Molfar Collects Multiple Five-Star Reviews For April

Our business is information. We give companies the most accurate data and help them make informed decisions about their future. This work isn’t always easy, but someone has to do it to ensure businesses don’t waste time and resources on doomed endeavors.

After some time of collecting feedback on our work, a large segment of our audience agrees with us. All the reviews gotten over the past month have all been five stars. But the good news doesn’t stop there.

Our latest project review was just published, and it’s pushed us over the top in finally becoming one of the best in our industry. We want to highlight this engagement and its effect on the future of our team.

We were working with a green development fintech company. They were looking for new sectors to invest in to achieve their diversification goals. They needed a partner to give them the best and most accurate information on all their prospective markets to make an informed decision.

They contacted several companies for the project but ultimately chose us because of our expertise and good ratings on past engagements. Our responsibilities for the project included completing market research regarding the viability of a new strategy for an investment fund.

We won’t be going into much detail in this post about the project as it might take too much time. But our client made all those details available in their review for those interested to read on our Clutch profile.

While this project is only the latest in the series of five-star reviews for our team, it’s opened us to a new opportunity in the B2B sphere. It’s come to our attention that thanks to the cumulatively high score we’ve earned over the past month, we’ve been featured on Top Design Firms as a top market research agency in Ukraine. 

This was not something we planned but greatly appreciated all the same. It opens up a new avenue for outreach for our team and legitimizes us as a serious contender in the industry. While we expect conversion will become easier moving forward, the expectations for our work will rise appropriately.

Please visit our website for more information on the kind of services you can expect from our team. We are a business intelligence agency that provides several services for various industries. These services include information collection, IP analysis, IT market research, product expertise, lead generation, background checks, and patent searches.

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