Replika: a Russian application of artificial intelligence that "replaces" people killed by the Russians

Of course, the company's official press release sounds different. Replika is an application based on artificial intelligence, which was first developed by the author in order "to fill the void left by the premature loss of her closest friend." However, today the situation has changed, and in the context of the war unleashed by Russia, using an application for which Russians receive money is unethical and dangerous.

Now we will tell you how the Russian oligarchy, Replika and cocaine traffic from Latin America to Europe through the St. Petersburg port are connected. We explain why "virtual friends" are so popular in the world, and how the Russian application became the best development in this segment of mobile applications.

How does it work?

Replika is an AI-based app that simulates a virtual conversation partner on your phone. The slogan of the application: "Always here to listen and talk. Always on your side." A user-created "replica" can be: a friend, a romantic partner, a mentor, or a combination of these variations in one. Only "friend" mode is available for free use. All other options cost from $8 per month.

Replika is the most popular app in its category.

  • The number of downloads on Google Play exceeds 10 million with more than 400 thousand reviews. The company's revenue is $10.2 million.
  • The number of downloads on the App Store exceeds 7 million along with almost 200 thousand reviews. The company's revenue is $13.3 million.
  • What happens on TikTok when you enter the hashtag #replika – you have to see with your own eyes 🙈 People publish tens of thousands of videos that collect millions of views.

It's time to ask what is the point of war and Ukraine? After all, for the first time the site was registered in the distant 2014 with a location in the USA. 

But the answer will be elementary: it is not necessary to finance a terrorist country, it is impossible to let Russian oligarchs earn money to finance the war, it is forbidden to keep silent about toxic Russian investments in "apolitical projects". 

In 2021, the place of application registration was changed to the Russian Federation. In 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine. From this began "the culture of the civilized world's rejection of Russia." However, the rejection mechanism in society is built on the principle of "not caught – therefore innocent". So Molfar caught Replika, we tell you what to do next. 

Relations of Replika developers with Russia

Replika : My AI Friend is developed by Luka company. Inc.

According to the official version, Replika was created by Eugenia Kuyda after the death of her friend in November 2015. However, the legal entity Luka Inc was registered earlier – in 2014. According to the description of the California brunch and TM "Luka", the company used to be called "Thousand Plateaus Inc". According to the media, previously Luka was engaged in the development of a chatbot based on artificial intelligence, which helps with the choice of a restaurant and table reservations.

According to the media, Evgenia named the company Luka Inc. in honor of the son of the Russian oligarch, ex-co-owner of "Yota" and "Megaphone" Sergey Adonyev – Luka. Evgenia calls Sergey Adonyev her mentor and teacher. In an interview, she says: "Without him, I would be a completely different person. He taught me everything and told me what to do." The same interview is illustrated with photo of Evgenia with one of two sons, Luka.

The author of Replika is together with the son of a Russian oligarch, in whose honor the company developing the application is named

Mail Eugenia Kuyda, which we found during the investigation – [email protected].

To this mail registered domain, which, according to Li, belongs to a fund of the same name from the Russian Federation, established in 2012. According to article , "Marsfield Capital" manages the assets of the Telconet Capital fund, which is owned by Sergey Adonyev and another co-founder Yota Albert Avdolyan

Joint photo of Sergey Adonyev (right), mentor and teacher of the author of the application, with Vladimir Putin
  • According to the media, in 1998 Adonyev was arrested in the USA for organizing a fraudulent scheme with the supply of Cuban sugar to Kazakhstan. 
  • Also in 1993, Adonyev was accused of involvement in cocaine traffic from Latin America to Europe through the St. Petersburg port. Adonyev was deported to Russia and did not serve his term. 
  • In 2006, Adonyev created the "Telconet Capital" fund, which became the main shareholder of the telecommunications operator "Skartel" ("Yota" trademark). In 2008, Rostec became the owner of 25% of the shares of Scartel, and in 2018 Rostec sold its share. In 2011, an infrastructure company was created on the basis of "Skartel", in the network of which the participants of the agreement could provide mobile Internet services using LTE technology. Vladimir Putin was personally present at the meeting, we found a joint photo at the signing of the agreement.
The meeting was attended by Albert Avdolyan, Sergey Adonyev's partner, together with Vladimir Putin
  • In 2014, Albert Avdolyan participated in a public meeting with Putin as a representative of Russian business; these meetings, according to Putin, are aimed at ensuring that the state and business continue to "work in close contact". In 2012, Telconet and Megafon, owned by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, merged. As of 2022, Yota is a subsidiary of Megafon.

According to Pitchbook, the first investor of "Luka" in 2015 was the fund Y Combinator (YC). At that time, the Luka company was engaged in the development of an "artificial intelligence-based chatbot that helps with restaurant selection and table reservations." 

  • According to the media, "Luka" became the first Russian startup to receive funding from the YC fund. 
  • This commitment can be explained by the participation in YC of the Russian oligarch Yuriy Milner. According to the media, in 2012 he and Ron Conway created The Start Fund to invest $150,000 in all YC projects. Access to YC assets allowed Milner to start a career as an investor outside the Russian Federation.
Yuriy Milner, a Russian oligarch, invested in the Luka company to take Russian capital outside the Russian Federation.

We can continue to prove the involvement of the Luka company founder and the author of the Replika project in the Russian oligarchy and pro-government organizations and funds. But we won't because the deeper you dive into these connections, the more difficult the schemes become. 

👉 To receive the full text of the investigation, along with the financial figures and all the evidence that was obtained during the investigation, send us a request to: [email protected]

Conclusions: The world must abandon Replika 

There is a hidden danger in everything that the Russians are involved in. It would seem that a simple application for "conversations when you are lonely" is already associated with Russian oligarchs. The history of the company began with the withdrawal of bloody Russian money outside the Russian Federation, and continued with the perpetuation of the name of the descendant of a pro-Putin oligarch.

A full-scale war is currently underway in Ukraine. Ukrainians die every day. We can’t replace them with artificial intelligence applications, it is not a game, Russia brings with it real death and suffering. 

While the Russians blackmailing the world by manipulating the sale of fossil fuel, people are talking to the app and paying it money. Putin's oligarchs finance the war with this money.

Molfar urges the world to abandon the Replika app!

Because if this is not done, one day millions of created "replicas" all over the world may start, under the guise of an innocent conversation, to collect the coordinates of objects to adjust missile strikes on peaceful cities. This is the style of Russian terrorists. So be careful what you say to your "apolitical app".

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