Reddit Reverse Image Search: Tips from Molfar

Reverse image search for Reddit can be a crucial part of the OSINT investigation if you want to uncover one’s digital footprint based on minimum evidence. However, finding an exact Reddit image with a search engine can be a futile task due to the sheer volume of data available on the platform. That’s why Reddit photo search will be a much easier task if you know the following useful tools and nuances to speed up the investigation.

Why Should You Reverse Image Search on Reddit?

The task to search Reddit by image might seem not useful compared to other social media with open profiles where people showcase their lives publicly such as Instagram. Keep in mind while social media is a great source of evidence on how a person wants to represent themselves, online forums like Reddit often have content which users would prefer to hide. Consider how search by image on Reddit can disclose:

  • Secret Accounts. Reddit users frequently post under aliases, sharing opinions, stories, or information they might not want associated with their real-life identities. Reverse image searching with Reddit can help link anonymous accounts to the target person.
  • Evidence to Disprove the Myths. Reddit can be a breeding ground for misinformation and hoaxes, especially in the context of russian propaganda . Reverse image search on Reddit can help debunk false claims by revealing the true origin of an image and exposing its misuse.
  • Context of the Photo. Images on the Internet often spread without proper attribution or additional nuance. Reverse Reddit search can help trace an image back to its original source, providing valuable context about the author or the picture itself.
  • AI Pictures. Social media is often used as a vehicle to spread out AI content without the proper marking. Reddit picture search can help identify if an image has been generated by an AI by comparing it to known databases of AI-generated images or detecting inconsistencies that are typical for generated photos.

Best Reverse Image Search Reddit Tips

Reddit OSINT can be a tricky task, especially if you have limited OSINT experience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of rules the investigator should follow to conduct a successful Reddit OSINT with a picture.

Make Sure the Picture Is Not An AI

When you attempt to search Reddit by image, it is important to prove the authenticity of the picture first and foremost. When analysing the image, notice such common AI clues like inconsistencies, unrealistic backgrounds or lighting, severe asymmetry of the face on the photo, etc. Utilize instruments like Deepware Scanner to detect whether the photo was generated.

Maximize the Potential of the Search Engines

Different reverse image search engines have varying strengths and databases. Use multiple tools such as Google Images, TinEye and Bing to get comprehensive results. However, be aware that Reddit search engine investigation works if only the image was posted elsewhere so you can manually observe how the photo was shared and interpreted.

Pay Attention to Metadata

Tools like ExifTool can help you extract metadata, which might include the date, location, and device used to capture the image. That’s useful for Reddit OSINT investigation about the person who took the photo.

Conduct a Reverse Image Search with Tools

We recommend combining both specialize d instruments for OSINT on Reddit and general-use instruments to get more context about the picture. For example:

1.Karma Decay. There are Reddit reverse image lookup tools like Karma Decay that are designed to search for images within Reddit itself. These tools can help find if and where an image has been posted on the platform before. This approach is useful if you want to analyze the footprint of the content on the forum with the help of the Reddit image finder.

2.X-Ray Contact. In case you want to reveal whether the photo was used outside of Reddit, employ OSINT instruments too lookup an image like X-Ray Contact. This tool comes in handy if you want to do a Reddit photo search of a person. Compared to search engines that just reverse search an image, the algorithm of this tool scans the face on an image and compares it to similar people in the databases of the providers.

Employ Optical Character Recognition

If the image contains text, use OCR tools to extract it and search for the content separately. This can provide additional context and lead to the original source.

Edit the Photo for OSINT on Reddit

In some cases, an image may have been cropped or edited before being shared on the Internet. Try reverse searching different parts of the image or slightly altered versions to find the original with Reddit reverse image lookup. Similarly, if the image is a collage, try reverse searching individual fragments or elements of the image.

Molfar Can Help With OSINT on Reddit

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