watch the video about creating a safe virtual environment for saving bank data: 


During registration, remember: if you do not want to leave private information here, then it is very important to check this at the time of registration. Your sensitive points: the social network will ask for your email address, mobile phone number, surname and first name, date of birth and nickname. Yes, a nickname. If you thought that it was impossible to find information about a person's nickname in social networks, then we are forced to inform you of the opposite. 

As you can see, during registration in the social network, you can already give a lot of personal data. For this, you should have an alternate email that you will only use for your alternate social networks. You have already thought up a legend for yourself: a different name, date of birth and a unique nickname – use them for registration. 


After registration, you will receive an empty account. Fill it out. After all, users who come across this profile should not think of your alternate self as a bot. Because then they can simply complain about the page, and it will be blocked for you. It is important to create artificial activity for the audience. The user should see that behind this profile is a live person. And if that happens, congratulations, you've created a convincing "fake self."

Think carefully about how to fill out the account. For the avatar, you should choose the most neutral photo – it should be impossible to identify you by location, clothing elements, and the like. However, it is desirable that the avatar has an image of a person. For this case, there is a very interesting tool — the site thispersondoesnotexist. It generates faces of people who don't exist (hence the name of the site) based on artificial intelligence. 

Add a banner to Facebook and Twitter. But, again, it should be neutral and not give you away in any way. 

Fill out the "Information" section on Facebook, following the legend about your alternate character. Add a list of books, movies, sports, and music that the created fake account could theoretically like. That is, the more information you add to the profile, the more it will look like a real account. You can also hide some items about yourself in the settings. In the description of the Instagram page, add a few words about yourself, but in accordance with the legend. 

On Twitter, under the username, it will be immediately visible when the profile was created. Consider this.


You can make your Facebook and Instagram profile hidden so that no one sees your posts and stories. However, such a decision will immediately make users think that this page belongs to a bot. Leave your profile open. Yes, it is more difficult because you will have to think about which posts to publish, select photos and text. But it is more effective, especially since you have already gone half way. 

Think and write a few posts or tweets in advance. And remember that all images must be neutral and safe, and it will be impossible to identify either your person, location, or place of work or study. You can add your own thoughts, quotes from books or movies, reposts of articles to the text. Posts should not be too many or too few – the account should look balanced, "real". We do not recommend writing template comments and leaving them often – they are easy to spot and immediately betray the fakeness of the profile. 


It is significant to remember friends and subscriptions. But even here you have to be moderate. Do not subscribe to your best friend or relatives because these subscriptions can expose you! The list of your Facebook friends can be hidden from other users. But care should be taken that even in that list there is a convincing number of users.

Today, probably, each of us has at least one backup account. Because a fake profile is not about deception or stalking, it's about not wanting to show your own life and trying to protect yourself from leaking personal data. However, if you professionally process information "undercover", do not forget to adhere to your own legend, be vigilant and careful 😏

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