Why Azov are heroes, not terrorists: 3 explanations that even Russians will understand

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine (GUR) reports that on the Independence Day of Ukraine, August 24, the occupiers are preparing a trial of the Defenders of Azovstal in Mariupol with cages and pseudo-witnesses. For this purpose, the building of the Mariupol Philharmonic is being turned into the place of the so-called "tribunal" over Azov. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that if this event takes place, it will become "the line beyond which any negotiations are impossible."

Regarding this threat, on August 12, a joint statement of the security and defense forces was issued regarding the captured defenders of Mariupol. The Molfar team joins this statement. 

"We call on the whole civilized world to prevent the unfair court of the Ukrainian Defenders announced by executioners in Mariupol."

Using the example of the regiment based in Mariupol, we tell why the Azov soldiers are not the terrorists that the Russian command considers them to be, but the real Heroes of Ukraine. 

What is known so far?

The defenders of Azovstal held out for 82 days – they complied with the order and voluntarily surrendered. Voluntary surrender is a decision of the military leadership of Ukraine, which orders "to preserve the lives of personnel." According to the Russian side, approximately 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers left Azovstal.

However, the order to preserve life is vilely and cynically prevented by the fighters of Russian terrorist groups: on July 29, 2022, a mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war took place in the village of Olenivka in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region. According to the Russians, more than 50 Ukrainian defenders were killed, the number of wounded is unknown. According to the comments of the Russian side, not a single worker of the colony, DNR soldier or Russian military man who was guarding the premises was injured as a result of the explosion.

Later, on August 4, the Russian side reported "another shelling of the colony with Azov prisoners of war." Russian terrorists then announced that two people had been killed. A little later, on August 9: died in a pre-trial detention center another one of Azovstal's defenders. The soldier was a volunteer from the "Bear" group. "DPR" terrorists explained his death as alleged drug use and complication of chronic diseases.

Molfar reminds that any facts of killing prisoners of war, regardless of the rhetoric of Russian terrorists, are intentional and aimed at causing moral damage to Ukrainian society. The killing of prisoners of war does not change the situation on the battlefield, but this terror hits Ukrainian society very hard. As the President said: "they are heroes of their Homeland, they defended the freedom of their people from invaders on their land." Every fallen Hero of Ukraine died because of the barbaric actions of the Russians. They could not win on the battlefield, so they committed massacres in captivity. These are crimes not only against the law and international law, they are crimes against humanity itself. 

On July 30, Nikita Nadtochii, the acting commander of the Azov Special Forces Unit, announced a hunt for Russian murderers and executioners responsible for the terrorist attack in Olenivka.

Fakes of Russians and the truth of Ukraine

Fake: Azov is an independent terrorist entity

Truth: Azov is a formation of the National Guard of Ukraine

In 2014, when Russia first attacked Independent Ukraine, patriots and defenders of the city united in the volunteer battalion "Azov" – this happened on the 5 of May. Then, during the year, 38 battalions of the special purpose police patrol service (BPSMOP) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were created on the basis of the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Already on October 9, 2014, a decision was made to transfer the special purpose regiment "Azov" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to the National Guard of Ukraine.

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Fake: Azov completely destroyed the city of Mariupol

Truth: Azov could not destroy Mariupol, they did not have for it bombs and planes, they were under blockade

An important narrative of Russian propaganda is the claim that the Azov military allegedly completely destroyed the city of Mariupol. In fact, the destruction of the city is the work of the Russian military and mercenaries. The nature of the destruction city eloquently testifies to the active air strikes that the buildings suffered. 

The Azov regiment was never equipped with airplanes or massive bombs for airstrikes – only armored personnel carriers, tanks and small arms. In addition, since April 10, all military personnel of Azov have been blocked at the Azovstal plant. 

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Fake: Azov attacked Mariupol

Truth: Azov warriors – citizens of Mariupol – only defended and retreated 

Mariupol is a port city, all the roads of which lead to the water. Azov’s fighters held the defense of Mariupol, constantly withdrawing under the onslaught of the invaders. The roads of the city led them to the last point where it was possible to hold a defense – to the fortress of the Azovstal plant.

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Azov’s fighters played a key role in the organization of Ukrainian resistance to Russian troops in Mariupol. That is why Russian propaganda turned them into "neo-Nazis". The truth is that the military of Azov are highly motivated patriots who, since 2014, began to train personnel in the conduct of combat operations and the use of military equipment according to the latest NATO standards. That is why the Russian military command demonizes the people of Azov – out of fear of their resistance.

Ukraine should know what it means to be loyal to the Motherland. Azov is now the whole country. The defenders of Azovstal are heroes who, at the cost of their own lives, drew back the overwhelming forces of the enemy. Mariupol is Ukraine. 

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Ukrainian Heroes!


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