Russian politicians' offspring in the UK. How are the “gilded youth” living?

Ukrainian students and schoolchildren continue their studies, hiding in basements from Russian missiles. Ukrainian teachers are conducting online lectures from trenches while defending their country. Meanwhile, the children of influential Russian politicians, ideologists, and war advocates continue their carefree lives in Europe: working at the BBC, purchasing elite apartments, and owning successful businesses in the United Kingdom, France, Italy. 


OSINT analysts from the Molfar agency have identified who they are — the children of Lavrov, Abramovich, Zheleznyak, and Fedun. How and where do they live? We will prove that, in this case, the children bear responsibility for their parents. After all, they enjoy privileges obtained from their parents' criminal actions. Read more about this in our article.


Ukrainian kids endure war horrors while the Kremlin's children live in luxury


In May 2022, a boy named Illia turned 10 years old. He celebrated his birthday in the Ohmatdyt hospital in Kyiv. At the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion, he and his mother lived in a basement in Mariupol. But one day, as they ran to their neighbors, a shell fell nearby. Illia's mother sustained a head injury, and the boy's leg was torn off. The mother died in the arms of her 10-year-old son.


4.8 million Ukrainian children have been forced to relocate due to the extensive Russian invasion of Ukraine. Due to enemy rockets and drones, millions of Ukrainian children have seen bomb shelters, learned from basements, experienced stress from being forcibly moved to another country, and attempted to adapt.


Abramovich, Putin, Lavrov, ministers, deputies, Russian oligarchs — among them are numerous ideologists of this war. But their children do not know what an "air raid," "emergency backpack," or how to survive under shelling are. Instead, they see what prestigious European and American universities are. They live carefree, wealthy lives in countries Russia calls its main "ideological enemies." For example, the United Kingdom. Various publications have already written about some of the descendants of Russian politicians. Most mentions are about the daughter of Russian deputy Zheleznyak. The media has also reported a lot about Polina Kovalova — the daughter of Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister.


Sergey Zheleznyak and his daughters — Anastasia and Liza

Currently, this article is edited. Zheliezniak's words about his daughters returning are included. However, the original version can still be found in the archive.

Screenshot from one of the Russian publications, in which Zheleznyak states that his daughters "will return to Russia and will live and work there." This is a response to the accusations of Russian pseudo-oppositionist — politician Navalny. Interestingly, Navalny will later send his daughter to study at Stanford


A fighter for "values," a Russian legislator, and a lover of singing. One of the former leaders of the "United Russia" party, where he held the position of deputy secretary of the party's general council. In 2013, he was the author of a law that forced providers to place user data on servers in Russia. This law simplifies access to any user data for Russian special services. Thus, the conditional FSB can get data from anyone who uses Russian websites.


In 2006, Zheleznyak studied in Lausanne, Switzerland, at one of Europe's business schools, IMD. But later, he returned to his homeland, where he joined "United Russia." It appears that following his example, he also sent his daughter to study abroad — Zheleznyak Anastasia.


Anastasia Zheleznyak / McClaymont Sergeyevna — Progeny of the "Reformer"


Social NetworksLiFBVK


Email Address: [email protected], [email protected]

Thirty-year-old Anastasia Zheleznyak, daughter of Zheleznyak, studied at several British universities and gained substantial practical experience. Before that, she looked for the International Baccalaureate (IB) at The American School In Switzerland (TASIS) in Switzerland (2009-2011). Then she decided to move to London. From 2012 to 2014, she studied at the prestigious Queen Mary University of London, earning a "Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Relations". 


Concurrently, in 2012, she worked as a photo editor assistant at New Turn and then as a studio assistant at BBC News for a year. Next, Anastasia studied at King's College London (2014-2015). She completed a master's in risk analysis there and interned at Sky the News and Sports Department. From 2013 to the present, she has worked as an assistant at BBC Studios and Post Production. In December 2022, after the onset of Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Anastasia even registered a legal entity, Wedhead Ltd, in the United Kingdom.

As we can see, Anastasia did not return to Russia. She married there and continues living in the United Kingdom (12345). She and her husband — McClymont Mark Anthony Mirren — are directors and owners of the active company Entwined Productions Ltd, assisting in organizing luxurious weddings for Britons.


Known address of Anastasia: Unit 7 Alswick Hall, Hare Street, Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK, SG9 0AA (2017map)

Sergey Zheleznyak has another daughter living in the United Kingdom — Elizaveta Zheleznyak (123456). The daughter of the Russian politician studied at a school there and worked as an artist-illustrator.


While Zheleznyak's older daughter, Anastasia, was studying in the UK, her father stated that it was necessary to "bring all children of Russian officials" back to Russia. In 2018, he asserted that Britain poisoned its own citizens with "Novichok" to diminish the positive coverage of Russia during the World Football Championship.


Sergey Lavrov and his daughter Polina

For years, Lavrov lied to Western leaders about Russia's "democratic path". At the same time, Putin and his associates blackmailed neighboring countries with gas and wars.

In December 2014, Lavrov stated that Donbas should remain part of Ukraine. However, by 2023, he justifies Russia's seizure of Ukrainian territories by claiming that France has supposedly not returned the island of Mayotte to the Comoros Islands. In his opinion, the USA is to blame for Russia's war against Ukraine. The list of lies and propagandist statements can go on indefinitely.

Lavrov's Family. Official wife — Maria (left) and daughter Ekaterina (in the center)

As for personal life, he tries to create an aura of a "family man" around himself. Lavrov has supposedly been married for over forty years. His "official" wife is a non-public person. But in addition to this "official" wife, Lavrov has a mistress who also has influence in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, engages in acting, and possesses a significant fleet of vehicles and real estate.


This "unofficial" wife influences the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through her, several employees were even dismissed. She is involved in acting, owns a large fleet of vehicles, and has real estate.


In 2020, The Insider released an investigation revealing the property owned by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs head. Journalists calculated the value of the property to be 600 million rubles. When the minister owned this property, Lavrov earned 4.5 million rubles yearly. To purchase this property, he would have had to work for over 100 years.


Kovalova Polina Konstantinovna — Lavrov's Stepdaughter

This is the daughter of Lavrov's mistress, influential in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Svetlana Polyakova — Polina. The illegitimate daughter graduated from Clifton College (high school) in Bristol. Later, she was admitted to Loughborough University. In 2021, the girl bought (12) an apartment in Kingston, London. At that time, a one-bedroom apartment in this area cost £300,000. Polina purchased an apartment for 5.8 million dollars. She paid for the apartments in cash.


After graduating from Loughborough University, she began her career at the Russian bank VTB, then moved to commodity trader Glencore and the state oil company of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil production and reserve company. It is also known that she worked in the mergers and acquisitions department of "Gazprom." Since 2019, Kovalova has owned the legal entity PPK Investments Limited, and from 2021 to April 2022, she held the legal entity Hotbox Holdings Limited.


In 2022, Lavrov's illegitimate daughter was a junior financial employee living anonymously in London. In March 2022, activists demanded sanctions against Polina Kovalova. Which they, in fact, achievedThe UK has frozen all her assets and bank accounts and confiscated her elite housing in London.


Polina's known address: 22 Holland Green Place, London, W8 6 AX (2016 (12)


Rinat Khairov and his Elsina

Rinat Khairov

From 1992 to 1997, Khairov worked in taxation and later became a member of the State Duma committee on defense. He was a deputy of the State Duma from 2011 to 2019.

"My daughter is already an adult. Her husband is a businessman, and they have two children. After school, she married and then graduated from the University of Westminster in London. They are now living their life there. As for the hints in the article about my income, all my earnings are declared," Khairov speaks about his relationship with his daughter.


A scandal is associated with his daughter — activists have exposed the elite real estate owned by the woman.


Elsina Khairova — Progeny of the 'Purportedly Honest' Russian Politician

Elsina is a citizen of the United Kingdom. She purchased a luxurious house with 10 bedrooms for 29 million dollars in 2018. It's one of the most expensive houses sold in the UK. Earlier that year, she bought an apartment in London for 13 million dollars.


Elsina was the director of the British DT Advisory Limited, which provided management consulting services, until 2014. Hayrov's daughter also invested in TAG-IT (UK) LTD in 2013. In 2023, both companies have the status of "dissolved."


In 2021, Elsina divorced her husband, Dmitry Tsvetkov, who was also a director of DT Advisory Ltd. The couple divided property worth approximately 60 million dollars in a London court.

Dmitry Tsvetkov was put on the international wanted list as one of the responsible parties in a case involving the embezzlement of funds allocated to the Kazan Design Bureau Simonov for drone development in 2011. 493 million rubles were transferred to offshore companies, and the drones were never built.


In June 2022, along with Tsvetkov, Elsina was a defendant in a lawsuit against the British landscape design company Bluestone Landscapes Ltd. In September 2022, she registered a legal entity, SHL PCM Investments Limited, in the UK with her ex-husband.


Elsina administers her Instagram page in English, and it is not accessible within Russia.

The house that Elsina bought in 2018

Roman Abramovich and his Sofia



Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire and former owner of the Chelsea Football Club, is known for his investments in various business sectors, including the oil and gas industry. He has been accused of corruption, money laundering, and other illicit activities. Several countries have restricted his entry because Abramovich cannot explain the sources of his wealth. As an influential businessman in Russia, he has connections with the Kremlin government. Information about his friendship with Putin and support for international criminal Maria Lvova-Belova is there.

Roman Abramovich has been married three times. From these marriages, he has seven children, one of whom lives in the United Kingdom.


Abramovich Sofia Romanovna

Social mediaInst


Sofia Abramovich studied at Royal Holloway College and currently lives in the United Kingdom (1234). She is involved in equestrian sports and has a fondness for France, not only on Instagram but also in the context of investments — she is a partner in several French legal entities, such as Villa Saint Jaume (123), SCI Gabriel A Paris (GAP), and Sofie's Choice.


On social media, following the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, she posted anti-Putin publications, which were subsequently deleted.


Alexey Chepa and his Anastasia


Alexey Chepa

This is a Russian deputy who actively supports aggression against Ukraine. All EU countries, as well as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and, of course, Ukraine, have imposed sanctions on Chepa. He is one of those who ratified the decisions of the Russian government. He provides political and economic support to Russia's attempts to annex sovereign territories of Ukraine. In 2013, it was reported that Chepa had undeclared property in Miami, USA. But he immediately justified that the apartment was bought on credit and belonged to the bank. However, besides this, he owns a share in offshore companies. Chepa's children own business and real estate in London, in particular. Chepa started a business in the UK in 2009 with Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov. With Novikov, he invested about 10 million pounds sterling in developing a 540-seat restaurant with a lounge bar.


After the full-scale invasion, Alexey Chepa was included in the sanctions lists of the EU and Great Britain. Still, Anastasia and her companies were not sanctioned by the United Kingdom.


Anastasia Alexeyevna Chepa


Anastasia is a citizen of the United Kingdom. She was an architect and co-owner (50%) of the enterprise Aperse Ltd. The company was liquidated in October 2022. According to the sanctions aggregator, Anastasia was a beneficiary of the BVI legal entity, Portobello Enterprises Limited, and the Cypriot legal entity, Windale Holdings Ltd, in 2013. According to an investigation by The Times and Transparency International, she owns an apartment in Westminster (extract from the register). The price of the apartment is $1.1 million. Her name is included in the UCI Academy instructors' list.


Vladimir Yakunin and his son Andrey

From 2005 to 2015, he was the president of JSC "Russian Railways" for ten years. Yakunin is influential in Russian politics and business and possesses assets abroad, although he diligently denies this. According to Yakunin himself, he doesn't even have a personal apartment. The USA imposed sanctions on Yakunin in 2014 after Russia created the unrecognized "DNR" and "LNR." Now Vladimir Yakunin has stepped back from politics. In 2016, he opened an institute called "Dialogue of Civilizations" in Berlin. This institution is supposedly engaged in finding "non-standard solutions to global problems." However, critics do not exclude that its existence may purely serve propagandistic purposes.


For ten years, from 2005 to 2015, he was president of Russian Railways. Yakunin is influential in Russian politics and business, and has a fortune abroad, although he diligently denies it. According to Yakunin himself, he does not even have an own apartment. The United States imposed sanctions on Yakunin back in 2014, after Russia created the so-called and unrecognized "dpr" and "lpr". Vladimir Yakunin has now retired from politics. In 2016, he opened an institute in Berlin called the Dialogue of Civilisations. This institution is supposed to search for "non-standard solutions to world problems". However, critics do not rule out that this may be a purely propagandistic purpose of its existence.


Andrey Vladimirovich Yakunin


Yakunin Jr., like Sofia Abramovich or Anastasia Chepa, is also a citizen of the United Kingdom. In October 2022, he was arrested in Norway and accused of piloting a drone and conducting espionage filming in Svalbard and possibly other locations in Norway. His lawyer asserted that Andrey has UK citizenship, resides in Italy, and does not have Russian citizenship. In December 2022, the Tromsø District Court acquitted Andrey, stating that "small drones are not subject to sanctions," however, in June 2023, the Supreme Court of Norway overturned the acquittal - the district court began to reconsider the case anew.


In 2016, he owned an 8-bedroom apartment in North London. From 2006 to 2021, he was a member of the Venture Investments & Yield Management LLP. He is a current co-founder of the Russian support and development fund for the F.M. Dostoevsky Museum "Dostoevsky's Peterburg." In 2022, he stated he was against the war and had never voted for Putin. This happened the day his father was added to the UK sanctions list.


Leonid Fedun and his son Anton

Leonid Fedun

He has Cypriot citizenship. Vice President and principal shareholder of PJSC "LUKOIL". Russian billionaire. His fortune is estimated at $6.3 billion. He has been married twice and has two children from the first marriage — a daughter, Ekaterina, and a son, Anton. His second wife, model Zarema Salikhova, gave birth to four children — three sons, Leo, Lucas, and Lavr, and a daughter Adriana.


Anton Leonidovich Fedun

Anton Fedun, following the Russian tradition, is also a citizen of the United Kingdom. He owns two hotels in London: Vintry & Mercer ecotel in the center and The Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington. He also bought an apartment for $11.3 million in Marylebone, Westminster, in an elite district of London.


Moreover, the younger Fedun owns five restaurants in London. He has two sons (ages 5 and 3). His sister Ekaterina also lives in London with her children, Vera (7) and Georgiy (4). Additionally, Anton Fedun is a shareholder of PJSC "Lukoil" under sanctions from Ukraine. His hotel business has been previously discussed in publications in Russian.


Igor Komarov and his daughter Maria

Igor Komarov

He managed the Russian space agency 'Roscosmos' from 2015 to 2018. Later, he was replaced by Dmitry Rogozin. He was the head of the United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC) during 2014-2015. Currently, he is a member of Russia's Security Council. He likely has only one daughter — Maria Komarova.


Maria Igorevna Komarova

2011 Maria purchased an apartment in Belgravia, London, for $6.8 million. At that time, she was 20 years old. According to an investigation by The Times and Transparency International in 2022, Maria Komarova is a designer in London, owner of the Miló Maria brand, and director of the British company Milo Maria Ltd. According to information posted on the brand's website, her clothing has been purchased by Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding. According to financial reports, trading did not bring Komarova's company large profits. The brand's models have been featured in Vogue and L'Officiel magazines. We did not find mentions of Komarova in the media.


Yuri Luzhkov and his Elena

He was the mayor of Moscow for almost 20 years. He passed away in 2019. However, he managed to accumulate substantial wealth. Also, Luzhkov awarded Putin. His favorite projects included the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which was destroyed in 1931 by Soviet dictator Stalin.



Elena Yurievna Luzhkova

Elena was the director of Whip Limited until 2018 and registered as an entrepreneur in Clarendon Education Ltd until 2016. As of February 2023, both companies are "liquidated." In 2020, she opened the YEDA restaurant with vegan food in Covent Garden, London. According to an investigation by The Times and Transparency International, Elena lives in her own house near Holland Park. The price of this house is approximately $27.5 million. She holds Cypriot citizenship. There are several mentions of this individual in the media (12). 


Elena was featured on Instagram by her sister — Olga Luzhkova (Inst). Geolocations mentioned in her posts (123) are also in the United Kingdom - Hampstead Heath, London, Tadley, Hampshire, and Stoke Newington, London. She has been under sanctions from Ukraine since October 2022.



Alexander Yushchenko and son Andrei

A State Duma of Russia deputy from the Communist Party actively supports the Russian war against Ukraine. As a result, he and his property have been sanctioned by the EU, the UK, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and Ukraine. He has three children. He was also among those who actively promoted the law on "foreign agents." Meanwhile, investigators have discovered his property at Lake Como in Italy. Additionally, he advocates for internet censorship. The law is aimed against Western platforms — (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).


According to Transparency International, Yushchenko has connections with the FSB. He comes from a military family and graduated from a military academy. However, his son is currently studying in the United Kingdom.



Andrey Andreyevich Borodin

Previously, the media did not write about him. He is the stepson of Alexander Yushchenko from his "former" wife, Tetyana Yushchenko/Repina. The couple divorced in 2014, but according to an investigation by The Insider, the divorce was a sham since Alexander Yushchenko still pays for Tetyana's parking spaces.


According to information published in the media "Moment of Truth" in June 2022, Tetyana's younger son is studying in London. The place of residence is listed as the United Kingdom on


Andrey's father — Andrey Borodin — moved to the United Kingdom in 2011 after a fraud case was initiated against him, starting in the Russian Federation in 2011. He and his wife, Tetyana Korsakova, bought the most expensive house in the United Kingdom in 2013 for $185 million. In 2020, Borodin and his wife donated $1.3 million to the National Health Service to help fight COVID-19.



Anton Drozdov and his daughter Anna

Anton Drozdov

The head of the board of the Pension Fund of Russia (July 17, 2008 — January 22, 2020). He was also Russia's Deputy Minister of Finance for a year (2020 - 2021). Currently, he is a first-class State Advisor of the Russian Federation.


Drozdov's total assets are estimated at 970 million rubles. He has been repeatedly accused of corruption and money laundering. He owns at least three apartments in central Moscow. His eldest daughter studied in Scotland at the same educational institution where Prince William studied. The cost of such education is at least 1.5 million rubles per year.


Drozdova Anna Antonovna

According to several (12) publications, from 2016 to 2019, Anna studied at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Her residence is listed as the United Kingdom in her Li profile. However, it is known that Anna received income (12) in 2019-2021 from cultural institutions in Russia as an employee. Also, no mentions of her were found in the media.


Lavrov, Zheleznyak, Abramovich, and other Russian politicians and power brokers, whom we discussed in this article, are thieves and criminals. Some have already been written about in the media — others we are talking about here for the first time. But the essence boils down to the fact that, despite sanctions, they all continue to live their usual lives in Europe.



On one hand, they try to destroy democratic Ukraine and disdain Western values. With the other, they hide their assets and descendants in the safe harbors of Western countries, one of which has become the United Kingdom. The children of Russian propagandist politicians and oligarchs live, study, and have businesses in this country, enjoying the benefits and freedoms of Western civilization. Meanwhile, Ukrainian children are sitting in basements and bomb shelters. Countering Russian aggressors is only possible in a global context. It must be a collective decision — to fight for freedom, for the values of the West.

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