Children, the Red Cross and Bayraktar: Voluntary Donations and Forced Fundraising

The Molfar team investigated a small proportion of the donations made by children for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and compared them with the obligatory “voluntary” donations of the Red Cross for the needs of the organization, which are regularly held in Ukrainian schools. The article contains analytical calculations and our own assessment about voluntary and forced collection of money in the context of imitating inefficient Soviet systems. 

Red Cross Society of Ukraine: obligatory "voluntary" meetings

Do you remember those small meetings organized by representatives of the Red Cross in schools? Children were offered to buy a "stamp" and thus help "those who need this help". The Molfar team calculated the theoretical amounts that the organization had accumulated in this way. 

To begin with, we would like to remind you that we previously published a material entitled What's wrong with the International Committee of the Red Cross? In short, this is a huge organization that, over the decades of its existence, has not only been accused of embezzling money at almost every meeting regarding major natural and humanitarian disasters, but has also managed to distinguish itself by cooperation with terrorists and friendship with the Kremlin. 

The Red Cross Society of Ukraine (RC) is a smaller organization, it cannot be automatically blamed for all the sins of the "head office". However, the accountability of the RC and the appropriateness of the use of funds were not seriously investigated. 

RC started collecting money from school students since the time of the USSR. After Ukraine gained independence, this trend continued: in the known 9 years of collecting funds from children, they collected about $9m, children in schools voluntary-compulsory were offered to buy stamps.

More information about the calculation methodology and additional information is available at this link.

What does this say? First, about the Soviet heritage, which dictates to do as is "accepted" and not to deviate from these instructions. This is purely slave ideology, which is actively propagated by terrorist Russia, which is waging aggressive wars of aggression against neighboring sovereign states. 

Why do we need to give money to the RC? Where does he spend them? How much has been collected, how much is still needed, for what exactly? Nobody cares about these questions – they said to pay, so you have to pay. 

Secondly, from a positive point of view, this indicates that small donations collect large sums. If the money collected by the RC could be used for the needs of Ukraine, at least two Bayraktars could be purchased for $9 million (at the price for the Armed Forces, the cost of Bayraktar TB2 is calculated below $5 million per unit). 

If you count how many useful goods and vital medicines each region could purchase, the help to the front would be unspeakably great. For this, you just need to properly organize the children (and their parents!), explaining why it is important and where the collected money goes. Next, we will tell you why this is possible, and what Ukrainian children are capable of. 

Children are the flowers of the nation

When sadness for Ukraine overwhelms you, grief grips your hands and feet, or confusion suddenly flares up in your heart about the future 00 use these simple instructions:

  • open a Google search;
  • enter the phrase "children raised funds for the Armed Forces";
  • go to the "News" section;
  • enjoy, be inspired, be motivated. 

The children are impressive in their small but correct efforts. Their parents and in general, all Ukrainians who continue to help the army, earn money, pay taxes and transfer funds to funds are impressed. 

There is no region that does not organize a fair or festival where children collect funds for the Armed Forces. 

There isn't a big city that doesn't have a boy or girl who stood in the square and sang, played music, played chess, danced and read poetry – all to raise money for the army.

All children need is honesty. When parents honestly tell children what they need money for, where they should go, who is waiting for help and why it is important, children do what many adults cannot do on their own. 

We urge all parents in the new school year, which began on Thursday, September 1, 2022, the 190th day of full-scale war, not to be like the Red Cross. Talk to your children, talk about important things, teach why any statement must be based on truth, teach how to choose life, getting rid of slavish dogmas and compulsions.

In 2022, 38% of the Ukrainian schools that were able to open in the territory controlled by Ukraine began teaching children in bomb shelters. Now every child should have a "mandatory kit" in case of a terrorist attack by the Russian Federation. Most parents, fearing for the safety of their children, leave them at home for online education (27%). Another 35% of schools are working on introducing a mixed learning mode. 

Children understand this, they understand that the aggressor is depriving them of their childhood – and they are ready to help. Tell them about it, why it is important to continue helping, to continue the struggle for Independence.  

1,116 children were injured as a result of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, 380 of them did not live to see the start of the new school year. The Russians are responsible for this. 

Explain to the children why it is important to talk about war correctly, choose neutral terms: children understand the word "enemy", your task is to explain to them who the enemies are and how other beings acquire such a status, what are the objective reasons for a person/group of people to obtain such a status.

Most of us are not ready to sacrifice everything for saving the country. Explain to the child why this should not be done. Explain why a small effort, if done regularly, gives big results. This is extremely important, the children of the new Ukraine must grow up conscious.

This year, there will be more students in each child's class. Forced migrants – it is correct to say "internally displaced persons" – are also Ukrainians. Explain to the children how to behave with children from other regions, what you can talk about with them, and what questions it is better to refrain from. Tell the children what they can do to help new students feel comfortable in the classroom. 

This year there will be more orphans, children whose father or mother died in the war. Explain to your children why you should respect Heroes, how you should help their descendants grow up in love for the world around them. 

The first bell this year was heard by children who became too "adult" because of the war. By children who will become better than their parents and continue the struggle for the right to be Ukrainians. Even when the war ends – work on oneself, one's surroundings, work for internal and external Victory – must continue. Explain this to your children. We are sure they will understand. 


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