Deputies of "Yedinaya Rossiya", branches in the Russian Federation and Crimea — the "Nemo" marine park and its cooperation with Russia

In mid-2023, Ukrainian animal rights activists drew attention to a TikTok video in which bloggers at the "Nemo" hotel were filming with animals. This incident gained widespread attention, mainly because the marine park administration provided the animals for the "photo shoots." It turned out that the "Nemo" marine park network is likely involved in connections with Russia despite the full-scale invasion—they have branches in the Russian Federation and operate in occupied Crimea. They are overseen by former deputies of "Yedinaya Rossiya." More details can be found in the article. This article was created in collaboration with UAnimals.

A screenshot from the "Nemo" marine park website is from the section about franchising

On its official website, the "Nemo" marine park administration describes itself as "the largest network of operating marine parks in the world." According to their website, "Nemo" offers franchises for opening marine parks worldwide. As of February 2024, the network includes marine parks in Romania and Uzbekistan.

However, the website does not mention branches in Russia or operations in occupied Crimea. The article will discuss this further.

The first "Nemo" marine park wasopened in Odesa in 2005 with the help of the Sevastopol private enterprise "Biological Station" (ПП "Біологічна станція"), which financed the construction of the facility and leased marine animals.According to local news reports, LLC "Nerum" leased the marine park and the animals, which were later appropriated along with the building and land plot (1,2).LLC "Nerum" is a crucial link demonstrating the connections between the Ukrainian "Nemo" marine park network and its Russian branches.

Explain how LLC "Nerum" and the "Nemo" marine park are connected. This connection can be illustrated in the following diagram.

Russian branches of the Ukrainian "Nemo" marine park

If we look at this map, we can notice that many marine parks are located in the Krasnodar region of Russia. Interestingly, a former deputy from the "Yedinaya Rossiya" party in the Krasnodar region is involved in the activities of "Nemo" in Russia. We will tell you more about this later.

Let's take a closer look at why we have reasons to believe that the Ukrainian network of marine parks "Nemo" continues to cooperate with Russia despite the full-scale war.

Legal entities "Chudnoe More" and "Ecological Center"

The marine parks in AnapaDzhubga, and Golubitskaya Stanitsa are likely collaborating with the Ukrainian "Nemo" through two legal entities: LLC "Chudnoe More" (ООО "Чудное море") and LLC "Ecological Center," the founders of the latter are Ukrainian citizens who are also the founders of the Odesa LLC "Nerum".

  • Raisa Volodymyrivna Kyslovska
  • Vyacheslav Illich Kuchuk
  • Mykhailo Illich Kuchuk
  • Serhii Valeriyovych Kelyushok
  • Natalia Valeriivna Kelly
  • Dmytro Oleksandrovych Uryvskyi

Detailed information about the owners can be found at the end of the publication.

In 2022, LLC "Ecological Center" (ООО "Экологический центр") paid taxes to Russia for 500,000 RUB and incurred losses amounting to 13.78 million RUB.

According to the website, the marine parks in Dzhubga (12) and Golubitskaya Stanitsa (12) are branches of the Anapa marine park. As of February 2024, visitors to the Anapa marine park paid for tickets through the legal entity LLC "Chudnoe More." Additionally, the marine park’s trademark belongs to LLC "Chudnoe More."

The leading information about the branch in Dzhubga and Golubitskaya Stanitsa is posted on the website, which still contains links to the site and includes the word "nemo" in the website address.

In 2011, LLC "Chudnoe More" received marine animals by proxy from LLC "Ecological Center." In 2013, the legal entity "Chudnoe More" received marine animals (12) from the Ukrainian LLC "Nerum." Both enterprises (LLC "Ecological Center" and "Chudnoe More") are located at the same address: Krasnodar region, Anapa, Pionersky Prospect, Kil'tseva Street, 20A / 6.

Between 2019 and 2021, several pinnipeds and dolphins belonging to the "Nemo" network of marine parks died through the legal entities LLC "Ecological Center" and LLC "Chudnoe More." This information is noted in the report on the death of marine animals by ANO "Orcinus" (123).

During the period from 2016 to 2019, the main site provided links to the Russian marine park’s site based on the city name. As of February 2024, the latter is still operational, but all references to being part of the "Nemo" network have been removed.

Interestingly, another site (identical to the main),—RF, has an address built using the same algorithm as the Ukrainian sites and

Through these two legal entities—LLC "Chudnoe More" and LLC "Ecological Center"—the marine park in Vityazevo, also in the Krasnodar region, operated. As of February 2024, it is likely not functioning, as the official website has not been updated, and the footer indicates 2015. The logo on the site remains identical to the Ukrainian "Nemo" network logo. The ticket purchasing service is not working; instead, it has links to the marine park sites in Anapa and other Russian branches, indicating that the marine park is or at least was part of this network.

However, later, from 2016 to 2019, the main site provided a link to the Russian marine park’s site based on the city name.

On the Instagram account of the marine park in Anapa, a post (12) was published with the schedule of shows in Anapa and Vityazevo. The owner likely is or was LLC "Chudnoe More" (ООО "Чудное море").

Legal Entity "Firma Delfin"

There is also a marine park in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. As of February 2024, its owner will likely be "Firma Delfin" (ООО). This LLC was registered in 2002 in Anapa, the same city where the "Nemo" marine park operates. The founders of the firm are 14 Russians. Through this enterprise, they conduct activities related to the marine park in Naberezhnye Chelny.

We did not find any connections with the Ukrainian LLC "Nerum" and the owners of the "Nemo" network as of February 2024. However, from 2016 to 2019, the main site provided a link to the Russian marine park’s site when searching by the city name Nizhny Novgorod. This marine park is still operational as of February 2024. Still, all references to its affiliation with the "Nemo" network have been removed.

"Nemo" in Russian-occupied Crimea has Ukrainian founders


In Alushta and Feodosia of the occupied Crimea, the "Nemo" marine parks are operating, likely through a legal entity called "OOO Delfinariy Nemo" (ООО "Дельфинарий "Немо") established in 2014. The founders are the Ukrainian LLC "Nerum" from Odesa and Tetyana Ryabchikova. The legal entity "OOO Delfinariy Nemo" is located at the same address (12) as the marine park: Alushta, Revkomovsky Lane, 10. The contact information of the legal entity includes the email address [email protected].

From 2016 to 2019, the leading website provided a link to the Crimean marine park's site under the city name. As of February 2024, it is operational, but all references to affiliation with the "Nemo" network have been removed.

Additionally, the websites of the marine parks in Alushta and Feodosia have the same logo and design as the website of the marine park in Minsk, which will be discussed further.

The Crimean "Nemo Marine Park" obtained licenses for keeping and using animals in marine parks in 2022 (12). As of February 2024, this enterprise continues to operate.

From websites where advertisements, descriptions, and articles about the "Nemo" dolphinariums in Russian-occupied Crimea were posted, Black Sea bottlenose dolphins are mentioned as “artists of the dolphinarium in Feodosia  (1234) and the dolphinarium in Anapa (12).” It is also likely that bottlenose dolphins are kept in Alushta (1, 2). Black Sea bottlenose dolphins are on the verge of extinction. Only 500-1000 remain in the Black Sea. They are protected by the Red Book of Ukraine and international conventions.


Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan. The "Nemo" marine park network worldwide


In Minsk, Belarus, the "Nemo" marine park also operates under the legal entity "OOO Delfinariy-Nemo." Additionally, the marine parks in Minsk, Alushta, and Feodosia have the same logos and website designs.

In 2012, the Ukrainian LLC "Nerum" likely sent souvenir products to "OOO Delfinariy-Nemo." Moreover, the "Nemo" marine parks in Odesa, Minsk, and Almaty offer identical gift certificates, which feature the contact information of the Odesa "Nemo."

The marine park in Minsk is located at 40 Tashkentskaya Street. Photo source:

From 2016 to 2019, the leading website provided a link to the Belarusian marine park's site under the city name. As of February 2024, it is operational, but all references to the "Nemo" network have been removed from this marine park's website.

The marine park in Minsk (OOO "Delfinariy-Nemo") was opened in 2011. Still, as of February 2024, the site does not mention the name "Nemo." The current site of the Minsk marine park states that it began operations in 2011 and is the only marine park in the Republic of Belarus. The address of the Minsk marine park remains the same (1234) as previously listed on aggregator sites for the "Nemo" marine park — 40 Tashkentskaya Street, Minsk, with the same phone number (17)  (12) 3400004. In 2012, LLC "Nerum" imported souvenirs to OOO "Delfinariy-Nemo."

The site listed on Tripadvisor,, is not operational as of February 2024. It was active in August 2022, but mentions of "Nemo" and the logo were removed. The email address listed on the site in August 2022, [email protected], was the same as on the site, according to the 2011 archive. In 2011, the site featured the "Nemo" logo. On the Minsk marine park's Instagram in August 2022, a post (12)  about purchasing gift certificates showed contacts for the Odesa "Nemo" marine park. As of 2024, the Minsk "Nemo" is in the process of liquidation.

In Yerevan, Armenia, a marine park also operated under the legal entity "Դելֆինարի-Նեմո" ՍՊԸ (OOO "Delfinariy Nemo" in translation). It is likely that in 2010, the Ukrainian LLC "Nerum" built the marine park in Yerevan and exported a marine park structure to this legal entity, OOO "Delfinari-Nemo," and in 2012, marine animals. In 2010, the Armenian "Nemo" marine park received permission to import animals, which was extended in 2011 until November 2014. At the opening in 2010, Andriy Kislovsky, the "Nemo" owner, was present.

As of 2012, the director of this marine park was Nataliya Mykhailivna Samarets. In 2013, the director of the Armenian "Nemo," Lilit Saakyanannounced the closure of the marine park, which is now in the process of liquidation.

The "Nemo" marine park in Kazakhstan. Photo source: Facebook.

In Almaty, Kazakhstan, the "Nemo" marine park is owned by the legal entity LLP "Chudesnoe More" (ТОО "Чудесное море"). The attraction opened in 2012. As of February 2024, the director and owner is Rustam Abdulbakiyev (FB).

In May 2022, the marine park's Instagram account posted photos (12) of gift certificates that look identical to those of the Odesa "Nemo" marine park. The Minsk marine park also offered gift certificates to visitors in July 2022 (12).

According to the official website of the Kharkiv "Nemo," the network also includes marine parks in Koblevo, temporarily occupied Berdyansk, and foreign branches in Pattaya and Phuket, Thailand, as of February 2024.

To summarize, the marine parks in occupied Crimea mentioned earlier, along with the branches in Russia, are all part of the same network of marine parks as of February 2024.

  1. Marine parks in Odesa, Almaty, and Minsk offer identical gift certificates, which feature the contact information of the Odesa "Nemo."
  2. Minsk, Alushta, and Feodosia marine parks have identical logos and website designs.
  3. LLP "Chudesnoe More" (Anapa, Russia) and LLP "Chudesnoe More" (Kazakhstan) have similar legal entity names.
  4. LLC "Delfinariy Nemo" (Odesa, Ukraine) and LLC "Delfinariy-Nemo" (Minsk, Belarus) have similar legal entity names.
  5. Anapa, Dzhubga, Vityazevo, and Golubitskaya have a presence on the website and cross-references mentioned in social media (123).
  6. The Russian website address and the Ukrainian sites and have an identical structure for working website addresses.

At the dolphinarium in the village of Kobblevo, the main performers of the program for 2023-2024 are announced (12) to be the Black Sea bottlenose dolphins Ignat and Yumi. The Nemo dolphinarium in Anapa also uses (12) Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, which, as a reminder, are protected by the Red Book of Ukraine and international conventions, for performances and dolphin therapy.


Redirection to Russian Marine Park Websites

According to the 2017 archive of the "Nemo" marine park network website, a link on the name of the city "Nizhny Novgorod" directed users to the site of the Nizhny Novgorod marine park "Atlantida." As of February 2024, according to the marine park's website, it is a branch of the Anapa Marine Park located in Bolshoy Utrish, in the suburbs of Anapa, and was opened in 2021. According to local media, the "Nemo" marine park was opened in Nizhny Novgorod in 2014. The network also includes two other marine parks: one in Naberezhnye Chelny and one in Arkhipo-Osipovka, near Gelendzhik.

Redirection for the marine park in the village of Golubitskaya leads to the "Nemo" marine park website. Since June 2021, the name "Nemo" was removed from the site, leaving links to marine parks in Anapa and Dzhubga. The ticket payment service is not working.

The site for the Anapa marine park redirects to the "Nemo" oceanarium and marine park website. Since 2019, the name "Nemo" has been removed from the site.

Regarding the marine park in the city of Vityazevo, redirection leads to the site of another "Nemo" marine park in Anapa. Currently, the site appears inactive, and another site without the name "Nemo" is used instead. The site for the city of Dzhubga redirects to the "Nemo" marine park website. Since 2021, the name "Nemo" has been removed from the site. As of February 2024, there are no scheduled sessions for ticket purchase on the site.


Connection with a Deputy of the "Yedinaya Rossiya" Party

As can be seen, many marine parks in the network are located in the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation. This is not a coincidence. The network is closely associated with Sergey Andreyevich Zirinov (Russian: Сергей Андреевич Зиринов). He is a former deputy of the legislative assembly of the Krasnodar region from the "Yedinaya Rossiya" party.

Sergey Zirinov, a former deputy of the legislative assembly of the Krasnodar region, is currently imprisoned. The photo is from a Russian publication.

Sergey Zirinov, as a founder and director or through trusted individuals, owned 26 companies in Russia. Among these companies is ООО "Chudnoe More." As of February 2024, his trusted person is listed among the founders.

In 2013, Zirinov was arrested on suspicion of organizing an assassination attempt on the deputy Cossack ataman of the city of Anapa, Nikolai Nesterenko. He was later charged with creating a gang and three other murders. In 2017, Sergey Zirinov was sentenced to 21 years in prison. His property was seized, but after an appeal, the arrest on the account of ООО "Chudnoe More" was lifted.

A representative of ООО "Chudnoe More" informed a journalist that the "Nemo" marine park operates in normal mode.

According to an article, Leva Arutyunyan, a trusted person of Zirinov, was the owner of ООО "Chudnoe More" at the time of Zirinov's arrest. In 2011, Arutyunyan received marine animals for ООО, the Ecological Center we mentioned earlier.

As of February 2024, ООО "Chudnoe More" owners are Leva Arutyunyan, Yuri Akopyan, and Evgeny Batogov.


Marine park "Nemo" in Ukraine


The first "Nemo" marine park was opened in Odessa in 2005. Subsequently, the network rapidly expanded. Marine parks of the network were opened in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Berdyansk. The Donetsk marine park ceased operations in 2014. According to comments (12) in the official VK public group, the marine park building burned down, leaving only the café.

That same year, a marine park was opened in Kyiv on the territory of VDNH. In 2013, a court decision was issued on the State Architectural and Construction Commission's claim to demolish the illegally constructed "Nemo" marine park, which was not carried out. In 2016, Kyivvodokanal disconnected the "Nemo" marine park from the water supply, and in 2017, the marine park was seized for large-scale fraud.

Additionally 2009, a "Nemo" marine park was opened in Kharkiv. In 2014, animals from the Donetsk marine park were likely transferred to this marine park. As of February 2024, the marine park is operating.


Does the "Nemo" Network Rent Out Dolphins?

The price list on the Odesa branch's website offers several options for various "services." One of the options is VIP swimming. For 3000-4000 UAH, you can swim with the dolphins for 10 minutes and "even dance" with them.

This is a screenshot from the "Nemo" marine park website. One of the services offered is VIP swimming with dolphins for 3000 UAH.

Representatives of the humanitarian movement UAnimals note that such use of animals is harmful, as captivity and exploitation negatively affect their health and psyche:

"Dolphins live in chlorinated water and their own excrement. Performing tricks is unnatural behavior for dolphins. They do not carry people on their fins, do not throw balls in the ocean, and do not need interaction with humans. Yes, they are social animals, but this only extends to their alliances or pods and not to members of another species. Furthermore, to make the animals perform tricks better, they are starved," say representatives of UAnimals. 

They highlight several reasons why such "VIP-swimming" with dolphins can be harmful to the animals:

  • cruel methods of preliminary training (starvation or use of force);
  • animals do not need such interaction, and any unnatural behavior and coercion traumatizes the animal's psyche;
  • humans are a source of infections that can be deadly for dolphins (flu, COVID, etc.).

— Pavlo Goldin, zoologist, ecologist, and expert in modern and fossil marine mammals


Who owns the "Nemo" Marine Park?

Owners of Nemo Marine Park

Kislovska / Raisa Volodymyrivna Merlyan


She is a co-founder (123)  of LLC "Marine park Nemo," LLC "Nerum," and LLC "Odessa Marine Park". In Russia, a person with the identical name is a co-founder of the current LLC "Ecological Center" (ООО "Экологический центр"). She owns 36% of the LLC "Nerum" company. 

Born: November 30, 1950

Social networks: FBInstOK

Andriy Vyacheslavovych Kislovsky 


Co-owner of LLC "Marine Park Nemo," deputy of the Odessa City Council. From 2010 to 2015, he was the director of the legal department of LLC "Nerum," which belongs to Raisa Volodymyrivna Kislovska, presumably his mother. In 2014, the media named him the head of the board of founders of the "Nemo" marine park network. From 2020 to 2024, he was likely involved in constructing residential complexes and selling apartments in Odesa.

After the start of Russia's full-scale invasion, Kislovsky, according to his own words (a Facebook post deleted as of February 2024), returned to military service. On April 1, 2022, Telegram channels and media (12345) disseminated a video allegedly showing Kislovsky being detained by SBU officers at the "Nemo" hotel during an "operational meeting" with a Russian spy. The SBU did not confirm Kislovsky's detention.

According to leaked information on the internet, he has a temporary residence address in Russia: Yaroslavl region, Shurskol village, Komsomolskaya Street 3, apt. 1.

Born: 23.10.1978 
Social networks:  InstInst2FBFB.


Vyacheslav Illich Kuchuk  

Co-founder of several companies (123) LLC "Marine park Nemo," LLC "Nerum," and LLC "Odesa marine park." He is presumably the younger brother of former Odesa Deputy Mayor Mykhailo Kuchuk. In 2012, Mykhailo facilitated the opening of an oceanarium on the territory of the Kyiv Zoo instead of a pavilion for monkeys. In 2023, Mykhailo Kuchuk was charged with receiving unlawful benefits from the criminal group of Borys Kaufman and Alex Borukhovych (formerly Oleksandr Granovsky). He appealed the charge due to illegal actions by NABU detectives. Still, the HACC rejected his appeal, leaving the charge in effect.

In 2021, an article was published about the amount of property owned by the Kuchuk family, revealing that Vyacheslav owns 11 real estate objects and 3 luxury cars. In Russia, a person with the same name is one of the founders of the active LLC "Ecological Center" (ООО "Екологічєскій центр"), registered in 2012. He had a sole proprietorship, which was terminated as of February 2024.

Born: 01.05.1972 
Social networks:  FB.

Serhiy Valeriyovych Kelyushok 

Also a co-founder of several companies, LLC "marine park Nemo," LLC "Nerum," and LLC "Odesa marine park."

In Russia, a person with the same name is one of the founders of the active LLC "Ecological Center" (ООО "Екологічєскій центр"). In Crimea, he is a co-founder of the active NGO "International Association of Oceanariums and marine park," (В Криму є співзасновником чинної МГО "Міжнародна Асоціація океанаріумів та дельфінаріїв", founded in 2009). 

Born: 15.01.1973 
Social networks:  FB

Natalia Valeriivna Kelly (Kelyushok) 

Another co-founder (123) of LLC "Marine park Nemo," LLC "Nerum," and LLC "Odesa Marine Park." In Russia, a person with the same name is a co-founder of LLC "Ecological Center" (ООО "Екологічєскій центр"). She has a sole proprietorship registered in 2019 with the NACE code for organizing other types of recreation and entertainment.

According to leaked information from the internet, she has a temporary residence address in Russia: Ulan-Ude, Zherdeva Street 136, apt. 24.

Born: 13.10.1965

Dmytro Oleksandrovych Uryvsky 

Co-founder (123) of LLC "Marine park Nemo," LLC "Nerum," and LLC "Odessa marine park." In 2010, he worked at the Odesa marine park as a trainer; by 2018, he was the director. In Russia, a person with the same name is one of the founders of the active LLC "Ecological Center" (ООО "Екологіческий центр"). In Crimea, he is a co-founder of the active NGO "International Association of Oceanariums and Marine Parks" (МГО "Міжнародна Асоціація океанаріумів та дельфінаріїв").

From 2009 to 2011, a person with the same name was the founder and general director of the defunct 2011 LLC "Perfect-auto" (ООО "Перфект-авто") registered in Moscow. According to leaked information from the internet, he resides in Russia: Anapa, Pionersky Avenue 18. The address of the marine park in Anapa and the address of LLC "Ecological Center" in Anapa are indicated in the neighboring building: Pionersky Avenue, 20A. He likely registered legal entities in Russia.

Born: 15.05.1978 
Social networks: OK 


Marine parks are often perceived as places of entertainment and recreation. These establishments operate commercially, exploiting animals for profit, which should already raise concerns. The "Nemo" marine park network likely does not shy away from working with Russia despite the full-scale Russian invasion. So, does it turn out that animal abuse and cooperation with Russia are just business?




















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