The "Vatnik" and Separatist. The Unmasking of Delia Dnestrova

Delia Dnestrova is a pro-Russian propagandist and terrorist who has moved to one of the countries deemed "unfriendly" to Russia by Russia itself. On social media, she mentioned that she is heading to one of these "unfriendly" countries for a year, supposedly for education. Her name is associated with numerous scandalous pro-Russian statements.


We're delving into who Delia is and the ideas she is spreading worldwide. We will showcase her publications and prove that this individual has no place in civilized countries.


Who is Delia Dnestrova?


As she mentions on her Russian social network VKontakte page, this woman was born in Tiraspol, Moldova. According to a people search resource, she attended the Youth Olympic Reserve School No. 2 in Tiraspol.


Her Moldovan origin is also indicated by a Romanian language review she wrote on Facebook (deleted now), a language spoken in Moldova. Additionally, data from her deleted Facebook page reveals that she was friends with the deceased Moldovan mercenary Oleg Betsian.

Oleg Betsian. Photo from the “Myrotvorets” website

Betsian fought as part of the "Pyatnashka" unit. He was the head of the territorial organization of Briceni of the Patriots of Moldova party and a candidate for the Moldovan Parliament. He died of pneumonia in 2018.


Delia studied at the faculty of "Application of Artillery Units" at the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), named after Lebed. She worked as a nurse in the 450th Military Hospital of Tiraspol. In 2020, she posted a photo in a medical coat.

In this photo, Delia is in a coat, likely during her training at the Military Hospital of Tiraspol

In 2019, on Facebook, she liked and left a review for a pizzeria in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Russia (a city near the border with Ukraine). That same year, Delia blocked her Facebook page, considering the social network to be fascist. However, she promoted pro-Russian narratives from her Facebook profile (12).


In 2020, she left a review about a deceased soldier from the so-called "DNR" with a location tag of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

This is a photo that Delia posted on the VK social network. She poses in Russian uniform with a flask in the so-called and unrecognized "dpr" flag colors

This photo, featuring the 'Novorossiya' flag and holding a flask with the inscription 'Standing for Donbas,' was posted by Delia around 2021. At the same time, she indicated on her VK that she was living in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.


The likely place of employment for this woman was the enterprise "JSC United Master," registered in Moscow. This enterprise is now bankrupt, as evidenced by aggregator data.


Private Information of the Propagandist


Delia Dnestrova


Social NetworksTikTokVKTW1FB (deleted), TW2 (deleted, archive), TW3 (deleted, archive).


Nicknames: ddnestrova, dnestrova, dnestrova1, novorosya, novorusia.


Telegram: @Dnestrova (id5505655259)


Likely has(123) a son, Mikhail, and a daughter Katerina. She indicated that she is a widow and mother of 5 children.

Theories on Delia's Whereabouts


Delia claimed in one of her publications that she was going to an "unfriendly" country. She supposedly plans to return after a year, after completing her studies. It has not been possible to determine which specific "unfriendly" country she has traveled to. Some users on the Reddit forum have noted that the photo resembles an airport in either Barcelona or Malaga.

Comparison of the Photo Posted by Delia with a Photograph of Barcelona Airport

Although it cannot be direct evidence of her presence in Spain, it is noteworthy that this woman wrote that she is in a country "unfriendly" to Russia. Her TikTok account is not blocked — she posts propagandist messages there. She openly disdains democratic values, including promoting the Wagner Group (PMC Wagner ) (123).







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