Russian blogger el.ellyl justifies rape, war and murder

el.ellyl is a bad person. In this video, she justifies the rape of Ukrainian girls by members of the pig army. Many wanted to find her and punish her. And people really tried. They found some contacts, opened search groups, announced a monetary reward in dollars. So we tried too.

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This unpleasant woman, who for three kopecks shouts about the Russian army as the greatest of all in the world and distorts any news so that it was“ behind the race ”- is the name of Elvina Borovkova.

Elvina, as we can see, works for the public and often visits Dubai. Since you can't live on a blogger's salary, you have to talk to Arab sheikhs about foreign exchange interventions. There is no other way to explain her natural desire to fly to the Arab world for three days and then quickly back.

Her majestic career began as a sales consultant, where they had to go because they had nothing to pay on loans – the delay was four months. However, further, the lady defended her diploma on "Assessment and ways to increase the financial stability of the organization." This is certainly very relevant for the gradually dying Russia, which is run by a rotten grandfather straight from his bunker.

Elvina did not like her career in service, and she went to bloggers. Here, for some reason, she became very angry, probably because her native heresy chooses to join the DPRK and closes social networks. So the girl will have to wear plates again and arrange additional tips if necessary.

Elvina is not going to run away, because she has already sold all home and personal appliances, and at the same time furniture for Avito. In 2020, she was already sentenced for insulting other people, slandering them and distorting the facts. She understands everything, there are no two opinions – she understands what she is doing, and does it very cynically. For which she will be punished soon.

All contacts and links on the social network were found using the X-ray service, which is now searching without restrictions on Russian databases.

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