Singing for the Kremlin: The Nikolai Baskovs’ deanon

One of Russian entertainment's most contentious characters, Nikolai Baskov's life story is that of a man desperate for success, no matter the price. He's brazenly arrogant, routinely snubs journalists, and looks down on his audience. Baskov, side by side with Leps and Shaman, amplifies the voice of the Kremlin.


Analysts from the Molfar agency have examined numerous instances of his overt support for Russian aggression: performances in territories occupied by Russia, the financial backing of military campaigns against Ukraine, and public statements expressing anti-Ukrainian sentiments.


This continues our series on Russian musicians who are staunch supporters of Russian propaganda. Previously, we covered singer-propagandists like Shaman and Leps.


Voice of the Kremlin: Baskov as Russia's propaganda tool

Today, individuals like Leps, Shaman, and Baskov aren't merely voicing support for Russia's terrorist regime - they're financing the war. This war sentiment is but the tip of the iceberg. Every citizen of Russia carries a share of the blame for this conflict.

Nikolai Baskov has been on the “Myrotvorets” website database since 2017. He championed Russian fascist ideals, threatened Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and endorsed the Crimea annexation. As a result, Ukraine has prohibited his entry.

With Volodymyr Zelenskyy's ascendancy to the Ukrainian presidency in 2019, Baskov aired his views on Instagram. He expressed hope to resume his concerts in Ukraine, likely due to financial hardships (we'll delve into this shortly). In the post, he also shared a joint photo with Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


Baskov congratulates Volodymyr Zelenskyy on his Presidential election triumph

The artist seemed to "disregard" his Ukrainian supporters for three years. On February 25, 2022, Nikolai Baskov took to Instagram to voice support for Russia and Putin. The platform marked the post as misleading. By July 2023, it had collected 358k likes.


A post from Baskov's Instagram account

Similar posts were also shared by blogger Kurban Omarov, TV host Alla Davlatova, and conductor Alexey Khadorchenkov (123). It's likely a commissioned publication from the administration of the Russian president. 


Throughout 2022, Baskov posted several propagandist entries. One of them contained the text "za mir" with the Russian Saint George ribbon, the letter "Z", and the caption "I'm not ashamed to be Russian". The same image was earlier shared in January 2022 by actor Vladimir Mashkov, which again might indicate the commissioned nature of this publication.


Later, in September of the same year, Baskov performed on Red Square with the song "Let's bow to those great years" at a "rally in support of the return of novorossiya" (a quasi-creation that doesn't actually exist). Subsequently, another propaganda post appeared on his Instagram. By the end of 2022, the Russian singer donated 1 million rubles to the families of Russian soldiers.


Nikolai Baskov continued his support for Russian aggression into 2023. In June, at the SPIEF-2023 economic forum in Saint Petersburg, Baskov pledged to pay 1 million rubles for each disabled Leopard tank, which is in service with the Ukrainian army. Later on, this initiative was joined by singer Yuri Antonov (his Instagram, +79852108588, [email protected]).


Baskov and Leps at a party in Saint Petersburg

The author of the idea, as reported by the "Fontanka" publication, is the owner of the "Russkaya Mediagruppa" holding, and the former founder of the rock band "Zemlyane", Vladimir Kiselyov.


To some, it might appear that Baskov only "succumbed" to the Kremlin's pull as Russia launched its full-scale war against Ukraine. Yet, his propagandist "melody" had already been echoing in Ukraine before this.


During the 2004 elections, Nikolai Baskov performed in Ukraine  to support the then-presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych. He then urged the opponent's supporters — candidate Viktor Yushchenko — to "head over to America." Subsequently, Baskov expressed the following:


“The government and the president of Russia will not allow Ukraine to kneel before America”.

After such statements, Nikolai Baskov was awarded the People's Artist of Ukraine title.


Whether Baskov has been stripped of this title remains to be solved. In March 2022, the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada decided to revoke the titles of 8 Russian performers, including Baskov. However, in January 2023, the then Minister of Culture, Tkachenko, stated that no such laws exist, but added, "I believe that laws of this kind are a matter of weeks.


As of July 2023, the text of the relevant decision has yet to be found.


Baskov's voice: what's the buzz?


Let's begin our analysis with what Baskov is most proud of — his voice. And it turns out, there are there are a lot of singers and music critics who label him a poor vocalist.


As the opera singer Montserrat Caballé recalls, who once tutored Baskov, he was unfamiliar with classical opera parts. This was even though by the time they met, Baskov had already been working at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow for several years. So, she had to teach Nikolai from scratch. The singer himself claims that Caballé "unleashed his voice". However, he laments that she used to hit him with a stick because he couldn't sing correctly.


Baskov's colleagues weren't too kind in their remarks about the artist. Vocalist Tatyana Khakhlova from the Nizhny Novgorod opera and ballet theatre, who worked there during Baskov's tenure, asserts that his voice lacks brightness. According to the singer, Baskov is barely audible from the auditorium and can't out-sing the orchestra.


Music critic Sergey Sosedov also expressed negative opinions about Baskov's vocal abilities. He says that Baskov's voice lacks semitones, nuances, and dynamics.


Critics point to the monotonous style of his songs. And, perhaps to change that, Baskov decided to sing songs based on the poems of Russian billionaire and president of the company "Rosneft", Mikhail Gutseriev: "Big Love", "Love is Immortal", "I'll Gift You Love", "Love - Not Just Words", "Cherry Love", "I Won't Return to Love", "Heart to Heart", "Two Crowns on a Carriage", "Happy Birthday!", "The Country Stands with Us, and We Will Win!", "Your Marenge Eyes", "Night of Hopeful Wishes".


Ties to Outlaws and Financial Struggles


In financial matters, Nikolai needs more principles. The source of the money doesn't concern him, even if it's from those linked to criminal enterprises – his focus is on accumulating wealth quickly and plentifully.


In January 2019, Nikolay performed at the birthday of Raul Arashukov, the former adviser to the CEO of “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz” and the so-called “gas king” of the North Caucasus, in Karachay-Cherkessia. Baskov's flights for the occasion were documented: travelling from Moscow to Mineralnye Vody on January 18th and making the return journey the following day.


At this event, Nikolai Baskov acted as the host and performed songs, for which he received €120k. According to an article, the fee for Nikolai was contributed by guests, with one of the  most extensive contributions coming from the head of the Karachay-Cherkessia prosecutor's office, Zurab Afaunov. Shortly after the celebration, Arashukov was arrested for embezzling 30 billion rubles from "Gazprom" and creating an organized criminal group. Later, he and his son were accused of murdering two individuals and were sentenced to life imprisonment.


Yet, it seems the money from these criminals didn't last Baskov long. In June 2020, information emerged that Nikolai was faced financial difficulties due to the prohibition of performances and corporate events due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine measures. He sold valuables and an apartment in Moscow. According to rumours, a wealthy patron assisted him. In May and June 2020, his sole proprietorship received state financial support, the amount of which remains unknown.


The great money vanish trick


In October 2020, Nikolai Baskov and actress Alexandra Yakovleva jointly established the company "Korolevskaya Gora LLC", focusing on creating movies, video content, and TV shows.


Yakovleva took the director's chair for the movie "Knyaz", centered around Prince Alexander Nevsky. Shot in the Zabaykalsky Krai, the local governor sanctioned a budget of 5 million rubles for the film's production in 2021. As per the regional administration's statement, a segment of the film was shot over 5 days in May 2021, with the finished materials being dispatched to the Zabaykalsky Fund


In April 2021, director Alexandra Yakovleva was removed from the list of founders of "Korolevskaya Gora". Exactly a year later, the director passed away. Subsequently, the costume designer claimed she wasn't paid 542,500 rubles for her work on the film.


The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation did not receive an application for a distribution certificate for the film "Knyaz". The subsequent fate of the film remains unknown. By December 2022, the liquidation process of the "Korolevskaya Gora" company began; thus it existed for two years.


How Marrying an Oligarch's Daughter Boosted Baskov's Finances?


Nikolai Baskov hails from a family of a Russian military officer and a math teacher. From an early age, he was immersed in music and in 1989 graduated from the music school affiliated with the Novosibirsk Conservatory. Later, he moved to Moscow, where he collaborated with the composer Alexander Morozov. In one interview, Morozov noted, "Baskov was fortunate to find a wealthy sponsor." Indeed, the real boost in the singer's career came after meeting billionaire Boris Spiegel. Also, present was Spiegel's close friend, music producer Rashid Dairabaev.


"Something androgynous, entirely in white, floated onto the stage. Zhenya, Spiegel's wife, and I nearly fell over laughing. And then this 'something' performed 'In Memory of Caruso'... After the concert, Boris asked me, as someone from show business, for my opinion on what I saw. I briefly said that this niche is open and he can occupy it with good investment and excellent management. Boris Isaakovich then offered me to become the executive producer," says Rashid Dairabaev about Baskov's performance.",  — says Rashid Dairabaev about Baskov's performance.

Producer Rashid Dairabaev at Baskov's wedding

Rashid Dairabaev (Baskov's former producer) claims that the singer also secured his position at the "Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow" through influential friends. Allegedly, Nikolai Baskov was invited to Moscow by his lover from Novosibirsk, who was the head of the "Friends of the Bolshoi Theatre Club".


From 2000 to 2003, Boris Shpigely actively invested in promoting Baskov. These investments were channeled through the LLC "Producer Company 'MSK'". Over three years, Baskov received a total of 967,400 rubles just from this company (123).


In 2002, Nikolai Baskov's "music box" sounded for the first time. And soon after, it was heard on almost every radio station. It was then that the general public became acquainted with his work. The singer's earnings skyrocketed. Recalling those times, Alexander Moroz mentioned that that Shpigel family generously funded Nikolai, covering the costs for directors, and artists for music videos and concerts and ensuring the videos got prime rotation on TV.


Baskov initially took 40% of the total fee. Another 40% was allocated to Shpigel, and the remaining 20% went to the producer Dayrabayev. For his participation in a concert, Nikolai would earn a starting fee of 6 thousand dollars. However, this wasn't enough for the artist.


According to an interview with his former producer, Baskov began courting Shpigely's daughter. She reciprocated his feelings, and after they married, Nikolai requested 80% of the earnings, justifying it by saying the money was needed for their "young family."


Professional Path and Ventures


Having made new influential acquaintances and earning his first significant money, it seems Baskov decided to venture into his own business. By 2003, the artist had registered a sole proprietorship. He immediately secured a state contract worth 4.5 million rubles. However, this is the extent of his notable business successes.


In the same period, he tried his hand as a host on the reality show "Dom-1" (“The House-1”) on the TNT TV-channel. Nikolai Baskov only hosted a few episodes there.

Nikolai Baskov with the participants of the "Dom-1" show

During the 2005, he tried creating his own show "Saturday evening with Nikolay Baskov".


An unexpected turn occurred in 2007, after Baskov gave a scandalous, "drunken" interview to Rolling Stone magazine. It started with Nikolai's phrase "I'll drink on your dime," and ended with his divorce. IIn how Baskov drinks, he appears to have much in common with another Russian propagandist and singer, Grigory Leps.


"I was invited to study at the most prestigious music institute – Julliard School. That's why I'm not working as a waiter in America now; instead, I'm having a drink with you. That's why I'm not working as a waiter in America now, but instead, I'm having a drink with you. So let's toast to the country that allows us to sit in a restaurant on Red Square and drink",  — Nikolai Baskov, in an interview with “Rolling Stone” Magazine.

The following statement, presumably, became a turning point, as a drunk Baskov likely forgot that the billionaire Shpigel and producer Dayrabayev are friends.


"My former producer [Dayrabayev - Ed.] was gay. I can't f*ck a woman on live TV. My wife is the daughter, forgive me, Lord, of a Russian billionaire... This girl could have married anyone. Let's drink to real men! To fathers, to husbands!"

A year after this interview, Nikolay Baskov divorced his wife, and the Shpigel family ceased to support him. Baskov was forbidden to see his son


As for his personal business ventures and his career as a TV host — things didn't always go smoothly there either. Although Baskov tried to actively expand his professional horizons, he faced setbacks. At the beginning of 2012, he became the host of "Nikolay Baskov's Marriage Agency" on the "Russia-1" channel. By May of that year, the show was cancelled. The producer claims it was due to Baskov's health issues, but there's speculation that low ratings were the real culprit.


Where's the wealth from?

His sole proprietorship is related to such institutions.

  1. LLC "RDV S" (ООО "РДВ С")


Baskov's share5%

Co-founders: Filip Kirkorov, Stanislav Mykhailov, Igor Krutoy, Igor Krutoy, Iosif Prigozhin, Dima Bilan, Nikolai Rastarguyev

  1. Limited Liability Company "Everton XXI"

Activity: Management of financial-industrial groups

Connection: via LLC "RDV S"

Co-founders: LLC "RDV S" - 99%, LLC "Bolshoe Radio" - 1%

Known contracts of the individual enterprise of Nikolai Baskov

Real estate

Speaking of Nikolai Baskov's assets, revisiting his questionable connections is essential. In 2017, billionaire Telman Ismailov gifted him a luxury apartment in a high-end residential complex on the Presnenskaya embankment in Moscow for the singer's birthday. The estimated value of this apartment was $10 million. A few years later, Ismailov also gifted Baskov a villa in Antalya. According to an article from 2021, the singer rents this villa for $5-7k daily. In 2015, the hotel area where the villa was located was sold, and Baskov claimed to have lost rights to it.


Since 2017, Telmanov has been arrested in absentia in Russia. He is accused of illegal arms trafficking and organizing the murders of entrepreneurs Vladimir Savkin and Yuri Brilov.


Although billionaire Ismailov denies his guilt, he fled from Russia. Later, he was detained in Montenegro but was eventually granted political refuge in that country.


Nikolai Baskov owns real estate valued at approximately 633 million rubles.





Address: Moscow, Krylatskaya St., 45, bld. 1, apt. 66

Area: unknown

Value47.2115 million rubles


Address: Moscow, Malaya Filevskaya St., 40, apt. 27

Area: unknown

Value85125 million rubles


Address: Moscow, Prechistenskaya embankment, 19, apt. 4

Area282 sq. m.

Value260 million rubles

Likely gifted to him by billionaire Telman Ismailov


Address: Moscow, Rublevskoe highway, 18, bld. 1, apt. 206

Area79.5 sq. m.

Value22.5 million rubles





Address: Moscow Region, Istrinsky District, Kryuchkovo cottage complex, house 46 (12), Google Maps

Area: unknown

Value34 million rubles


Address: Moscow, Zvenigorodskaya St., building 11

Area18.5 sq. m.

Value69 million rubles




Mercedes-Benz S 500 Maybach 

Year: 2016

License Plates: A265MR77 (12)

VIN: WDD2229851A305286

Value: ~$5.5 million


Rolls-Royce Ghost


License PlatesA003AA177, M389SA799

VIN: SCA664S52BUX49412

Value$10.5 - $12 million


Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC Maybach


License Plates: K333KK77 (12)

VIN: WDD2229851A242994

Value: ~$5.3 million


Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC


License Plates: P377VM799

VIN: WDD2221851A034111

Value: ~$3.15 million (12)


Porsche Cayenne S

Year: 2007

License PlatesO040AS777C795VN199


Value: ~$1.27 million (12)


Other assets:

Russian media reported that Baskov owns a personalized train car, designed as an apartment. It includes a dressing room, bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and shower.


Revealing Baskov's personal info

Social mediaInstTWVK (del), VK2OK

Passport: 4508888925 виданий 03.03.2007, паспорт: 4501965541 виданий 16.01.2002, 

Old passport: 30ИК646298, 

TIN: 773109557776, 

SIN: 00124929806 

Probably Baskov's old phone: +79685884499 

Interests in TG (id 26720867) (123): 


Channels: @eurovisionua / Eurovision Ukraine, @tsgirl98 / t*girl's diary, dead Russians 200;


Interests associated with this number: shopping, KVN, trash-content, dark themes, virtual sex, pornography, prostitutes, LGBT (transsexuals, traps), Eurovision, drugs, advertising, trash-streams, Orthodoxy, Ukraine, Odesa, lpr, Nizhny Novgorod, USA, Russophobia, charity, music, anime, school kids, Ukrainians, Dvach, Kyrgyz, vendors, active citizen, creation of fake accounts, drops, account sales, festival, emigration relocation, computer games, IT (programming), loaders, earnings.


The Baskov family and its connections



Baskov Viktor Vladimirovich (10.09.1951 - 30.06.2019) — father

Phone: +74954127101, [email protected],

Skype: baskovviktor,

Passport: 4503126096,

TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 773130335624,

Social Insurance Number: 11636723349,

Driver's License: 7736741842


Originally from the village of Gankino, Luhovitsky district, Moscow region. He was a military man. The family lived in Dresden, Königsbrück, and Halle. The father was appointed division commander and returned to Russia. He continued his service in Novosibirsk, Moscow, and the Moscow suburbs. He graduated from the General Staff Academy of the Russian Ministry of Defense, where he also served. He ended his service with the rank of colonel. Media reports suggest that he declined the rank of general to avoid another relocation that could have disrupted his son's career.


There is a shared photo of Baskov with his father in military uniform with the rank insignia of a lieutenant colonel. His tombstone features a portrait of him in military uniform with the rank insignia of a colonel.


After completing his military service, he transitioned to work at the Accounts Chamber, where he served as an inspector under the leadership of Sergey Stepashin, the former director of counterintelligence and prime minister of Russia.

Known addresses:

  • Moscow, Rusakovskaya St., bld. 12, apt. 58;
  • Moscow, Rublevskoe highway, bld. 18, bld. 1, apt. 206;
  • Moscow, Osenneya St., bld. 25, bld. 2, apt. 7;



Baskova Yelena Nikolaevna (07.10.1955) — mother.

Social mediaOK,

Passport: 4502822422,

TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 773165062248


Born in Ukraine, in the city of Sumy. By profession — a mathematics teacher. While her husband was serving in the GDR, she worked as a TV presenter on local television.


Closed her own individual enterprise in March 2009. Co-owner of LLC "Lovcy" (ООО "ЛОВЦИ") (10%, 2k rubles). Main activity — renting and operating owned or leased non-residential real estate. In 2021, she received an income of 613k rubles from this LLC.


Known workplace:

PJSC "Industry Committee on Science and Technology" (ОАО "ОТРАСЛЕВОЙ КОМИТЕТ ПО НАУКЕ И ТЕХНИКЕ")


Known addresses:

  • Moscow, Zvenigorodskaya St., bld. 8, bld. 1, apt. 15;
  • Moscow, Rublevskoe highway, bld. 18, bld. 1, apt. 206;
  • Moscow, Krylatskaya St., bld. 45, bld. 1, apt. 66.


Son and relatives of the former wife:


Shpigel Bronislav Nikolaevich (24.04.2006)

Social mediaVK (deleted)

Email: [email protected],

Skype: bronikmoskow,

Passport: 4520992128 issued on 29.10.2020,

Address: Moscow, Zvenigorodskaya St., bld. 7, apt. 29

Baskov's son. According to the media, he does not see his father, and Baskov did not pay alimony, as per the agreement with his former wife. He had the surname Baskov-Shpigel, but his mother changed his surname to Shpigel after the divorce.

In 2016, a photo of the boy was taken, presumably in the Korovino cottage town (12). 

According to an insider, in 2017 he was registered on the Moscow electronic school system website - with the login shpigelbn and a unique number 12600414.


Shpigel Svetlana Borisovna (12.11.1981)

Social mediaFBInstOK,

Phones: +79037200431, +79188715690,

TG id: 384895975 (groups and interests 123)

Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] - password: svet812812, [email protected] - passwords: bfkz7nfz1012, bfkz7nfz,

Skype: live:sshpigel12,

Passport: 4511104848,

TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 773126672063,

SIN (Social Insurance Number): 04451156530

Former wife (2001-2008). Daughter of the pharmaceutical magnate and former senator (2003-2013) Boris Shpigel. Owner of LLC "BIOMED". Has 96 government contracts totaling 204.9m rubles. As of July 2023, the LLC is in the process of liquidation.


Also, the founder of companies: LLC "STARPHARMA" (33.33%), LLC "BIOLEK" (100%). This LLC received 645 government contracts worth 751.1m rubles.


Owns a Porsche Cayenne, 2016, VIN: WP1ZZZ92ZGKA50942, license plate: М888СХ197 (12).


In 2020 in Moscow, she attended the children's television awards "TEFI-kids", where she presented an award from the stage. The event was sponsored by Boris Shpigel's company "Biotek".


Interests in TG (12): dating, meetings, medicine, vaccination, coronavirus, fashion, emigration, relocation, religion, Judaism, Pokémon, travel, Jews, finance, bank cards, payment system, unionpay, @uaegeneralnews (Russian emigrants in the UAE), Dubai, Israel, Italy, Moscow.


Registered at the English language school, and shops, Documented visits during quarantine within the Korovino cottage town to the Hoff supermarket.


Known addresses:

  • Moscow, Zvenigorodskaya St., bld. 7, apt. 29;
  • Moscow, Malaya Filevskaya St., bld. 40, apt. 27;

The address Moscow, Zvenigorodskaya St., bld. 7, apt. 29 was provided in 2021 during registration at the medical institution of Nina Vyacheslavovna Soboleva.


Shpigel Boris Isaakovich (18.02.1953)

Former father-in-law of Baskov. Former senator (2003-2013) of the Federation Council representing the Penza Region. Pharmaceutical tycoon. Current president of the VKRE (All-Russian Congress of Russian-speaking Jewry).


In March 2021, he was arrested in a bribery case for providing a competitive advantage to his enterprise "BIOTEK". In February 2023, the court refused to approve the appeal to replace his detention with house arrest. Assets worth approximately 2 billion rubles and over 3,000 art pieces have also been seized. As of July 2023, he and his wife are in pre-trial detention.


Shpigel Evgenia Grigorievna (17.04.1959)

Phones: +79039695954,

Email: [email protected],

Passport: 4514500310,

TIN: 773114348263,

SIN (Social Insurance Number): 02952846478,

Address: Moscow, Zvenigorodskaya St., Bldg. 8, Apt. 80

Former mother-in-law of Baskov. As of July 2023, she is the founder of five active companiesOwned the Czech company BRONJA S.R.O. (75%) until 2007.


Owns a 1997 Mercedes-Benz S600L, license plate: А155АА99, VIN: WDB1400571A336699. License plates of series AAA are associated with the administration of the President of the Russian Federation or persons with connections.


She is accused of bribery with her husband and is currently arrested.


Nikolay Baskov, despite all his public activity, is mainly known for having made a lot of money. Even in this, influential friends – Russian oligarchs – have assisted him. The singer's political stance remains obvious. He has aligned himself with Putin's regime, supporting Russian aggression and propaganda. At the same time, it's essential to understand that he did not suddenly find himself "forced" to side with propaganda; he has been ingratiating himself since 2004 when he campaigned for the criminal Yanukovych.

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