Identification of Russian soldier looter from Bucha by stolen AirPods

The Molfar OSINT community received a request for help from an anonymous person. We will refer to this person as an "insider" throughout the investigation. The insider reported that during the occupation of the city of Bucha by the Russian military, his house was robbed. Among the stolen items were Apple AirPods, that are connected to the Locator app: it allows you to track the location of the gadget in case of loss or theft. As you may have guessed, the looter did not know about it. The hypothesis that the looter was a Russian military officer has been confirmed during the investigation.

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Consequences of looting by Russian military personnel in the house of an insider 
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We cannot establish how many looters robbed the insider's house, but we know for sure that at least one of them survived and returned to the territory of the Russian Federation after fleeing Bucha.

According to the geolocation of the device, after leaving Bucha, the looter went to the town of Valuyki, Belgorod region, which is the approximate location of the Russian armed forces, from where they will attack in the direction of Svatove-Kreminna 
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The map shows the crime scene on the left and the robber's escape on the right
The approximate route of escape from the Ukrainian city of Bucha to the Russian city of Valuyki was more than 1000 kilometers
📍 Coordinates. According to this geolocation, the robber was on the southern outskirts of the city near a forest plantation, probably it is a place where Russian armed forces reserves are being accumulated to repeat a massive invasion of Ukraine along the Svatove-Kreminna-Valuyki route.

What do you think the robber from Bucha did after he visited his native Russian Federation? That's right! He went on vacation to the sea.

Later, he went to the city of Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory, where he was staying on 27.07.2022.
The robber again traveled more than 1000 kilometers after committing crimes in Ukraine to get to Gelendzhik!
📍 Coordinates. According to the specified location, he was at the following address: Griboyedov Street, 18, Krasnodar Territory
The IDEA store and children's development school "Intellect" are located at this address in Gelendzhik

After staying in Gelendzhik for about 1 day, the robber immediately set off on a long journey to Siberia. As it turned out later – to his real home at the place of registration.

After visiting Gelendzhik, the criminal traveled more than 4000 kilometers to the city of Kemerovo, located northeast of Novosibirsk
On January 28, 2023, the approximate geolocation point of the headphones was in the city of Kemerovo, Verkhotomskaya Street, 64

Since the standard error in establishing geolocation ranges from 0 to 20 meters, we considered that the actual location of the stolen gadget can be either in house #64 or in neighboring houses at a distance of satellite signal error.

Having found out the approximate place of thief’s living, we started looking for his identity. We found him pretty quickly.

Identification of a Russian looter soldier

With the help of VK, photos were found that indicated the geolocation near houses 62 and 64 on Verkhotomskaya Street, where, according to the gadget tracking data, the headphones were located.

Photos taken near houses No. 62 and No. 64, published on the Russian social network VK with geolocation

Let's assume that Apple has transmitted the approximate house number by geolocation, and the current address of the headphones is at house number 62.

The photographs (1, 2, 3) were posted on the Russian social network VKontakte by Tatiana Nureyeva (VK, OK1, OK2). Tatiana's son, Nureyev Roman Evgenievich (18.11.1994, [email protected], passport: 3214490927, VK), is a military man, which is confirmed by the leaked Russian databases and the photos on Roman's page. Roman's wife is Kateryna Nureyeva (VK), and the couple has a son.

Roman Evgenievich Nureyev (18.11.1994) – a thief of headphones from an insider's house in Bucha, a serviceman of the Russian Federation Armed Forces

Roman Nureyev served in the 27th detachment of the Kuzbass Joint Forces (military unit 6607) – the Russian Guard. According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Kemerovo soldiers of the Russian Guard are among those involved in the atrocities committed by Russian military personnel in the city of Bucha during its occupation (27.02.2022-31.03.2022).

Roman Nureyev is registered at the house No. 62 on Verkhotomskaya Street, located next to the house whose geolocation is indicated by the Apple service as the location of the stolen headphones.

Roman Nureyev is registered in house 62 – extract from the register of Kemerovo residents 
House No. 62 on Verkhotomskaya Street, where the headphone thief Roman Nureyev is registered
The house at 62 Verkhotomskaya Street, Kemerovo – a photo from the service Google Street View

Now we need one more, controlling confirmation that it is the right house and the correct person. An additional confirmation is never superfluous.

A photo from the page of the headphone thief Roman Nureyev, where his father and son are standing next to a house whose facade looks like house #62 on Verkhotomskaya Street according to the service Google Street View

We checked the neighboring houses on the street from all sides, and find out that this is the only house with such a characteristic facade in the specified location. So, we can consider the identification successful. Next, we need to find out more about the identity of the thief.

Roman Nureyev served as a shooter and hospital assistant during his service in the 27th detachment of the Kuzbass Special Forces Department (military unit 6607) – extract from the register of Kemerovo residents.
On 29.09.2012, Roman Nureyev posted a photo of a car with Ukrainian license plates, which he captioned "dream" ("мечта" in Russian)
On February 24, 2019, Roman Nureyev posted a "letter to a soldier" on his page
On 05.07.2022, on his VK page, Roman Nureyev added a video published on 02.07.2022 in the group "DONETSK DPR NEWS DONBASS RUSSIA NOVOROSSIA SMO" signed "Kemerovo Russian Guards thanked all concerned citizens of our country for their support".

At this point, we can definitively state that Roman Nureyev, as part of a Russian Guard battalion, was in the zone of a special military operation (on the territory of Ukraine), where he robbed a house and stole the headphones of an insider during the occupation of the city of Bucha by the Russian military. A typical example of a Russian soldier.

We would like to draw the readers' attention: Roman Nureyev is the head of the family. In addition to going to war against a sovereign state for money, he committed a war crime, robbing a civilian house. He then brought the loot back to his home to show off to his family and enjoy the status of "hero of Russia" and "war hero."

Roman Nureyev is a fan of the Russian football club Sochi: on 02.02.2022, he and his wife visited a football match at the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi

For information: the Russian Guard is the so-called "internal army of the Russian Federation". These military formations disperse rallies with demonstrators, beat people with batons and imprison protesters using police cars. In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, according to the Kremlin leadership's propaganda claims, they were supposed to replace police and special services. As we found out, they were not only "keeping order" in the temporarily occupied territories, they were also looting civilian homes. Typical Russian law enforcement officers.

The criminal has been identified: what comes next?

The Bucha massacre is remembered by the world as one of the most brutal acts of genocide committed by the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian people. The massacre of civilians in Bucha exceeds the number of victims of the bloodiest terrorist attack of the Russian Federation on March 16 in the Mariupol Drama Theater.

According to the analytical portal "Slovo i Dilo" (Word & Deed), at least 300 civilians were killed and the number of wounded is unknown during an air strike by the Russian armed forces on a drama theater in Mariupol.

According to the official statement of the mayor of Bucha, published on April 7, 90%  of civilian casualties were killed by Russian targeted shootings. As of April 12, according to Mayor Anatoliy Fedorchuk, 403 bodies of civilians killed by Russian occupation forces were found in the city.

The serviceman identified by the Molfar OSINT community belongs to one of the units that committed atrocities in Bucha. Earlier, we identified 1391 servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces belonging to the Eastern Military District, including the 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade and other units from the Khabarovsk Territory – the list of war criminals was published by the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine. We have also identified other enemies of Ukraine: employees of the Russian Federal Security Service and foreign propagandists of Russian Federation terrorists regime.

As long as active hostilities are ongoing, it is almost impossible to bring a criminal to justice. But in general terms, only two scenarios are possible: either he returns to the war in Ukraine and dies at the hands of the Ukraine Defense Forces, or he waits for the complete de-occupation of Ukraine’s territory, and then... As Golda Meir, the fourth Prime Minister of Israel, told the head of the Mossad: "Send forth the boys".

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