Programs for safe file viewing

Programs for safe file viewing are called sandboxes. They are usually used in software testing in the development process, "dangerous part of the Internet" surfing, and file checking by opening and running different kinds of programs. 

How it works: the program creates a small operating system inside a large operating system. In this small environment, you can test, work with files, and when something goes wrong, breaks, viruses are installed, etc., this small OS can be simply removed. In this way, you can safely work with files, programs, and resources.

Of course, the files can be viewed online – you can google, for instance, how to open Docx online. However, keep in mind that this method is not always safe. Therefore, we would like to recommend three services that are perfect for such tasks.


Probably, each of us has heard about the concept of virtual machines. Anyway, a virtual machine is a software designed to create a copy of your computer's operating system as if it were another physical machine. In simple words, it is a separation of the operating system that provides maximum security to your device. If the file contained elements of malware and was intended to affect your computer, it can only affect its virtual part.

The benefit of VirtualBox is its suitability for any operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris, and others.

Sandboxie Plus

Sandboxie Plus is a sandbox-based isolation software that is suitable for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. The software is open source, and programs in it can be installed and played without constantly changing the local or mapped drive. Sandboxie Plus can be used to test untrusted programs, play suspicious files, and just surf the web.

Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox is free and easy-to-use software. The program creates a virtual environment that prevents malware from reaching your real OS. Shade Sandbox is very easy to use – just drag and drop as many objects as you need and use them with confidence.

Once we had a situation where we managed to avoid problems with the help of third-party security software. We received a letter to the corporate address of Molfar with a request for help. The text document as we thought was attached and contained a program for creating a "corridor" with the attacker's computer - if you open this file, you can say goodbye to bank card data.

If you need to open a suspicious file, we recommend using sandbox software that you personally like and that is suitable for your devices.

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