Useful media and PR tools: How to optimize content in 2024?

Producing excellent content is about more than just being informative and creative. It's no secret that in times of total digitalization, you need to know how to effectively use technology to your advantage so that Chat GPT doesn't become a better substitute. Molfar's marketing team recommends several valuable tools for PR teams and media to help create high-quality content and bring it to a broader audience.



What are PR and media tools?


PR and media tools are all services that help PR and media professionals manage and analyze their campaigns, write content, conduct public relations, and interact with various media platforms. These tools can cover multiple issues, from data gathering to post-publication analytics of completed content. The purposes of using them can differ: to improve the finished product, collect necessary information, increase coverage, strengthen brand reputation, optimize text for search engines and social networks, etc. 


The best media and PR tools for building successful relationships with your audience

We have compiled a list of media and PR tools that should be used to build your brand effectively and improve your content based on our experience. Since these tools are helpful at different stages of material preparation, we will describe each platform step by step.



First step: gather information with X-Ray Contact


X-Ray Contact is an OSINT tool for searching for information from open sources. This service is most useful in two scenarios: if there is not enough data for an investigation, or if you need the contact information of the media outlet to which you want to submit your story. You can use this service to look up a phone number, email, or social media. The audience for this product is quite broad: from investigative journalists and experts in advertising and public relations to lawyers, recruiters, and the public. 


The software is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge, making it accessible to users with any level of OSINT experience. You can have just one piece of information about a person, such as a name, email, phone number, or photo. X-Ray Contact will search the database and provide a report with what is known about the person. This can include social media links, place of residence, contacts, age, photos, etc. 


A nice bonus: this digital tool for PR teams and media allows you to search for Russians for free. So you can, for example, get the data to uncover an anonymous propagandist or call the Russian military for your story.



Second step: pitch your story with Muck Rack


Muck Rack's primary use case is pitching your story to the media. This PR tool will help you find journalists, editors, and other media representatives relevant to your project or industry. You can use this platform to send out press releases and other materials to the media, analyze the effectiveness of a campaign, or build connections in the media sphere. Muck Rack can be useful for marketers and PR professionals who want to get their message out to the media and journalists interested in finding new cases. 


The main advantage of this PR tool is the ability to simplify and speed up the search for valuable contacts among journalists. Once Muck Rack finds a suitable media representative for your pitch, you can automatically create a pitch and schedule a follow-up. Later, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the PR campaign and edit pitches to ensure that they will generate media interest in your proposal in the future.



Step three: check the effectiveness of your content with Semantic Force 


You've found the data for your story and agreed to cooperate with the media, but what's next? Track mentions of your project in the media using the Semantic Force service. This tool uses AI to monitor your text's discussion on a large scale in various channels, from media news to conversations on social networks and even messengers. This product will benefit companies' PR departments to learn about their online image. 


Working with Semantic Force, you can learn about the results of your PR campaign and your audience. Since this platform analyzes trends and highlights hot topics for discussion, you can use this information to take advantage of newsworthy events. 



But how will these PR tools change your work? 


At a time when there are concerns about the automation of the media and PR sectors, be one step ahead and use digital software to your advantage. Digital tools for PR and journalism can make your work easier so you can focus on what matters most: delivering important information accurately and quickly.

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