The death of the daughter of the propagandist Dugin and the fake accusation of the FSS of the Russian Federation: evidence why Nataliya Shaban is not involved in the murder

The Molfar team did extensive fact-checking of all the evidence connecting Nataliya Pavlivna Shaban (Vovk) with the murder of the daughter of the Russian philosopher-propagandist Oleksandr Dugin. We proved that the hastily falsified indictment of Nataliya, brought forward by the FSS of the Russian Federation, is purely fake. 

A fake certificate

  1. Let's start with the fact that the certificate provided by the special services of the Russian Federation has digital traces of editing. When the original image is modified using graphic editors, such as Photoshop, digital traces of editing remain on the modified version of the image. According to the analysis of the images in TW from the post: the image of the certificate was edited, this is indicated by the analysis of the error levels of the jpeg (1, 2, 3).
Traces of digital editing of the original image of the certificate
  1. The published scan of Nataliya's documents shows that this document was additionally processed manually, most likely for the purpose of falsification. This is indicated by the following facts: the seal that covers the photo was printed symmetrically on the photo and the name, while covering the photo from above and passing under the text with the name. This is physically impossible. So these were two different seals. In addition, the seal on the right has a number on it, and at the same time it is printed symmetrically. The seal on the left has no number and looks as if it was put together from two different parts using a graphics editor. 
  2. According to the testimony of a soldier of the Azov Mariupol Regiment with the call sign "Wikipedia", which he gave on August 22 at the press conference of the "Azovstal" defenders: after the note "marriage" that is placed on the certificate of National Guard servicemen, the certificate should be changed in connection with a change of surname. The mistake is that Nataliya's maiden name is Vovk. That is, if it was a real certificate, then the note "marriage" should have appeared on the certificate with the maiden name Vovk. After changing the last name to Shaban in connection with the marriage, it makes no sense to add the note "marriage" in the new certificate. In addition, this certificate already has a note about its replacement on September 7, 2020 – less than two months after its issuance (July 24, 2020). 
The scan of Nataliya's documents provided by the FSS of the Russian Federation with the existing errors that were made during the falsification of data 

The version with Azov cannot withstand criticism, it is just a trigger for the Russians

  1. Nataliya could not be involved in the Azov combat unit, otherwise it would be an obstacle to entering the territory of the Russian Federation in 2021 – it would simply not be allowed on the territory of Russia. According to the database "CIS ARRIVAL 2021", Nataliya moved to Russia by 2022 and had temporary registration in Dagestan. Also, according to the same database, was temporarily registered in the village of Kashino (Sverdlovsk region). In addition, according to the database, Nataliya was either never married or already divorced. According to the NemeZ1da site (1 VPN, 2) and post in TG, information about Nataliya as an Azov serviceman appeared on April 13, 2022, that is, when entering the territory of the Russian Federation (07’22) and leaving (08’22) from the Russian Federation – she should have been identified as a "specially wanted person" and sent for detention. The reason is very simple – as of August 2, 2022 (08:22), the Supreme Court of Russia satisfied the lawsuit of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation to recognize the Ukrainian regiment "Azov" as a terrorist organization, and banned its activities in the Russian Federation.
Screenshots from the "CIS ARRIVAL 2021" database
  1. Nataliya could not be involved in the Azov combat unit, as she has a certificate of a soldier of the National Guard, not Azov. According to the testimony of a soldier of the Azov Mariupol regiment with the call sign "Wikipedia", which he gave on August 22 at the press conference of the defenders of "Azovstal": the regular and main uniform of the soldiers of the Azov regiment is MultiCam, therefore, on all certificate they must be in military uniform with a camouflage pattern like "MultiCam". Nataliya, on the other hand, is photographed in the official uniform of the headquarters unit of the National Guard. In addition, according to the testimony of other fighters at the same press conference, none of them had ever heard of women in Azov with the officer rank of "colonel", which Nataliya has according to the certificate provided by the FSS of the Russian Federation. According to the publication, Nataliya has the rank of "soldier", while the fake certificate shows the rank of "colonel". 
Screenshots: above from the NemeZ1da site, below from the certificate provided by the FSS of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation makes low-quality fakes, errors in the legend of Nataliya

  1. According to RIA Novosti, the version about Nataliya appeared on August 22, 2022 at 2:10 p.m., and the Wikipedia article 12 minutes later – at 14:22.
Screenshots: on the left, historical information about the article in Wikipedia, on the right – news on RIA Novosti
  1. According to a post in TG on the pro-Russian channel, Nataliya "received financial support, holding the position of telephone operator of GTZ VZ. However, the post provides a photo of a monitor screen with the Microsoft Access program as evidence. This entry can be created by anyone on any PC. The number G-056598 is also indicated in the "Personal" column. Presumably, this is the certificate, but on the previously published documents, Nataliya's certificate number is different: 057529. Here Nataliya is again a "soldier" and not a "colonel". Columns with numbers are mixed up.
Discrepancies in the documents provided by the FSS of the Russian Federation
  1. The confusion in the words of Nataliya's father is connected with the fact that he is a Russian living in Belgorod. Accordingly, the communication between them was limited. In an interview, the father states that Nataliya served in the Armed Forces, not in Azov, and also left the Armed Forces because of a head operation. However, in the certificate photo, Nataliya is wearing a National Guard uniform, not the Armed Forces and not even Azov. Russian publications do not indicate involvement in the crime, but manipulate the use of Azov as a trigger. "Six months or a year", then she was hospitalized, operated on, and she returned as a telephone operator. After the start of a full-scale war, the father states that Nataliya went to France, then to Poland and then returned to Ukraine. Then the father says that she served a year, one and a half maximum. According to the service certificate provided by the FSS of the Russian Federation, Nataliya has served since July 2020. The six months the father is talking about ended in January 2022 – a month before the war. Also, since Nataliya served, she was conscripted, which means she could not leave the territory of Ukraine. There is also another video where the father in the same clothes talks about Nataliya's departure abroad. Presumably, the videos were recorded on the same day, but the father is not sure of his words when talking about foreign trips in both videos. Presumably, the father is being used for manipulation. Nataliya's father has a photo from Belgorod with a red star. According to the insider, he crossed the DNR border 1 time: from 03.01.2017 to 03.01.2017.
Image of Nataliya's father: in Belgorod (taken from social media) and on the video of propagandists from RIA Novosti

Conclusions: Nataliya Pavlivna Shaban (Vovk) is not involved in the murder of Dugin's daughter

This is indicated by a number of evidences presented in this publication: 

  • a fake certificate of a serviceman with traces editing and falsification; 
  • discrepancies in the provided documents, discrepancies in titles, numbers, personal notes and even surnames;
  • the trigger version with Azov, which could not be implemented in practice, due to the Russian Federation's own laws;
  • a manipulative video recorded with Nataliya's father, the citizen of Russia;
  • manipulation of evidence in Wikipedia, discrepancies with evidence provided in other propagandist statements. 

So it was not Nataliya who killed the daughter of the philosopher-propagandist. The special services of the Russian Federation simply made another fake with a large number of errors in order to compromise the Ukrainian army. However, Molfar is keeping watch. We will not allow the enemy to deceive the world with their false statements!

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