Dmitry Rogozin: The Political Stunts and Space Flop. Molfar's Exposé



In November 2022, Dmitry Rogozin created the Tsar's Wolves (Russian: Царские Волки). This is a military group that provides technical support to illegal armed formations in the so-called "L/DNR." Previously, Rogozin was the head of Roscosmos and is now a senator from the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region. He is one of the key figures in Russian politics and was even named as one of those responsible for violating Ukrainian sovereignty in 2014. He is associated with numerous corruption scandals and the failures of the Russian space program. Additionally, Rogozin has also had disputes with Elon Musk.


Molfar analysts have prepared a deanon on this Russian figure, his family, and all associated individuals.

What is Dmitry Rogozin Doing Now?


Dmitry Rogozin currently holds the position of "senator from the Zaporizhzhia region" in the Russian parliament. This became possible after fake elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Rogozin actively comments on the situation at the front.


He is the founder and head (12) of the military group "Tsar's Wolves" (Russian: "Царские волки"). He has indicated (12) that the group trains and provides military-technical support to the formations of the unrecognized "LPR/DPR". The group also acts as a "volunteer unit." Rogozin himself says that the group includes military advisors and specialists in military-technical issues.

Repost on Telegram "Tsar's Wolves". Testing of electronic warfare systems. Source: Telegram (12)

On the Telegram channel "Tsar's Wolves," posts are made on the use of FPV drones (12), translations of military literature from the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (12), and videos from the combat training center for UAVs (12).

Another publication where Rogozin, as a senator from the occupied parts of the Zaporizhzhia region, awarded Russian occupiers. Source: Telegram "Tsar's Wolves" (12).

It is important to note that Russia has only occupied the southern part of the Zaporizhzhia region. The majority of the region, including the regional center, the city of Zaporizhzhia, has never been controlled by Moscow.


Based on the posts, Rogozin actively travels along the front line. His Telegram includes publications about the BARS-3 and BARS-11 units (1234), which are likely located near the village of Robotyne, Zaporizhzhia region. On January 15, a post about awarding the BARS units was published in the group. Rogozin handed over anti-drone rifles and vehicles to them. This took place in the Svatove-Kreminna direction.

Publication from the Telegram channel "Tsar's Wolves" about awarding Russian military personnel. Source: Telegram (12)

Photo of the BARS unit commanders. Call signs from right to left: Saturn, Yamaha, Uncle. Source: Telegram "Tsar's Wolves and BARS" (1, 2, 4, 5).


In December 2022, Rogozin was injured (1, 2, 3). This happened while he was celebrating his birthday at a restaurant in Russian-occupied Donetsk. Rogozin stated that he was wounded by a "metal fragment 3×4 mm that entered above the right shoulder blade." However, some publications reported that the injuries were to his buttocks, thighs, and head.

Dmitry Rogozin published this photo after his injury.


"Tsar's Wolves" currently has three areas of activity:


Military-Technical Center (MTC) — develops, tests, repairs, and reprograms new types of weapons and drones.


MTCs have been established in Moscow, occupied Donetsk, and the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region. The advisor to the MTC is Alexei Rogozin, Dmitry's son (12). In January 2023, it was reported that the MTC is developing three large strike-type drones and a reconnaissance drone called "Matryoshka." In August 2023, State Duma deputy Dmitry Kuznetsov handed over (12) to Rogozin for testing the developments of the "Center for Defense Innovations," including a device for suppressing UAVs called "Vladlen Tatarsky" and an anti-drone rifle from the scientific-production association "Kaisant."


Training centers for UAV operators — operate in temporarily occupied territories and train UAV operators.


Volunteer Strike Brigade — the combat wing of "Tsar's Wolves," which includes 4 BARS reservist units. They test new weapons and UAVs. They fight against Ukraine in the south. Furthermore, they actively hunt for samples of Western and Ukrainian weapons, which are then sent to Moscow. They managed to capture large fragments of the British Storm Shadow missile (123456) and the Czech Primoco One drone.


As we can see, "Tsar's Wolves" have expanded their activities on social media. The group is likely connected (12) to the company Globaltrans, the largest container transportation operator in Russia. It belongs to Konstantin Nikolaev, who finances these "wolves."


On November 1, 2023, "Tsar's Wolves" was registered (12)  as a trademark. The owner is the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization (ANO) "Center for Transport Technology Development." The chairman of the board is Dmitry Rogozin's son. In December 2023, the PMC "Wolves" were added to the EU sanctions list (12).


Rogozin actively engages in propaganda activities. On May 27, 2024, he gave a lecture (12) at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The lecture topic was "The Basics of Psychological Warfare in the Media of Opposing Sides During War." Dmitry Rogozin talked to students about methods of propaganda and manipulation.

Dmitry Rogozin's Past: The Nazi Tendencies of a Russian Politician

Born in Moscow, he studied at School No. 59 with an advanced program in French. He then entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. In 1985, he spent 5 months studying methods of American and Cuban propaganda in the media and cinema while on a pre-graduation internship in Cuba.


From 1990 to 2014, he was actively involved in politics. He ran for the State Duma of the Russian Federation but was unsuccessful. He also attempted to create his political party, which was also unsuccessful.


On the Telegram channel "Tsar's Wolves," photos were posted showing Rogozin posing with Serbian war criminals Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić (12), who are internationally recognized war criminals (123).

Dmitry Rogozin (right) and Ratko Mladić (center)

According to Dmitry Rogozin, he participated as a volunteer in the fighting in the unrecognized republic of Transnistria, where he met the commander of the Russian 14th Guards Army, General Alexander Lebed. In 1993, they created a nationalist political movement called the "Congress of Russian Communities" (KRO), which aimed to represent the interests of Russian and Russian-speaking residents of the "near abroad" countries. At the end of 1993, the KRO participated in the elections for the State Duma but lost.

Rogozin (right) holds a pistol to the head of a man lying on the ground.

This photo was taken during the First Chechen War. Dmitry Rogozin visited Chechnya and communicated with high-ranking officials of the republic, including the Minister of Information, Movladi Udugov. Udugov was the one who took this photo of Rogozin holding a pistol.


Head of Roscosmos

In 2018, he headed the Russian state corporation Roscosmos at the suggestion of Vladimir Putin. At that time, he called the idea of space exploration the religion of Russia. From 2019 to 2020, there were 25 space rocket launches, exceeding the number of launches in 2018 (19 successful launches). On December 31, 2020, Rogozin announced the termination of joint projects at the initiative of NASA.

Dmitry Rogozin at Roscosmos. Source of the photo: Russian news, early 2022.

Rogozin noted that, in his opinion, space should be beyond politics, but in reality, cooperation in this field is the quintessence of politics. He promised that Roscosmos would send astronauts on a lunar flyby in 2028, not in 2029 as previously planned, using the Yenisei rocket.


On July 15, 2022, Rogozin was dismissed from his position as the general director of the state corporation Roscosmos.


He had a conflict with Elon Musk in 2022. In May 2022, Rogozin published a post (123) accusing Elon Musk of providing Starlink. Rogozin stated, "For this, you will have to answer like an adult, Elon, no matter how much you play dumb" (Russian: “А за это придется отвечать по-взрослому, Илон, как бы ты дурака не включал”). However, their public "relationship" is quite ambiguous, as later he admired Musk, saying that Elon "perfectly understands the essence of the Kyiv authorities," but “continues to supply the Kyiv regime and NATO with military communications.”

Publication from Rogozin's Telegram channel, where he accuses Elon Musk.

But Rogozin had previously tried to provoke Elon Musk into responding. In 2014, he was the Vice President of the Russian Federation. At that time, restrictions were imposed on Russia's rocket and space industries due to the invasion of eastern Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea. At that time, crew delivery to the ISS was carried out using the Russian "Soyuz" spacecraft. In response to these sanctions, Rogozin stated, "They are already fed up with their sanctions" and "I suggest the USA deliver their astronauts to the ISS using trampolines."


Later, Elon Musk recalled this joke. In May 2020, after a successful rocket launch, Musk said, "The trampoline works."

Corrupt schemes and machinations


Dmitry Rogozin has been involved in multiple scandals related to corruption and tax evasion. One of the most notorious cases concerns the purchase of an apartment on Starovolynskaya Street (Moscow) by Minimal Technology Ltd. in 2008, valued at approximately $7.46 million as of 2016.


After his stint in Brussels, Dmitry Rogozin acquired an apartment on Bolshoy Tishinsky Lane, which he privatized in 2013. This apartment, valued at around $4.25 million, was exchanged in December 2013 for an apartment on Starovolynskaya Street, purchased by businessman Lev Isaev. The value of the Starovolynskaya apartment was significantly higher. If Rogozin were to sell this apartment, he would owe approximately $1.36 million in taxes. Other high-ranking Russian officials also reside in the residential complex on Starovolynskaya.


During Rogozin's tenure at Roscosmos, there were numerous accidents involving satellites, booster blocks, and rockets such as Soyuz, Proton, and Zenit. The construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome under his supervision was plagued by salary delays, prompting workers to declare hunger strikes. The total amount of embezzled funds as of 2018 exceeds 10 billion rubles.


In 2019, Vladimir Putin stated that hundreds of millions were being stolen at the cosmodrome, but Dmitry Peskov defended Rogozin, noting that he had only worked at Roscosmos for a year.


Dmitry Rogozin's controversial statements




He mocked the surname of the Estonian Minister of Defense, referring to Anatoly Shariy's post. "What the hell. Hell with them. The indecent but expressive surname of some degenerate appointed as 'Estonia's Minister of Defense' who threatens us by saying he's eating."




He called President Emmanuel Macron names and threatened him with offensive words over the proposal for a ceasefire during the Olympic Games in Paris. "He's quite a fairy tale... First, this damn son of a bitch," "Napoleon crap," "You'll get graves, Macron, not a ceasefire."



Putin's Friends Head to the Olympics — Why Were Russian Military Allowed to Compete in International Events?





His stance on Elon Musk is ambiguous: sometimes he admires him because Elon "understands the essence of the Kyiv government well" and "continues to provide military communications to the Kyiv regime and NATO."




He calls Germany "the main sponsor of war," criticizing it for possible assistance in destroying the Crimean Bridge, calling it “evidence of Germany preparing the largest act of sabotage against Russia.”




He threatens the Lithuanian ambassador to Sweden, Linas Linkevičius, over his statement about neutralizing Kaliningrad. He calls Linas an Aryan and threatens to publish materials from his personal affairs.



He calls the new President of Argentina "a patient of stupidity," criticizing him for refusing to join BRICS.

Deanon of Dmitry Rogozin. Personal data of the Russian official and his family

Sergei Shoigu (left), Dmitry Medvedev (center), Dmitry Rogozin. Military-technical forum "Army-2015" in Russia


Personal contacts of Dmitry Rogozin and his relatives



TW1TW2TGYTVK1VK2 (del), VK3 (del),





[email protected][email protected][email protected];


Inactive phones: 




Tax ID: 771408920056, passport: 4510090702, SNILS1: 06031447820 SNILS2: 06031447820.


Known addresses


Declared income of Dmitry Rogozin


Declaration of Dmitry Rogozin (123) $ k:
















Dmitry Rogozin














Tatiana Rogozina 














Alexei Rogozin















Dmitry Rogozin's property in Russia







Land plot (12)

Land plot of 2545 m2 



Dmitry Rogozin

House (12)

Residential house with an area of 782.7 square meters.


~$3.14m (12)

Dmitry Rogozin

Motorbike (12)

BMW R1200GS Adventure


~$12.6k (12)

Dmitry Rogozin

Motorbike (12)

Unspecified motorcycle model (likely Ducati Diavel).



Dmitry Rogozin

Automobile (12)

GAZ 21Р (Likely a collectible car.)



Dmitry Rogozin

Automobile (123)

Mercedes-Benz S 560 (Number: М676ЕХ799, VIN: WDD2221861A387666)




Dmitry Rogozin

Automobile (12)

Land Rover Range Rover (Number: О218АС799, VIN:SALGA3FE1HA339509)




Tatiana Rogozina 

Apartment (12, 3)

⅖ parts of apartment with and 346 square meters.


~$2.98m (12

Tatiana Rogozina 

Parking lot (12)

⅖ share of three parking spaces with a total area of 51.8 square meters.



Тетяна Рогозіна

Apartment (12)

Apartment with an area of 207.9 square meters.


~$2.44m (12)

Alexei Rogozin

Apartment (123)

⅗ Shares of an apartment with an area of 346 square meters.


~$4.47m (12)

Alexei Rogozin, Fiodor Rogozin and Maria Rogozina

House (12)

House with an area of 808 square meters (adjacent to a residential house with an area of 782.7 square meters, the plots are connected).


~$2.35m (12)

Genadii Serebriakov (father-in-law)





*- Part of it can be sold.


Family exposé

Tetyana (Seryabryakova) Rogozina — wife


Born on December 13, 1963









Tax ID: 771410139876, Passport: 4510090703


Tatiana was born in Chelyabinsk (12) into the family of a KGB colonel. She studied for 7 years at a Russian school in New York under the auspices of the UN during her father's assignment to the USA. She married Dmitry Rogozin in 1982, and their son Alexey was born a year later. During Dmitry Rogozin's posting to Brussels, she began her own music career and became a member of the "Singing Politicians" club.


In 2003, Tetyana co-founded  (12)  Linda Flora LLC with Omar Davidovich Lolua, better known as "thief-in-law" Omik Sukhumsky. Tetyana's Tax ID coincided with that of Georgy Zurabovich Uzunyan.


In 2019, she founded the fan club Roscosmos following criticism of the corporation due to numerous failures. A Roscosmos spokesperson clarified it was not a corporation project but solely Tetyana's initiative. In 2020, Roscosmos published (12)  songs by Tetyana and Dmitry on their official website. As of December 2023, Tetyana was employed at the Folk Crafts Support Fund, dedicated to the development and popularization of Russian culture.


In December 2023, she joined the Union of Writers of Russia and visited the Russian-occupied Berdyansk the same month. As of 2024, she has also released several music albums featuring Dmitry.

Alexey Dmitrovich Rogozin — son


Born: September 21, 1983.






[email protected][email protected][email protected]






Tax ID: 770301599800, SNILS: 13772356274, Passport: 4513099957.


State Counsellor of the Russian Federation, 3rd class, Chairman of the Board of the NGO "Center for Development of Transport Technologies" and Chairman of the Advisory Board of CJSC "Ecolibri".


Born in Moscow. In 2003, he managed internet projects for the electoral bloc "Rodina" and the "Rodina" party. Since 2005, he has been the Deputy Head of the Information-Analytical Department of the "Rodina" party and a member of the Political Council of the party. He later became a member of the Presidium of the Congress of Russian Communities and was elected a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Tver Region.


During 2016-2017, he was the Deputy Director of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Alexey was a member of the Board of Directors of CJSC Voentelecom and participated in the liquidation of Russia's Special Construction and the reform of the military construction complex. He was part of the Main Staff of the All-Russian Military-Patriotic Society Yunarmiya and chaired the Parents Committee of the Moscow Suvorov Military School.


From 2017 to 2019, he served (12) as the Vice President of the United Aircraft Corporation for Transport Aviation, and as the CEO of the Aviation Complex named after S.V. Ilyushin. Under his leadership, on March 30, 2019, the first flight of the military transport aircraft Il-112 was conducted, the development of which began in 2003. On August 17, 2021, the first experimental aircraft crashed near Moscow, resulting in the loss of the entire crew. Journalists blamed Alexey Rogozin for this, but the collective of designers and test pilots defended him.


On September 12, 2019, it became known that the younger Rogozin was appointed Director of the transport and transfer hub and trade office complex Nagatinskaya. Since October 2019, he has been an advisor to the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, and Innovation Development. In October 2021, Alexey Rogozin became the Chairman of the Advisory Board of CJSC Ecolibri — a private engineering and design center focused on developing innovative aviation systems. As of November 2022, the company has been developing "Russia's first electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft". As of April 2023, the development of the Ecolibri EM-01 electric motor for electric aircraft has been announced, indicating (12) that only a model and drawings exist.


Alexey Rogozin is an advisor to the military group "Tsarskiye Volki" (12), created and led by his father Dmitry. According to Dmitry Rogozin, the unit assists in training Russian military personnel and provides scientific and technical support.


On his Telegram channel, Alexey publishes recommendations for using Starlink for the Russian military (12), reposts news about the war and developments in Ukrainian miltech (12), and translates military manuals from Ukraine and the USA into Russian (1234).



Can You Buy Starlink in Russia? Conversations with Russian Sellers


Alexey Rogozin has been awarded (12) medals such as the "For Strengthening Military Cooperation" from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the "For Diligence" from the Federal Service for Defense Orders, and the "For Special Contribution to the Development of the Tula Region" for the development of the enterprise "Alexinsky Chemical Plant".


Interestingly, the moderator of Alexey's Telegram channel (12) likely lives in Georgia but continues to be interested in the ideas of the "Russian world" and support for the Russian army (123). 

Tatiana Olehivna Philippova (Rogozina) — sister



Born on January 24, 1953.



 FBTWOKVK (prob), TG (id 458850306);



[email protected][email protected]



 +79859246782, +79857684647;



Tax ID: 771407878683, Passport:  4505948832 


Aviation engineer, Doctor of Economics, wife of aircraft designer Viktor Livanov. From 1992 to 1996, she worked  (12)  at the Research and Production Center Sokol-2 (Industry code: 68.20.2 Rental and management of own or leased non-residential real estate). From 2001 to 2004, she was the president of the airline Titan-Aero. In 2005, she was the financial director of LLC RPC Resource and ran for the Moscow City Duma in 2005 as part of Dmitry Rogozin's party "Rodina," receiving 13.1% of the votes but did not enter the Duma. In 2006, Tetyana Philippova was the director of the "National Dignity" fund. Detailed information about the fund, its operations, and its tax identification number is not available in open sources. In September 2006, the fund foundedone-day firm Studio Continent with Dmitry Rogozin, where the fund made a contribution of RUB1.65m (~$61.7k). The company was founded and liquidated on September 4, 2006.


From December 2020 to May 2021, she was also one of the founders of LLC Mashkompressor (Industry code: 46.19 Wholesale trade agency activities in a variety of goods), which was liquidated on May 28, 2021.


She was registered on the dating site Badoo and is interested in quantum psychology — a concept in parapsychology hypothesizing that "consciousness has a wave-like nature and is generated by quantum-wave activity in the brain."

Vera Venediktovna Rogozina — cousin 


Born on February 20, 1959.



 FBInstVK1VK2 (1), OKTG (id 143874419); 



[email protected][email protected]



+79031662233, +79104525578 (inactive), +79296162211 (inactive)





She is a fashion designer who visited France from 2015 to 2020 (12345678) and participated in fashion exhibitions in Paris (12). Founded LLC Vera Rogozina Fashion House in 2003 (liquidated in 2007), LLC Patriot in 2008 (liquidated in 2012), and LLC DesignVR in 2012 (liquidated in 2021). As of May 2024, interested in dietary supplements (BAA) and MLM marketing (12).


Grandchildren of Dmitry Rogozin


Fedor Oleksiyovych Rogozin (born June 7, 2005, Inst (prob), FBTW1TW2TG (id 834235409), stepikPornHub  (likely), [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]+79852655828, TIN:  772606160465,, passport: 4519255570) — grandson. From 2016 to 2023, he studied at the Moscow Suvorov Military School (12). In March 2019, he competed for the swimming team of the Moscow Suvorov Military School (12). In April 2020, he performed a creative work on the topic "Strategic Missile Forces" in English (12). In 2021, he was involved in the creation of the "School Student Council" at the Suvorov Military School, where Fedor became the deputy head (12), and in September 2022, he became the head  (12345). On September 1, 2022, he led the "first bell" ceremony for new students (123), and the same year, he was present in the parade on May 9th. In June 2023, he graduated from the Suvorov Military School with a gold medal (12).


He is interested in drones, military technology, conflicts, support for the Russian army, programming, and the art of public speaking. He has the coat of arms of Russia displayed near his name on his TG account.


Maria Oleksiyivna Rogozina (born January 9, 2008,  VKInst1Inst2 (private, prob), Inst3Inst4TGTT[email protected][email protected]+79268681272, SNILS: 20208165306) — granddaughter. As of 2023, she attended (12) Moscow School No. 727 (formerly GBPOU MGOK). On February 20, 2024, she wrote on her Telegram channel that she was vacationing abroad and posted a photo from the Museum of the Future in Dubai (123456).


Artem Oleksiyovych Rogozin (born December 18, 2013, Inst, SNILS: 20208165104) — grandson. He has his own Telegram channel about football, which, according to Dmitry Rogozin, has 6.5k subscribers.


Other Relatives

Father — Oleg Kostiantynovych Rogozin (October 31, 1929 - March 24, 2010) — father. He worked in the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, retired as a lieutenant general, professor, and scientific researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to the "Immortal Regiment" website, Oleg supposedly went to the front during World War II at the age of 14, but there are no additional testimonies confirming his presence at the front.


Dmitry Rogozin's party "Rodina" ran in the 2005 elections, and Oleg Kostiantynovych Rogozin was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ivanovo Oblast, but he declined the deputy mandate.


Mother — Tamara Vasylivna Rogozina (nee Prokofieva) (July 13, 1929 - January 28, 2016) — mother, formerly a dentist. She retired as a senior dental nurse at the Moscow Medical Dental Institute.


Nephew — Roman Mykhailovych Rogozin (July 3, 1985, VKTGlivejournal[email protected][email protected],  +79265757580, passport1: 4520724183, passport2: 4506930865, Tax ID: 771474814131, SNILS: 17375341179). He was on the board of directors of LLC Photoelectronic Devices, which was supposed to establish the production of matrices for thermal imaging sights for the Russian army after the introduction of sanctions in 2014. The company received approximately one billion rubles in investments, but the project was never realized, and the company was liquidated in 2021. He was also on the boards of Ulyanovsk and Tula cartridge plants and was the deputy director of the group of companies "Industrial Technologies," which produces Orsis rifles and presumably served in the Russian Armed Forces.

Individuals Associated with Dmitry Rogozin

The leader of the "Rodina" party is Aleksei Aleksandrovich Zhuravlyov.


Born on June 30, 1962.





[email protected]  






passport1: 2006821924,, passport2:2003740910, passport3:2120037409, SNILS:02953359674)


First Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Political partner of Rogozin, appointed his deputy in the "Congress of Russian Communities" party and his representative in the State Duma elections in 1999. He was the coordinator of the party's headquarters in 2004 and participated in party congresses in 2006. He ran for the State Duma of the Russian Federation from "United Russia", and currently is a member of the LDPR faction.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in 2014, he has repeatedly (1234) visited the occupied territories of Donbas and was present at the "inauguration" of Alexander Zakharchenko. Appears in Telegram channels of Rogozin and "Tsar's Wolves" (1234).


From 2012 to 2021, he was the founder (12) of the NGO "Eurasian Integration", which conducted humanitarian activities in Transnistria during Rogozin's tenure as Special Representative for Transnistria. The organization purchased humanitarian vehicles at inflated prices by at least a third, imported humanitarian aid as contraband, and subcontractors failed to pay approximately $2 million in wages to workers.


Member of the State Duma

Dmitry Vadimovich Kuznetsov (05.03.1975,  TGVK,, +79250020041, [email protected], passport1:4506571031, passport2:0468042130, passport3:2145065710, SNILS:05655358988) - Member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the "Fair Russia - For Truth" faction, member of the Committee on International Affairs. He imported REB devices for the "Tsar's Wolves" and met with Rogozin. On his Telegram channel, he shows interest in prostitutes, how to dodge the army, and cryptocurrency mining.


Ivan Ivanovich Demchenko (27.09.1960, OK, +79585467079, passport1:0306086502, SNILS:00829072845) - Member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the "United Russia" faction. Visited "Tsar's Wolves" and delivered equipment.


Dmitry Yuryevich Yerokhin (01.11.1979,  FBInst1Inst2YTTWVKTGStrava  +79255421240 (inactive), [email protected]) - Russian Wikipedia editor, ultramarathon runner, lawyer. Author of the article about Alexey Rogozin on Wikipedia (12). On May 9, 2014, he raised the "Victory flag" on Mount Roman-Kosh in occupied Crimea. In 2017, he participated in the "Three Sisters" run with marathoners from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. From October 2021, he lived in Turkey, returning to Russia in March 2023. On May 19, 2023, he posted on VK with a poll "Where to next?" In response to a comment "Go home," he wrote "Russia's borders don't end anywhere," attaching a video with Putin (12). 

Dmitry Rogozin is a criminal and a Russian Nazi

Dmitry Rogozin in May 2024. Source: Russian publication

Dmitry Rogozin, a Russian politician and former head of "Roscosmos." He plays a key role in supporting the aggressive policies of the Russian Federation. He opposes Ukraine and Western democracies. His long political career is filled with scandals, corruption schemes, and nationalist statements.


Rogozin created the military group "Tsar Wolves," which provides military-technical support to the unrecognized formations of the "LNR" and "DNR" and trains Russian UAV operators. He is also actively involved in spreading hostility against Western leaders such as Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, and Rishi Sunak. Rogozin's statements are characterized by blatant hatred and threats.


However, he and all similar Russians must understand that their crimes will not go unpunished.










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