Part 1. Strategic methodology of russian propaganda: how to start a war

The Molfar team has prepared a schematic analysis of the algorithms of Russian propaganda. Since many crimes have been committed, we can see a clear trend in the claims and mistakes of the propagandists.

We will release this article in two parts. This is the first part, it describes the strategic actions of russian propagandists. The result of these actions is always the same – the beginning of a bloody war, which the russian government justifies in its favor.

In this part, we will consider how the Russian government started the war in Georgia in 2008, and how it was done in Ukraine in 2022. The scheme is the same, the chronology is restored.

The general scheme of the introduction of Russian troops into the countries of "brotherly nations"

  1. The country has the opportunity and desire to join the EU and / or NATO.
  2. russian federation is launching a campaign to misinform the population. Allegedly, a wave of "Russophobia" is growing in this country and real Nazis have come to power.
  3. Information on russia's "right to security" starting to spread through all channels. In other words, NATO is a danger to Russia, and Russia must respond to NATO's hostile actions.
  4. Preparation of the basis for the attack begins. In 100% of cases, russia accuses the United States of cheating the population and trying to distract the population from russia. Propaganda begins to work in full power.
  5. Then russia is trying to scare the country by building troops near its borders.
  6. After the attempt to scary the country, russia immediately announces the launch of a peacekeeping mission or special operation on the territory of this country.
  7. Propaganda begins to talk about the atrocities of the enemy army. Also, all strikes on civilian targets are presented as fakes, because Russian "warriors of light" by definition cannot do so.
  8. Russia is occupying part of the country and do everything possible to create an artificial government in this area. Also, the propaganda boosts the joy of "freed people" from the arrival of "liberators".

As it was in Georgia in 2008

  1. Georgian voters voted in a January 5 referendum to join the North Atlantic Alliance and hold new parliamentary elections this spring – 05.01.2008
  2. At the same time, Russia claims that nationalist groups have seized power in Georgia – 27.11.2003
  3. russia claims that perceives NATO's approach to russia's borders as a real threat to the interests of the country and promises adequate measures – 07.04.2008
  4. Before the start of active military action, Russia expresses a negative attitude to the role of the United States in the "new page in the history of Georgia" – 26.01.2004
  5. Large-scale Russian military training "Caucasus-2008" near the border with Georgia has become active. About 8,000 Russian soldiers are officially involved in the maneuvers – 18.07.2008
  6. Russian peacekeepers have launched an operation to force the Georgian side to peace in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev – 09.08.2008
  7. During the meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian side intends to present to Germany "evidence of atrocities" of the Georgian army in South Ossetia – 15.08.2008
  8. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Russian government television that Russia recognizes the sovereignty of the self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia – 26.08.2008

As it was in Ukraine in 2022 (although of course it all started in 2014)

  1. The Ukrainian people want to join NATO based on opinion polls – 21.12.2020
  2. russian media are beginning to talk actively about russophobia in Ukraine – 25.11.2021
  3. russia says “NATO forces are a real threat to russia's security” – 01.02.2022
  4. russia accuses the United States of inciting hostilities between Ukraine and russia – 20.01.2022
  5. Britain has accused Russia of building up troops on its border with Ukraine – 17.02.2022
  6. The president of the russian federation made a new appeal to the russians, he announced the beginning of a special military operation in Ukraine – 24.02.2022
  7. Russian government spokesman Sergei Lavrov says that "Ukraine betrays its atrocities for the actions of the Russian army" – 16.03.2022
  8. The Russian army is trying to proclaim the so-called "Kherson People's Republic" in the temporarily occupied territories – 20.03.2022

Conclusions on the strategic methodology of the Russian Federation for the beginning of the war

1. russia will finally break its teeth. And he will break them against our army and people.

2. We can argue for a long time about the causes and preconditions of the armed conflicts of the late years, in which Russia was directly involved, but the fact remains – the monster must be stopped.

Otherwise, the strategic methodology of bringing "peace" to neighboring countries will continue to be used as long as Russia has enough strength.

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