Artem Starosiek, CEO of Molfar, holds a press conference on threats to business intelligence - Open TV

Artem Starosiek, CEO of Molfar, delivered a presentation on "Threats to business intelligence: How entrepreneurs can deal with mistakes and competitors when starting online" in the press center of the Open TV Channel.

"As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, companies are developing business and managing projects using online platforms. There are two types of threats to leakage of business information available online. The first relates to technical infrastructure. Companies use free presentation software, which makes presentations publicly available, and forget about privacy settings in Google Docs and Trello. The second threat is employees sharing workplace photos on social media. The photos can inadvertently contain confidential documents, passwords and business correspondence," Artem noted.

Artem Starosiek recommends to check for sensitive information about business available to the public and train employees on basic rules of operational security and company policies.

Watch the press conference (in Russian):

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