The shelling of the oil depot in belgorod: this could be done by russian helicopters

On the night of April 1, an oil depot was blown up in the russian city of belgorod. russian authorities have blamed Ukraine, saying it was done by Ukrainian helicopters. It sounds strange: how could the Armed Forces get so deep along the country and not fall into the area of local air defense. The defense ministry has said it will not comment on the kremlin's allegations.

The version that the russian side fired on its positions is not ruled out – this is not the first time in the history of russia. The Molfar team has gathered evidence that can prove this: the russians fired on their positions to continue the war.

russian helicopters fired at their oil depot in belgorod

Rocket shelling of the oil depot was carried out at 5:43 by two helicopters, 8 tanks were engaged.

A resident of belgorod in the group posted a video and a comment that helicopters were flying from kursk airfield. The video shows the time of 5:38, which confirms the fact that these helicopters struck their oil depot at 5:43.

Eyewitnesses on social networks also write comments that the helicopters were painted "Z", which corresponds to the labels of the russian troops.

In the video, a belgorod resident says that the oil depot was blown up by their own people.

The silhouette of the helicopter, according to the video in shape similar to the Mi-24 is visible in the characteristic angle of the tail and rounded nose of the helicopter. This helicopter is in service with the russian federation.

On March 6, 2022, Konashenkov declared that "practically all combat-ready aircraft of the Kyiv regime have been destroyed." This information was also stated by vladimir putin at a meeting with representatives of the flight crew of russian airlines. On March 25, 2022, there was a statement from the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the russian federation Serhiy Rudsky that the Ukrainian Navy had been completely destroyed. So there can be no aviation on the Ukrainian side.

There are also air defenses in belgorod and Ukrainian helicopters could not openly fly into the territory of the russian federation, fire on objects and return intact. As a result, the air defense did not respond to the helicopters because they were russian.

Earlier, on March 29, there was an explosion near the village of Chervonyi Zhovten near belgorod, where an ammunition depot exploded. russian media called that the explosion was due to human factors and a fire, not because of the Ukrainian side.

Constanta Printing House

At around 5:30 on April 1, 222, the printing house "Konstanta" was fired upon, belgorod-Media reported. Holes from bullet shots can be seen on the glass. The printing house is located at the opposite end of the city from the oil depot, which was shelled by the russian military, and the time of the shelling is about the same.

Holes from the shelling in the windows from the direction of russian territory. Holes in the windows of small diameter, which may indicate a small-caliber weapon. The MI-24P uses a 23mm small arms caliber, which is clearly larger than holes in glass. It follows that part of the russian troops landed and fired at the building with small arms from the ground.


Another company near Belgorod – "Techsapphire" – suffered from the shelling: the building was broken, the glass was damaged. This told the company itself to the RIA Novosti and shown the photos.

In addition to the ball holes, the windows publish a broken curb. The nature of the destruction, the small area of the defeat, the absence of missile warheads in the photos and the absence of fire soot suggest that the curb was specially destroyed by employees of the enterprise. Photographs of bullet holes were also taken nearby so that the nature and direction of the shelling could not be determined.

Missile strike on a russian village

14:19 01.04.22 russian media report that explosions are heard again in belgorod.

A number of publics write that the projectile also fell in the village of mykilske, belgorod region.

Based on the video with the moment of the projectile falling, based on the landmarks, we can conclude about the location of the impact site and the direction of flight of the missile (in the second photo — Street View photo for 09’2013):

After the impact, the author of the video unfolds in the opposite direction, which allows you to confirm the correctness of the set location:

Thus, imposing the place of impact and the trajectory of the flight on the map, we can conclude that the impact was inflicted from the north-eastern direction – the opposite of Ukraine.


Adhering to the helicopter firing points from Kursk – Drukarnya, Naftobaza, Tekhsapphir and the village of mykilske, it is clear that the direction of the shelling is from russian territory gradually approaching the border area, and therefore helicopters could not fly from Ukraine.

russia used similar methods of provocations and explosions of its facilities in moscow in 1999 before the attack on Chechnya. Russia's interest in this situation is clear – from April 1 in russia mobilization and new incentives are needed to send troops to hostilities under the auspices of defending the homeland.

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