Who exports stolen Ukrainian grain? Molfar confirmed the Russian scheme of stealing Ukrainian grain.

Molfar insiders reported that they found a company called "Crimean Sea Ports", which is engaged in the sale of stolen Ukrainian grain. According to insiders, grain is exported from the temporarily occupied territories of the south of Ukraine to the Crimea, and then transported to the Kerch port. From the territory of the Kerch port, grain is sold to foreign companies. The company that helps to draw up documents and buy Ukrainian grain is Russian. 

To confirm this information, we decided to conduct an undercover intelligence investigation using the HUMINT method. To complete this, we developed a legend, thanks to which we organized a telephone conversation with company representatives to confirm insider information.

Legend for contact

To conduct a conversation with the object of the research, we decided to speak "on behalf" of the company Whiba Holding. It is a Libyan trading company operating throughout Libya in food processing, commodity trading and distribution, shipping, oil and gas, medical, electronics and construction, as well as some other industries. Since the Libyan company does not speak Russian, we created the personality of an "intermediary-translator" – a girl who conducts business negotiations on behalf of the company regarding the preparation of documents and the purchase and sale of goods. 

Figures in the case of stolen grain

The organization we are talking about is called "Crimean Sea Ports". The company website states the following:

"The company organizes shipping in the seaports of the Republic of Crimea and on the approaches to them. The main activities of the enterprise are the provision of services for the transportation of passengers and cargo by sea transport, as well as the maintenance of sea and river transport. Also, the company's activities include the provision of cargo transshipment and storage services, the implementation of all types of loading and unloading operations in ports. The company carries out pilotage of vessels and provides services of the vessel traffic management system (regardless of their ownership and flag) in water areas and on the approach channels of seaports and terminals of the Republic of Crimea. Ensures transport safety of transport infrastructure facilities and vehicles".

However, during the investigation, we proved that the scope of the organization's activities, outside official statements, includes not only cargo handling, transshipment and mediation – they also help to contact "grain traders". Persons who sell illegally exported grain produced by Ukrainian farmers on Ukrainian land. In other words, they help in the sale of stolen goods.

Contact persons identified during the investigation:

Mykola Mykolayovych Zelenkevych, General Director of State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea "Crimean Sea Ports"

HUMINT contact to confirm information

Let’s analyze the stages of communication with company representatives. 

First, we wrote an e-mail. In response to our inquiry, the company denied having anything to do with the sale of the grain. According to them, they are exclusively engaged in providing "port services to grain exporters". However, the representative of the company added that in a private conversation, they are ready to provide "necessary consultations" regarding the process related to the purchase of grain. 

The next stage is to study the carrier's tariffs on the website. According to the published documents, all the details of the cooperation are discussed with the company representatives in private communication – after that they must be rewritten in the contracts and formalized in an appropriate legal manner. 

After clarifying the details and detailing the legend, we agreed on a phone call. You can listen to the recording of the call with company representatives in the video below.

During the telephone conversation, company representatives also denied that they were trading grain. However, they added that if we write an official appeal, they will be able to send our appeal to grain traders who are suitable for our price policy (up to $100 per ton of grain).

The fact that the carrier company cooperates with "grain traders" is direct evidence that Russian companies sell stolen Ukrainian grain under the guise of official export operations.

Also during the conversation, company representatives informed that a legal entity in Crimea is needed to buy grain. Otherwise, the transaction will be impossible. An alternative option for registration of a legal entity can be a so-called intermediary company in Crimea, which they can find at our request. The third option is that our company can create a new legal entity on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

Company representatives have repeatedly emphasized that they are interested in cooperation.

The fourth stage is an official appeal "on behalf" of the Whiba Holding company. In response to the appeal, we received a letter with an answer, in which it was once again emphasized that the company is interested in cooperation, can help "to reach out to grain traders" and once again reminded about the need to have a legal entity in Crimea to carry out the sale of grain.

The fifth stage – we asked the representatives of the company a number of questions. Can they help with opening a legal entity or advise an intermediary? Can they already start tying us up with the grain traders while the matter with the legal entity is being resolved? After that, the company's representatives asked for a pause, which may be prolonged in case of testing our legend for strength. 

Conclusions: Russia exports stolen Ukrainian grain

All contacts were necessary for only one thing – to confirm that the carriers cooperate with the so-called "grain traders", which would be more correctly called "stolen traders". Russian companies that are "very interested in cooperation" do not risk almost anything: all their buyers must issue Russian documents, thereby de jure confirming the origin of grain allegedly from Russia. During the telephone conversation, company representatives warned about the possibility of falling under secondary sanctions. That is, they are aware of all the international risks associated with such "trading activity".

This investigation once again proves that Russia's goal is purely the occupation and genocide of the Ukrainian people. An aggressive war to seize land, steal resources, and exterminate the population. All companies that continue to cooperate with Russia should be aware of the strategic reputational risks for the future. In addition, buying stolen goods from Russia means financing the war in Ukraine. 

Russia is a terrorist country. 

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